Drink Neuro: Functional Beverage Review

Neuro Functional Beverages are a line of beverages designed to assist a person with various aspects of daily functioning.

Breaking News: Neuro recently was sued by The City of Santa Monica and Los Angeles County for false advertisement. Neuro agreed to pay a $500,000 fine and to change the language concerning the functionality of their beverages. Source.

They do this by including herbs and other ingredients believed to induce certain life-altering effects. Neuro has been around since 2009 and at one time had a wide array of functional offerings.

Historically, here was the Neuro product line:

  • Neuro Bliss (mood enhancement)
  • Neuro Sport (fitness enhancement)
  • Neuro Sonic (mental performance)
  • Neuro Sleep (sleep enhancement)
  • Neuro Trim (weight loss support)
  • Neuro Gasm (changed to Neuro Passion 2012) (body performance)
  • Neuro Supreme– (“best kept secret”)
  • Neuro Aqua– (alkalize the body’s pH)
  • Neuro Sun– (vitamin D supplement).
  • Neuro Daily– (immune support)

Unfortunately, consumer spending speaks loudly and many of the Neuros didn’t survive. Either they did not function well enough for consumers to keep buying them or there just wasn’t enough demand for the function intended.

Now only 4 Neuro Functional Drinks remain.

Current Neuro Line Up

  1. Neuro Sonic
  2. Neuro Sleep
  3. Neuro Bliss
  4. Neuro Daily

In addition to trimming down their product line, Neuro has introduced a couple flavor variations to their most popular functional categories.

I was recently sent their newest product line by the company to review and here’s what I thought of each.


In general, all Neuro Drinks are fruit flavored and lightly sweetened. All are carbonated except for Sleep.


Both the White Raspberry and the Summer Citrus Berry flavors are crisp and light. Their sweetness is enhanced with artificial sweeteners and the taste of these comes through just slightly.

Of the two, I like the Bliss flavor, Summer Citrus Berry the best.


Sonic has stronger carbonation than Bliss, but the fruit flavors are equally as light. Again, the artificial sweetener taste comes through slightly as an aftertaste.

Sonic comes in two flavors and I think Super Fruit Infusion is just “ok” but Blood Orange Passion is a great tasting drink.


Sleep is non-carbonated and comes in two flavors; Mellow Mango and Tangerine Dream.

Both have an appealing fruit flavor but Tangerine Dream reminded me of the juice barrels I drank as a kid. They always had that strange aftertaste. Mello Mango is best in the Sleep category.


Daily only comes in one flavor and it’s a great one at that. Tangerine Citrus is a nicely flavored beverage with just a hint of artificial sweetener coming through.

Neuro Functional Ingredients

Each Neuro Drink has a few ingredients that are believed to serve a purpose, some of them are based on scientific evidence while others have more “traditional” evidence for their use.


  • L-Theanine: This amino acid also found in tea has a calming effect.
  • Alpha GPC: Believed to improve thinking skills.
  • Chamomile: Used traditionally for its calming and soothing properties.
  • Phosphatidylserine: Believed to moderate the body’s reaction to stress.


  • Caffeine: A stimulant of the brain and body.
  • L-theanine: Produces a calming alertness.
  • Alpha GPC: Believed to improve thinking skills.
  • Phosphatidylserine: Believed to moderate the body’s reaction to stress.
Look here to find out how many Neuro Sonics would be deadly caffeine-wise.


  • L-Theanine: This amino acid also found in tea has a calming effect.
  • Melatonin: Hormone responsible for inducing sleep.
  • 5 HTP: Shown effective for treating insomnia.


Vitamins D, A, C, and E as well as selenium and zinc. All of these are believed to be needed for proper immune function.

Does Neuro Work?

First of all, this comes with a huge disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Just as the research behind some of the ingredients listed above had mixed results, so will Neuro’s effectiveness. Some people respond better to these ingredients than do others.

Neuro Bliss

I think one would truly need to be in a stressful situation to fully evaluate Bliss. My life is pretty stress-free so all that I can say is it did have relaxing properties, but whether or not it could prevent someone from going over the edge would be better tested by someone else.

Neuro Sonic

By energy drink standards, Sonic is on the mild side. With just 100mg of caffeine, it provides some level of alertness, but not the level avid caffeine users would be accustomed to. The L-theanine helps boost Sonic’s effects, which is nice.

Neuro Sleep

I drank Sleep about 30 minutes prior to wanting to go to bed, but I couldn’t even finish an episode of Modern Family before dozing off. I slept well too. I awoke feeling very rested. Of the 4, I believe Neuro Sleep functions the best.

Neuro Daily

Daily is a bit hard to evaluate as the immune system’s health involves many factors and the only way to evaluate its functioning is its ability to fight and stave off disease.  Daily’s ingredients are useful but whether or not one bottle daily would be effective or not is questionable.

The Four Left Standing

So I think what we have here are the 4 best Neuro Drinks after consumers voted with their wallets.

10 functional drinks have been narrowed down to just the 4 that consumers were the most interested in.

If you are new to Neuro, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in any of these 4 as long as you remember my disclaimer above.

Have you tried any of the Neuro Functional Drinks? What did you think?

If you can’t find Neuro Drinks in your area you can buy them online here.

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Brandon

    I’ve had 5 of these drinks- sun, sleep, gasm, bliss and sonic. I found them because I have a vitamin D deficiency and the “sun” caught my eye. It wasn’t bad, haven’t had it again, cause I’m supplementing, but it lead me to my holy grail- the neurosleep!!! This has been a GOD-send for me! I was taking tylenol PM or unisom every night at 6pm, still not falling asleep til 11pm and waking up unbelievably groggy. The first night I had the neurosleep, I expected it to be like my sleep aids, so I started drinking it with dinner at 6:30, I was OUT by 7:30pm and woke up rested 7 hours later, almost on the dot! It only takes half the bottle to put me to sleep. Plus, I don’t wake up in pain anymore, thanks to the magnesium.
    I drank the bliss one morning at work, and it did make me SUPER relaxed, too relaxed- I almost fell asleep at work.
    I wasn’t a fan of the flavor of the gasm, so I didn’t make it through the whole bottle, but the Sonic is pretty good, gives me sustained energy through the day- it takes me about 4 hours to finish a bottle, too.
    All in all, they are worth their price tag- especially the neurosleep!

  • oG

    I Like all the the neuros and they are much better than sugary and caffinated energy drinks. Even the Sonic is good but you should sip it slowly instead of slamming the whole bottle like it was a Dos XX. The one that tastes the best is the Sleep. And yes it really does work. Maybe the reason you threw up it is because you drank it all. I mean who in their right mind would drink a whole bottle of Nyquil to fall asleep. A bottle of sleep lasts me 3-4 nights and yes I feel it hit me and then I hit the bed. ZzzzZZZz. Just make sure not to drink to much if you are only going to sleep a few hours (say 4-5 hours) because you will wake up tired and groggy. I would say try to take like 1 once or so for every two hours you have available to sleep.

  • Ariel

    I think it was just you who has gotten sick on NeuroSleep. That one knocked me out! Being in the Army and having one of those jobs that makes me stay late while everyone else is home really takes its effect on me and the Neuro drinks definitly help me. I also have insomnia and NeuroSleep helps when I have a 5:00 am formation the next day! I don’t think people should take this article seriously if they haven’t tried the drinks. Everyone is different. By the way just took NeuroSonic for the first time and the only way I can describe it is the way Bradley Cooper’s character in the movie Limitless felt when he first tried that new drug. But no bad side effects or crashing!

  • Kathy

    I tried a bottle of NeuroSleep last night and had a terrible reaction to it. Besides being dizzy, I had a monstrous headache and did not sleep all night. My eyes and cheeks were swollen even 12 hours later, and my hands ached from clenching involuntarily. Beware! I suggest trying a small amount, perhaps a quarter of the bottle, to see if you react to it the way I did!

  • Joe C

    I cracked open the Nuero Gasm upon checkout and literally had ejaculated before I walked out of the store. Awesome stuff!!!

  • Holly

    I tried NeuroSonic- 1/4 bottle the other day and played roller coaster tycoon from 8AM in the morning to 4AM the next morning and only stopped to go to the bathroom. I ate very little as I was engrossed in the game (don’t know if that was the drink or game with that one). I than drank the rest today at 5AM and feel amazing and it is already 6PM. I feel high. I did have the shakes this afternoon though, but had a starbucks light at noon cause I always have coffee at noon. Guess that was too much in one day. I definately suggest neurosonic, however, and am anxious to try more!

  • ted

    Did the store call for a clean up on aisle 4? Lol

  • Loelle88

    Im addicted to weight loss and fitness..so i drank neuro **trim!! Oh boy it curved my food cravings..it is sooooooo worth the $2.49

  • Chris

    I tried the Sleep for the first time last night and I drank the entire bottle. I had to work an odd shift than I normally do. I was on the fence on if it was going to work or fail and it proved to me that it does. To my amazement in 45 minutes I was OUT. I woke up 4 hours later cause I need to get up, and I felt like I had 8 hours of sleep (completly well rested). Then today I just finished my first bottle of Sonic about 2 hours ago and I am well energized. Infact I read this entire page in less than 3 minutes cause I was soo focused. I think this was the best discovery I have made in a long time. I do know that I will be stopping back at the store for more of these. I can honestly say that I am hooked on these “miracle” drinks.

  • Terri

    Don’t drink the whole bottle of NeuroSleep. You don’t need it. My daughter, a chronic insomniac, drinks less than 1/4 of the bottle and relaxes into a sleep and wakes up refreshed, not groggy. No headache. I’ve tried it but just a few sips – still, felt a little more relaxed after them. My son drank the NeuroSonic and said it definitely made him feel sharper.

  • josh

    First off the sleep works like crazy for me im 18 and i take just a drink of sleep and im done i cant even stay awake if i tried, i was trying to watch a movie and i couldent i fell asleep. sonic is really good tastes like something ive had before but i cant remember what its call needless to say sonic improved my thinking. i had band class the day i drank it and i could play my sax a lot better than what i could before, i truthfully think these work.

  • Dakota Fleming

    Joe omg thanks for the laugh lolol

  • Hannah

    I just had a NeuroSonic Today before school…first of all..it tasted TERRIBLE…IT taste like a pill thats in your mouth to long, and i found the fizzieness rather unplesent. But i drank about only 10 tablespoons of it…And oh man…It was AMAZING I was focised, and i could wrap my brain around school for the first time instead of my mind wondering off! I just wish it tasted better =/

  • annie

    i drank about a half of nerosleep and it made me very sleepy…. drank the rest of it the following night and was even sleepier. i love this drink so much

  • worm

    sonic haz me wired in a good way tho.im focused and redy for a challenge yeee

  • Jesus

    nuero bliss didn’t really do anything for me….. I have a feeling that it’s a placebo drink…However, neurosleep did put me to sleep. It put me to sleep about 45 minutes in…just like some other drinks I’ve tried such as sippin syrup.

  • Jennifer

    I’ve been using the NeuroSleep for a couple nights now and I love. You do not need to take the entire bottle though that’s for sure. Try taking half if it made you sick. I sleep a straight 7 hours and wake up feeling fine.

    I’ve only had the NeuroTrim once, didn’t really notice any decrease in appetite, but I’ll try it again soon. Tastes good regardless.

    I’m trying the NeuroSonic this morning. I’ve had about half a bottle. I feel fine, just debating if I should drink it all or see if I’m okay without an entire bottle. The taste- meh. Reminds me of drinking a bottle of carbonated vitamins.

    I’d recommend at least trying them all once and if you have bad side effects, try it again but only half the bottle. I found that some places carry them 2 for $4

  • Joel

    I have tried 6 of the 8 Neuro Drinks and I like them. NeuroBliss was the first one I tried and I drank it before work and was not pissed off once. NeuroSleep did what it said it HELP to put me asleep and have a restful night. NeuroSonic did help with my concentration but it did not work as an energy drink just to keep my mind sharp. NeuroTrim I was just curious what the flavor might be and it was Lychee. NeuroSun is suppose to give you same Vitamin D as the sun but at 250% which is good for me because I do not like being in the sun. NeuroGasm do what the bottle said but sadly my boyfriend was not around. The other the Neuro drinks are NeuroAqua & NeuroSport (not NeuroSporti). So far I have spent over $200 dollars on the Neuro drinks and that does not tell you that they work and are good then try them all the kind you can buy.

  • JP

    I tried the neuro sleep last night. Yes , it made me slightly drowsy but the side effects the next day are not worth it for me. I don’t absorb the magnesium very well, so this basically was like liquid laxative for me. The taste was great though, so maybe next time I need to clean out, I will buy a bottle of this instead 🙂

  • Emilie

    I’ve had the Neuro bliss for several days in a row now and no side effects. Personally, I feel a difference in my attitude and the way I feel after only a few sips! The taste is something to get used to but once you do it’s not bad! Still wanting to try the other ones!

Last Modified: November 17, 2017