Dynapep Energy Micro-Shot

So you’ve come here with some free time, seeking a little snack for your internet appetite.

Given that today’s review covers the highly portable Dynapep adrenaline vials, you’ve come to the right place to wield your free time. Read on to discover one of the market’s most significant new additions!


Dynapep comes in two flavors: Fresh Mint and Original. Both of the tastes do their best to mask the uniquely disturbing taste of the liquid (bitter plastic?), but it ultimately proves to be too great a task.


Alongside some confusing but meaningful words like “adrenaline- inducing phytochemicals“, we have 80mg of caffeine and 6,000% of your B12 daily value in the ingredients list. Not sure what’s all in this stuff, but as you’ll see below, it does seem to do something.


For one – maybe two – joy-filled hours, Dynapep raises you to the top of the world, where you can look down at all the little peons and laugh maniacally at their lack of the supreme energy you’re experiencing. For less than two hours. This is one of the most punctual energy products I have ever consumed. The liquid seems to go to work as it hits your tongue, and drops you off about as fast as it came on. It’s a remarkable and disheartening experience, and I still love it dearly.

A note on the feel of the energy. The energy Dynapep gives you is truly unique, I struggle to find comparisons. Basically, Dynapep offers you tried and true “do-stuff” energy, and I’d highly recommend you reserve its use for physical endeavors you’re undertaking to get the best utility from it. Like sports. If you are athletically involved, you’d benefit from always keeping a Dynapep on hand to give you a powerful yet refined energy boost before or during your game/match/whatever. Consider Dynapep a legal supplement advantage over your opponents, to put it directly.


Yes, you need to try this product for yourself. You have my personal word on that, it’s highly effective. Just keep your expectations low when it comes to taste and effect duration. If the initial boost could last for a minimum of 3 hours, Dynapep would be one of the best energy products money can buy. But it doesn’t, leaving it as a respectable novelty in the energy market. Who knows where this product is going to end up, but consider our support granted.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

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  • Tim

    I remember that stuff…I found it in GNC last year. The energy it gives is more like a high almost…I felt warm and fuzzy, thought everything was hilarious, talked and moved really fast, and was in an exceedingly good mood. I remember the tastes were some of the weirdest flavors I’d ever experienced…one sip would be minty (or sweet) goodness, and the next would be like sucking on a Sharpie. Still, for that size and the power it has, it’s a great product.

  • Adam

    I had seen these at CVS for a while and finally bought after reading the review. CVS has them 50% off right now too! I waited until I was half way through a night shift and was fully tired before trying it. I experienced the ‘bitter plastic’ taste and then didn’t feel much else. 20 minutes later and I was still yawning fiercely so to the fridge I went. Cracked and drank a Rehab. A few minutes later I was hit with the full effect of the Rehab AND the Dynapep. Crap! Might as well have snorted an Ephedra tab. My body was tingling and I honestly think I may have solved the whole “cold fusion” thing the way my mind was racing. 4 hours later and it’s time for me to go home. I stay and talk to my relief for half an hour and she couldn’t understand half of what I said, I was going that fast. Then the crash came. I don’t remember the drive home much less than climbing into bed but apparently I did. I awoke several hours later with what equated to a hangover. Never mixing again, I swear.

  • Dusty

    Adam, that’s an awesome story lol. I have never had it that bad before, you were seriously tweaked

  • Adam

    Just a little follow up. I recently found one of these vials in my backpack. Must have been there a month. The fluid was a milky red. I squeezed the fluid into my hand and it had a weird shimmer to it like metallic paint. When I looked again at the vial itself, I noticed some of the lining was missing. Seems the DynaPep *can* dissolve plastic. I strongly recommend using any you may buy within a reasonable ammount of time, don’t let it sit too long!

  • Debbie

    I was happy and then disappointed with the product. Yes, I definitely got a buzz and was feeling good- something that doesn’t happen with other energy products. Similar to, dare i say it, ecstasy, which I’ve tried a handful of times. But like the review said, it was short-lived. Maybe an hour. I felt really good – not just energetic, but happy, in a really good and positive mood. Then, for the next five or six hours or so, I was just TIRED. I couldn’t concentrate – I was pretty useless the rest of the day. All I wanted to do was sleep, which is weird considering this product is supposed to make you more awake. I tried it twice, and had the same experience both times. To me, the one hour buzz is not worth the five hour crash. Too bad, because it’s affordable, and the small size and tiny bit of liquid you have to drink is a big plus. Tastes bad but like the review says, there’s so little liquid, it doesn’t matter. Maybe they’ll come out with an improved version at some point that won’t have the long dive.

  • ted

    @Debbie, dynapep is low in caffeine so if you just were relying on it alone, you probably were going through caffeine withdrawal which explains your tiredness and lack of concentration.

  • john

    Finally other people are experiencing what I have told people about in Dynapep. It makes you feel real friggin’ good, as opposed to giving you tons of energy. You feel very positive and relaxed. great stuff!

  • Chad

    This stuff is freaking awesome I had a few that I was giving as samples. I wasn’t interested in them when I got them but a few months later I found them in a cabinet. They expired 3 months prior but what the heck it couldn’t kill me right. I really got a full day of energy from this stuff along with a numb face WOW a numb face it was freaking great. The package I had claimed up to 10X the power but my lifts didn’t increase but the freaking energy was awesome. One more thing I hardly ever use energy supplements meaning maybe once a month.

  • Jane79

    I love DynaPep. I always take it when ever I need to stay late and work. Also, I’ve noticed my concentration to go up. It really does what it’s supposed to.

  • Petra

    DynaPep is amazing. It’s like everlasting flow of energy. I absolutely love it. The new berry flavor is awesome.

  • Angel

    I love DynaPep. Amazing product.

  • Stacy

    DynaPep is the best energy product offered on the market.

  • Sandy

    I take DynaPep when ever I have to stay late. It really works, keeps you up and gives you a great energy boost that lasts for hours. I recommend DynaPep to anyone.

  • kyle hangos

    i tried this producs 2 times. The first time was ok but than felt a little weird, disheartened because i have tried every energy drink possible. the 2nd time i took it i was sadley dissapointed. After taking it 2 minutes later i felt a sort of out of body feel. About an our later i was totally dabilitated. this product gave me no energy what so ever. it made me crash for 2 days straight feeling like i was coming down from an acid trip. i hated this product…. thanks alot as seen on tv

  • Sometimes we grab one of these products, chug, and think that it will solve our lack of energy as quickly as we took it. Energy boost products should be taken with food and in moderation. If not, weird things will happen. I have tried some of these shots and found most of them to be ineffective let alone terrible tasting. The problem with most of these is that they contain a lot of B vitamins (some 8333% RDI of B12), sugar and other non-essential ingredients. You want to find products with more natural ingredients like L-Arginine and L-Theanine that work with your body to create natural energy.

  • Scott C

    I take this when working the night shift. It keeps me awake without that dreadfull sluggish feeling that can come on around 4 or 5 am. In fact, I can’t go to sleep in the morning. I don’t bother trying until noon, with this stuff boosting me. There’s this weird itchy scalp sensation for the first couple hours, and on towards 5am, I seem to be exceptionally thirsty, but otherwise, it’s great. It keeps me alert and functional all night long.

  • Valarie

    I tried one of these yesterday. I felt great for the first 2 hours or so. Then I got a ridiculous headache. It was so bad I was afraid my brain was swelling. The whole reason of taking it was so I could go to work then come home and clean my house. By the time I made it home I felt awful. All I could do was lay in bed with an ice pack on my head until I fell asleep. I woke up this morning with a nasty headache and a hungover feeling. Never again will I try this product.

  • Lunadacat

    I BEEN USING THIS FOR AWHILE, I’VE ALWAYS RELIED ON IT. YES IT GIVES YOU THAT ECSTACY HIGH. But for me it didn’t give any crash moments, I tried a lot of energy drinks and THIS ONE IS THE BEST. Too bad they stopped selling it. The only place I can get it is from amazon and it’s very expensive in there. HOPE THEY PUT IT BACK IN GNC OR IN CVS OR IN KMART.

  • Thomas

    They sell it at Wal-Mart $3.50 something for two.

  • Bob

    dude dynapep makes me feel high and sleepy. i have no idea how they sell it in stores but im glad they do.

Last Modified: June 16, 2014