Dynapep Energy Micro-Shot

So you’ve come here with some free time, seeking a little snack for your internet appetite.

Given that today’s review covers the highly portable Dynapep adrenaline vials, you’ve come to the right place to wield your free time. Read on to discover one of the market’s most significant new additions!


Dynapep comes in two flavors: Fresh Mint and Original. Both of the tastes do their best to mask the uniquely disturbing taste of the liquid (bitter plastic?), but it ultimately proves to be too great a task.


Alongside some confusing but meaningful words like “adrenaline- inducing phytochemicals“, we have 80mg of caffeine and 6,000% of your B12 daily value in the ingredients list. Not sure what’s all in this stuff, but as you’ll see below, it does seem to do something.


For one – maybe two – joy-filled hours, Dynapep raises you to the top of the world, where you can look down at all the little peons and laugh maniacally at their lack of the supreme energy you’re experiencing. For less than two hours. This is one of the most punctual energy products I have ever consumed. The liquid seems to go to work as it hits your tongue, and drops you off about as fast as it came on. It’s a remarkable and disheartening experience, and I still love it dearly.

A note on the feel of the energy. The energy Dynapep gives you is truly unique, I struggle to find comparisons. Basically, Dynapep offers you tried and true “do-stuff” energy, and I’d highly recommend you reserve its use for physical endeavors you’re undertaking to get the best utility from it. Like sports. If you are athletically involved, you’d benefit from always keeping a Dynapep on hand to give you a powerful yet refined energy boost before or during your game/match/whatever. Consider Dynapep a legal supplement advantage over your opponents, to put it directly.


Yes, you need to try this product for yourself. You have my personal word on that, it’s highly effective. Just keep your expectations low when it comes to taste and effect duration. If the initial boost could last for a minimum of 3 hours, Dynapep would be one of the best energy products money can buy. But it doesn’t, leaving it as a respectable novelty in the energy market. Who knows where this product is going to end up, but consider our support granted.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

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  • Newt Gingrich

    DynaPep is as advertised, I feel it helps alot. I have severe osteoporosis and tons of hip and walking problems, but when taking this- it send me into overdrive!

    But 10 hours is a bit too much; I have trouble sleeping at night when taking one in the morning, plus it is really difficult to get an erection when taking one.

  • Soco

    I just quit smokin bud n kinda depressed about it I got add and adhd I quit taking ritalin at a young age.and never got back on meds im always here there then back and forth constantly thinking of millions of things simutaneously , only true time I could contrentrate and stay focused / interested in 1 thing is when I smoke . I am 23 anyways I tried dynapep friend gave me and I felt great ….3 hours later I took a 2nd shot I felt similar effects like high on adderoll or ectasy , acid . Lmfao I was.ripped literally fuckin gone , DONT EVER TAKE 2 within 3 hours also I had not eaten anything except like a meal 7 hours before I took them that may have played a part anyways , literally no exaderation it lasted till I fell asleep which was 14 hours after drinking. So next nite I wake up for work …. Still have feelings , it is now 32 hours later from drinking 2 things are still really bright and I have yet to go back to feeling normal …how is this junk legal but pot isnt ? Fuks wrong with america anyways heres a detailed list of my experience and effects I felt. I felt hot then cold then hot then cold , geeked up , clammy n cold , happy felt like my penis dissapeared tried fukin my girl after work lawl just like adderoll no go in that department , my eyes felt forced open , couldnt stop rubbing my face biting / pulling at my lips my gums my mouth my teeth all felt cold n brittle. My nose was runny and cold , I was workin sweating my ass off but yet I was.so fukin cold I had to put on my hoodie . My finger tps felt numb at times I couldnt stop itching my chest n my upper arms / neck / shoulders HERES THE WORST . eating food lmfao just like abusing adderoll it made the roof of my mouth feel blistered and fukin hurts ” dont eat on it ” remember this is all effects from overdosing.on it which says on package ” dont take more then 2 shots in 24.hrs… Well they should be sued for false advertisement , dont take 2 in a 24 period at all unless your lookin to get a legal “adderoll / coke” feeling high with a acid feeling comedown and a 1-2 recooperation relapse.

  • tony

    LOL @ Soco. Well said my friend.

    I totally concur with your post. I used to take Dyna Pep with a fellow Sailor while I was active duty in the Navy. Everything you say is true. While my bud used to take two in a day, I never felt the urge because I’d be so cracked out from one.

    It is definitely an energy booster, but at what cost? I felt like after taking them two or three times a week I didn’t want to take them anymore: I was afraid they were going to kill my liver or something because there’s over SIXTY days worth of B12 in there. Now I’m pretty sure that your body eliminates what your body doens’t need, but I am also convinced that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

    Dyna Pep is good for an extreme event, such as having to drive at the last minute 10-14 hours through the night, but even then, some people might not be able to handle the intensity, especially in a stressful situation. It would be best to try one out and see how you react, THEN put one to the test when you may need it.

    I would recommend, but never to replace something less intense such as coffee or caffeine gum, etc.

  • suzy

    I started taking these a few months ago and while i agree the first few times were ‘adderal-like’, they do very little for me now. Also, i find myself holding it for a good twenty minutes trying to prepare myself for the worst taste ive ever voluntarily consumed. I imagine its kinda what battery acid tastes like. Eat first or itll upset your stomach. God, i miss the buzz.

  • PAGuy

    It’s a powerful shot. I would NOT take these for sports. I heard of someone taking 5 hr energy on tennis court and having a heart attack.

  • Monalia

    Make sure you drink a lot of water.

Last Modified: June 16, 2014