Energy Catalyst: Caffeine Booster

Upon reading Energy Catalyst’s website I was intrigued to say the least.

When the package arrived I tore it open and from a glance it looked as if two glass vials were protruding from the front of the box they were contained in. I was dead wrong though. I looked over the small box and was extremely impressed with the packaging, especially once opened.

Energy Catalyst is a small (0.23 oz) half plastic bottle and half blister pack which contains a clear liquid that you can add to any beverage for your energy needs. Energy Catalyst boasts that it is 100% natural and also flavor free when added to your drink of choice. I am excited to try this for myself, so lets check this baby out!


Even though I am supposed to pour Catalyst into some other liquid first, I had to taste the actual flavor. I cracked the top of the packet open and poured it into a glass and took a tiny sip. To my surprise it tasted very fruity and bitter, almost like an energy shot. Although unlike the taste of an energy shot, it didn’t induce my gag reflex and felt very clean to the palette.

The next step is to pour Energy Catalyst in my beverage of choice, that being some Mountain Dew. I used the recommended amount of to be added (10 oz. or more) and swished it around a bit (carefully) in the glass. When I started to drink it the taste is indeed gone, except for the aftertaste that it left in my mouth from drinking it straight.


The ingredients are extremely basic, and I like that fact very much. Energy Catalyst contains purified water, natural water extracted caffeine (100mg), natural flavor, and some natural vitamin B12. It actually does live up to it’s claim of being all natural, which is most impressive.


I actually had to stop typing my review because I had such a quick rush of energy from Energy Catalyst. Within a few minutes I was rejuvenated and decided to do a 35 minute session on my stationary bicycle. After the workout I still felt awake and fatigue free. To be honest I was not expecting such a wonderful boost. Although it’s not a huge energy surge that lasts for hours, it’s a refreshing wake-up that will give you the ability to do what you want with clean fuel to burn.


Energy Catalyst has limitless possibilities for drink concoctions and is the perfect pocket pal for any energy enthusiast. It’s all natural, tasteless once mixed in with your beverage, and gives a great boost. My expectations were met and and a somewhat exceeded. Energy Catalyst is truly an energy product worth trying.

Reviewed by Taylor Fruits

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  • Rage

    Right now their website is giving out free samples. I ordered mine and can’t wait to try it myself.

    Thanks for the review of a new product!

  • Big Kick

    This sounds awesome…can’t wait to try my samples too and hit the trails.

  • So, Taylor, it looks like you are the new kid on the block. How does it feel to be Dusty’s replacement?

  • Taylor Fruits

    It feels like I have some big shoes to fill. But I’ll do my best!

  • Taylor,
    you are doing a really good job at writing reviews. I personally run an energy drink review site at Check it out if you want to.

    All the Best,

  • Brian

    Just got my sample in yesterday. I haven’t found a reason to use it yet though but I will tomorrow. Lets see what this baby will do to a good old Mountain Dew.

    Just FYI it took like 4 days for them to ship me the sample. Very impressive.

  • bob

    While I found it to be ok it is just not very strong. With only 100 mg caffeine and that is about it for energy ingredients. I’d say it was under your average red bull 8.4 oz drink as far as energy goes. It might hit hard if you actually drank it straight but mixed in a drinkit just does not deliver. 5150 juice and hijinks are similar products which are much stronger.

  • Adam

    Got my samples a day ago and there was an issue with the shipping (postage due) which I gladly paid. Dropped a line to the guys @ Catalyst to let them know and they responded very quickly and found out why there was a problem. They also are sending me out another sample as a ‘sorry’. I hope these guys make it. Their customer service is great. It took 2-3 days for it to reach me on the East coast.

  • The Crowing

    I got my sample in the mail yesterday and was stoked to give it a shot. Going with the same theme as Taylor, I dropped it in a 20 oz bottle of Mountain Dew. The taste was VERY apparent at first, but after a little swirling around the bottle I hardly noticed a thing.

    The effect was better than I expected, seeing as I expected pretty much nothing. I suppose everyone is affected different with different products, but I felt it worked pretty well. No crash for sure and it had a nice pick-me-up. Now to try it in Red Bull or some High-Octane coffee..

  • bob

    Sure if you add it’s 100 mg to the already 92 mgs of caffeine in a 20 oz Mtn dew you are going to have a good strong kick. Adding it to a low caffeine drink though is just not that great. Why not just buy a strong energy drink like Rockstar zero carb as it would be much cheaper than buying this and another energy drink or 20 oz dew to add it to. I am not saying it is bad just that it is not as strong as others that are similar

  • Looks like a good product to try. Right now my top choice in energy mixers is HiJinks though. That stuff will kick your butt! Great reviews man!

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Last Modified: April 20, 2016