Energy Shots

FeelGood7 Energy Shots

Today I bring you three different versions of an energy shot marketed by FeelGood7, which boasts the slogan “taste matters”.

With a hook like that, I couldn’t wait to try these little suckers, and luckily enough it seems as if FeelGood7 made these shots for each part of the day. From morning to bed time (which could be the next morning if you are anything like myself).

Either way, between a sleek slogan and the bold packaging I’m ready to down these puppies and see if the bark matches the bite.


  • Energy: The first sip reveals the staple version to have an extremely sweet flavor reminiscent of 5 Hour Energy or the Red Bull energy shot. It’s a classic flavor done right, with no bitterness to be found. I am pleased to chug this thing, and I don’t get the dreadful “energy shot cringe” while doing so. Something to point out though, it seems as if some people might find this to be too sweet, although I would rather my energy shot be too sweet than too bitter.
  • Sleep: Next in the lineup is Sleep, which tastes like a modified version of Energy, although it has a sour component, along with some fruitiness. Once again there is no inkling of bitterness, and it has no traces of the sickly and medicinal taste and smell I usually find in abundance in the run-of-the-mill energy shot.
  • Hangover: The first sip of this fella jolted me, as it was extremely sweet as well as sour, along with a hint of bitterness on the tail end. This is all joined by discernible pineapple and banana fruit flavors throughout. Odd, but endearing. Although i’m not sure how someone who was truly hungover would feel about this taste. Seems like it could be quite a shock to the system.

FeelGood7 Ingredients

  • Energy: As usual with energy shots, the caffeine amount is not given, but skewed in an energy blend. Either way this shot is pretty solid. Packing in 30mg of Vitamin B3, 40mg of Vitamin B6, 400mcg of Folic acid, 498mcg of Vitamin B12, 15mg of Sodium and Potassium respectively, along with an energy blend (1731mg) containing Taurine, Malic Acid, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, L-Phenylalanine, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Glucoronolactone, and Citicholine.
  • Sleep: I always enjoy reading labels for “anti-energy” drinks and shots, and this one has all the essentials. Clocking in with 20mg of Vitamin B3, 40mg of Magnesium, and a “sleep blend” (308mg) containing L-Tryptophan, Chamomile flower, Lemonbalm herb, Passionflower vines, Hops flower, L-Theanine, Melatonin, and Valerian Root. Looks like guaranteed sleepy time to me.
  • Hangover: This version is essentially the Energy flavor with some modifications, which is what I shall highlight. Included in the third flavor is 60mg of Vitamin C, identical amounts for all B Vitamins (with Energy), 20mg of Sodium, and an energy blend (1251mg) mirroring that of energy’s but with Ginko biloba leaf, Yerba Mate and Gotu kola. Something else to note is that Hangover has the highest calorie content of the three (a whopping TEN calories).


  • Energy: After ingesting this I was granted with an almost immediate boost on a level surpassing most energy shots. It lasted a good part of the afternoon to around mid-evening with a nice fade-off.
  • Sleep: I downed this about thirty minutes before I planned to “put on my nightcap”, if you will, and I had a very peaceful crash along with some nice relaxation before I completely slumped onto my bed. Sleep made for a great counterpart for drifting into dreamland.
  • Hangover: I could not officially try this one with an actual hangover, but I was able to drink it on a very groggy and cold morning. Luckily it did just the trick. Hangover is a very solid wake-me-up and even the taste alone is enough to jolt you out of a droopy demeanor and a foggy interior.

FeelGood 7 Verdict

All in all, FeelGood7 is an extremely useful lineup of energy shots, each with their own quirks and uses. These shots do what they promise, and do it very well. Simple as that.