Fixx Extreme Ultra Shot Review

To you, I bid farewell.

It’s been an experience to say the least. I know we haven’t known each other all too long, it must be hard for you. But sincerely speaking, you have to have seen Fixx Ultra Shot coming sooner or later.

It is here to obliterate our relationship and pound every memory of it out of existence. It is here to defy the basic laws of physics and eliminate you without repercussion.

To you, normal life, I bid farewell. For during the next 5 hours you will be violently shoved aside for another life entirely different.


Imagine the taste of a half-drank cappuccino that’s been maturing outside in the sun for a week, the smell of tacos being cooked in a tepee made our of deer skin, the tingle in your spine as a fork is ran swiftly across a blackboard side to side, and the sounds of smooth jazz as played by a hairy man with bagpipes and Minnie Driver for backup vocals. Take all of this, and do your best to meld it into one single sensory experience that is unique from those components, yet representative of the repulsiveness of each.

With every little squeeze of this pouch to force the liquid into my poor innocent mouth, I had to pause for a session of *bend over, put cautionary hand over mouth, and gag while shaking uncontrollably.*

Realistically, this experience was nowhere near as bad as it should have been, and as much as it may confuse you I must congratulate Fixx. JUST LOOK AT THE INGREDIENTS, and consider their placement in FIVE ML OF LIQUID. It’s a wonder that it doesn’t taste like something from under the kitchen sink.

Editor’s note: Dusty hates the taste of coffee……


I’ve become pretty cocky over the years with my ability to handle the claimed “potent” drinks of the market. Few of them ever give me a challenge now. After reading the ingredients label, though, I was admittedly freaked out. 400mg caffeine. 400. 4-f’ing hundred. How about %DV of vitamin B12, the primary weapon in Chaser’s 5 hour drinks? Not 25%, not 250%, not even 2,500%. Let’s a try adding one more (and incredibly meaningful) zero for an OMFG 25,000% DV of B12 content.


Remember those “this is your brain on drugs” commercials where an egg represents your sober brain and a scrambled egg represents your brain on drugs? Well with Fixx, my egg did not get scrambled. It hatched into a flock of fire-breathing dinosaurs that wanted nothing more than to stomp all over town and crush buildings under foot. This energy came on HARD within 10 minutes and did not fade for at least 4 hours. After 4 hours, it faded off to a normal buzz over the course of a few more hours. This experience is truly unlike any other.


This is the real deal, my friends. This is without a doubt the most powerful energy product in the world and quite honestly, sincere caution needs to be exercised with it. This can get some people into big trouble if they’re not careful.

*Dear President Obama: Please locate the best tangible metaphor for the “heart” of the economy, and inject it with Fixx Ultra Shot.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

Fixx has been Discontinued.

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  • Right on Dusty. This stuff is potent as hell and fun. I did not think it tasted bad at all but then I like coffee. I have tasted worse energy shots for sure. Even if you don’t like coffee it is worth it for the kick alone.

  • mr buzz

    this stuff rocks! I used to use ephedra/caffeine stack all the time and this is the closest thing I’ve ever tried to that but without the notorious crash from them. I loved the tasted and yes I do like coffee. They do need to have another choice in a fruit or citrus flavor though to show all those who hate coffee flavor what a real energy buzz is like! I give this stuff an A+++

  • Woot

    Now imagine taking two at once…
    nearly a GRAM of caffeine…
    50,000%DV Vitamin B12…

  • KarlieMildraed

    So my understanding is it comes in a cosmetics sample format packaging. You open up one corner and roll up and suck it out. Humm. If I weren’t on the caff restriction I would be on it to try this stuff. I am all for a new faster delivery method for caff.

    Also another wonky review. Humor to describe is great.

  • Steve

    I’m guessing I shouldn’t mix something like this with alcohol?

    Anyways, I am extremely excited to try this now (and a little scared)

  • doody

    Just so you know (if you don’t alreay), 25,000%DV of B12 only amounts to .6 mg of the stuff. The “jam-packing” of ingredients in this shot is not as difficult as you may think.

  • Dusty

    Doody, when I talk about, “jam-packing” I’m not referring necessarily to physical portions. I’m talking about how this shot manages to offer things like B12 content that’s 10X greater than most energy drinks in about 1/40th the liquid. Sure, it may be an easy feat, but you have to admit they’re really packing it in there!

  • doody

    I understand what you mean, and I appreciate that you actually responded. I appreciate the fact that Fixx has basically produced a caffeine/vitamin paste, likely at the cost of losing appeal to all but a narrow demographic. Even with only 0.6 mg of B12, fitting it into only 5 mL is pretty hardcore…

  • Garret

    Def is a hardcore product. I drink alot of caffeine during the day, and go back and forth with various supplements out there. But I must say, after getting my first order from FIXX, it actually works. Let me rephrase that, it gives you that kick that I couldnt find out there.

    I had it before a workout and it was great. I also had it at night (work overnights from time to time), and I definitely knew I was on something…. not too familiar with the effects of b12, but whatever it is , with that caffeine concentration.. kick ass!

    Taste, first time I took it, thought it was ‘ok’. After my 3rd one, it grew on me. I guess its like the first time I had red bull, thought it sucked. Then a couple later, just drank it and acquired the taste for it.

  • Joshua

    This stuff has a really nice kick. I have a really high caffeine tolerance and nothing else I have had compares to it.
    It tastes, well… kind of like a bad spoonful of medicine mixed with leftover cappuccino. Honestly though the effect of Fixx are well worth enduring it. (and I even like coffee)

    Will definitely be ordering more.

  • Rob

    I honestly think the only reason you people (and I do not mean that in a derogatory fashion – I myself enjoy energy supplements) think this is such a buzz and/or kick is that there is simply 400mg of caffeine in it. It has enough to satiate your caffeine tolerances with an additional helping to actually give you that buzz just like it did when you first started taking caffeine. A dose of caffeine over 300mg is considered “Acute caffeine intoxication” and is not healthy. If you require 400mg of caffeine to get a buzz I suggest you look in to alternatives and allow your tolerance to the chemical to decrease for a while until 200mg gets you where you want to be again.
    Best, Rob

  • Samuel

    i can see Rob’s point about caffeine mg amounts. But one thing thats missing is the tolerance level of individuals, along with weight and diet to determine the proper mg of caffeine. Its almost like the USDA indicating the amount of protein an individual should have, without taking into account their lifestyle (athletic, work-aholic!).

    I tried FIXX after reading this article, the shot def worked for me. However, it took me a 3rd shot for me to get use to the taste cause its DEFINITELY on the strong side….

  • Eric

    I would be really careful with anything this strong. The reason this product was invented by people who are likely not using it is to become wealthy. People who invent things like this do not feel remorse about innocent people who wind up hospitalized or killed by these kinds of products because they find legal protection from their up front documentation more important than your well being. This shit is the mouse suffers the cat meets the middle eastern auto salesman with a new water pump story on the 66 L camino and it should be banned. It pisses me off at the thought of my boy getting a hold of some. Another example of wealth through product domination and legal drug abuse. Get your Fixx and I will keep my brain screwed on tight. Also, for exercise your body does not use caffine in its REAL energy order cycle of liver glycogen, muscle glycogen, protein, and finally fat. It actually inhibits the burning of fat during a cardiovascular workout because the body uses a stimulant first so I hope you plan on starving with it though you probably won’t since caffine stimulates the appetite for complex carbohydrates which make you fat. Try an EAS Myoplex Carb Control Protein Bar 30 minutes before a weightlifting workout instead of caffine. That is what your body needs for its energy supply and gains. Im am tired of these middlemen screwing with standard, theoretical sports nutrition knowledge for their piece of pie. My feelings are as simple as that and Fixx can shove this shit.

  • Kris

    eric, so what do you really think.. hehehee. Kids shouldn’t be taking it, I agree totally. But then again, anyone at any age can get a large starbucks coffee, and get more mg of caffeine that FIXX.

    On a separate note, I wish FIXX was in some sort of bottle instead of a pouch. It does the job for me in the gym, and for that , I cant complain at all. But in a bottle or smaller pouch or something would be most ideal

  • This crap is WAY over priced and should only be drank if your addicted to crack. You’ll feel a ridiculous crash and want to take a nap.

  • Clifton

    After seeing FIXX on your caffeine database, I figured to give it a shot. Was hesitant at first, but wow it worked. The taste was a lil strong, but got over it once the effects kicked it. I was waiting for this crash to occur, but it oddly didnt. Some neat sh*t here!

  • hyper student

    look i live in australia i want to try some this stuff soo bad cmon can somone please help me out were can i get this stuff cheap and sent to australia?

  • rod

    You can hit this at 5mils and it takes 3 seconds. Boy i am rushing around. Arm is a bit sore with a slight tingleweird at the end of fingers. My left eyebrow keeps twitching up and my buddy asked “did i just wink at him?” Its good stuff.

  • Joe Bonilla

    Damn man.. i was skeptical of any saying they are the strongest.. this was just unfreakin real. Hooked

  • energy matt

    Im wanting to try this but a few things are putting me off, i dont work out and im not really large at all im just very fond of caffeine related substances, i’ve tried a few shots in the past and they’ve done very little for me and i find Red Bull gives me very little buzz. Im really up for trying this but im not sure if i could handle it physicaly. Is this stuff still ok for people that dont really work out and really buff and just want the insane buzz?

Last Modified: August 4, 2014