Foosh Energy Mints: Taste Test

foosh.jpgThis week I’ve been trying out Foosh Energy Mints from Vroom Foods. Vroom Foods make a couple of caffeine treats – the energy mints and “Buzz Bites” – chocolate energy chews.

The energy mints come in a tin of 12 tablets or a box containing a strip of tablets (just like when you get aspirin or something similar).

The mints taste, well, minty – rather like a very strong peppermint. Like many heavily caffeinated things (Foosh has 100mg caffeine per tablet) there was a slight ‘medicinal’ aftertaste. However as a breath freshener they worked just fine.

In terms of the “kick” factor – it was no more than a cup of coffee. Everyone has a different tolerance to caffeine, and up until a year ago I was consuming at least two doubleshot espresso’s per day.


Written by James Foster, last updated on July 2, 2014