Foosh Energy Mints: Taste Test

foosh.jpgThis week I’ve been trying out Foosh Energy Mints from Vroom Foods. Vroom Foods make a couple of caffeine treats – the energy mints and “Buzz Bites” – chocolate energy chews.

The energy mints come in a tin of 12 tablets or a box containing a strip of tablets (just like when you get aspirin or something similar).

The mints taste, well, minty – rather like a very strong peppermint. Like many heavily caffeinated things (Foosh has 100mg caffeine per tablet) there was a slight ‘medicinal’ aftertaste. However as a breath freshener they worked just fine.

In terms of the “kick” factor – it was no more than a cup of coffee. Everyone has a different tolerance to caffeine, and up until a year ago I was consuming at least two doubleshot espresso’s per day.

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  • ryan

    if i had this supliment of caffeine foosh mints i would not have to stock up on caffeine for awhile i mean 100mg a tablet WOW. I have never personally ran into this product so my question in this point of my coment is “does anyone know where in washington state i can find this product”?

  • Barb

    Have you tried the Rockit Pop? It is a energy lollipop that tastes great (much better than mints, gum or drinks) and gives you the same effect or better as Red Bull, Rockstar, etc. Finally something that tastes great and less expensive than the other stuff. Check out

  • phimur

    I use those in addition to cofee as my morning wake up. they are good because they also contain taurine, ginsing, and B vitamins. it’s about the kick of a red bull in a mint

  • phimur

    I am proud to announce Jolt Mints. while it takes 5 to equal 1 Foosh you get 45 Jolt mints for the price of 6 Foosh mints

  • Wayne

    I have not tried Jolt Mints, but I have tried their gum. Their gum says two pieces equal a cup of coffee. I bought a sampler caffeine pack from thinkgeek. I ate 8 pieces of Jolt Gum and hardly feel a thing, but when I would have one Foosh tablet I was flying. Does anyone know how many milligrams of caffeine Jolt Mints have? I couldn’t find it on their site. I am willing to bet Jolt Mints hardly have any caffeine in them like their gum so comparing quantity of mints is meaningless.

  • will

    you sure you chewed the gum long enough? it doesnt buzz me or nothin but its noticable. i would like to try there mints

  • eric

    Jolt Mints are pretty good. I haven’t tried the gum yet. Jolt claims that five of their mints are equivalent to a cup of coffee, while two pieces of gum, the same. I’m not exactly sure HOW much caffeine Jolt Gum (or mints, for that matter) has, since the sites I’ve viewed claim it has between 20-45mg per piece (if anyone knows the actual amount of caffeine, let me know). So it’s safe to say that Jolt Mints and Gum are quite a bit weaker than Foosh Mints.

    In my opinion, the mints are tasty, but not particularly minty. It’s sweet, with a very subtle mint taste. My only gripe is the white residue they leave on your tongue for a few minutes after. Not a big deal. Just a bit unattractive. :p

  • videoCWK

    The gum kind of works for me if I chew enough pieces. It really just keeps me awake a bit longer, or help already-consumed caffeine take effect quicker (or at least it seems to). It doesn’t do much, but I like it.

    As for Foosh, I really want to try it. Sometime I’ll probably order a 12-tin pack from their site.

  • Riley

    I haven’t tried this, but I’d love to. I tried Mad Croc Energy gum and it was weak. I am currently chewing 5 pieces, and it tastes great, but it’s really uneffective. and it gets hard and gross after awhile, but I think that’s because I’m chewing five. FOOSH, HERE I COME!

  • Cafnut

    Oh man! I tried Foosh mints and was gagging on the taste! As a joke I gave one to friends and after a few minutes, they couldn’t get it out of their mouths fast enough! Very, very bad taste! I’ll get my caffeine any other way. Those mints are torture!

  • Micro Pimpin

    Has anyone tried IceBreakers Energy Mints? They are only 10mg per mint, but easy to find at any food store.

  • jmoose

    I liked the Foosh Mints, I thought the mint taste was a little strong but they sure did the trick!

  • Dameon

    Foosh are interesting. They say they have the kick of a coffee… I can drink a 710 Rockstar and not even be fazed at all by it (though it’ll keep me awake).

    I don’t know what’s in these mints. SOMETHING in them sets my head spinning… I feel like I’m on a high, and it’s nothing like the caffeine buzzes I’ve had in the past.

    As for the taste… minty, but disgusting aftertaste. I probably won’t be buying more.

  • levi

    ahahh i got these in my stocking on cristmas,i was already mauii coffee’d up and i ate the whole thing in one go,to say the least,it just made my stomache uneasy,didnt really add much for stimulation,all it did was mke the coffee i already drank unhappily unhappy.

  • who knows

    Foosh provides you energy, if your looking for buttery soft minty taste go elsewhere but since your all on i am assuming your here for the energy. Foosh is the strongest energy confection product on the market granted there is a slightly bitter aftertasete but you caan’t dey the effectiveness. Try there buzz bites. Same energy but better taste than foosh.

  • Foosh = Flavour Fail
    they taste like SADNESS.

  • headache

    I’ve taken 3 of these at once and felt absolutely nothing. And I only ever drink sodas…

  • Chris Folken

    I can’t believe this company stay’s in business selling these mints, I don’t understand how anyone could keep one of these in their mouth’s long enough to actually enjoy the buzz. GROSSSSS!!!

  • Avery Hage

    Just imagine if you ate the whole thing! You would consume 1200 milligrams of caffeine.

  • Jaguar

    In opposition to other reviews posted I quite enjoy the taste of foosh mints. They provide an adequate kick with one tablet and if that doesn’t get you going there are 11 more. Great product, Great price and looks like a quad stacked E tablet which I personally find slightly entertaining.

Last Modified: July 2, 2014