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Go Loco: Loco Tonic Energy Drink

First of all, I bought this can of Go Loco from a local discount store, so who knows how old it is or where its been.

Second, the look of the Loco Tonic can is pretty silly, making me think that maybe this drink is produced by a local preschool. Either way Go Loco- Loco Tonic is a new energy drink to me, so I have to buy it and at least give it a try.


As I open the Go Loco can, I get that familiar scent of Red Bull. The taste pretty much followed the smell of RB, yet it tasted like a bit weaker version of Red Bull, along with a bit less carbonated. I’m not a big fan of RB and its imitators, yet Go Loco was kind of nice. No bold taste at all, pretty smooth with no aftertaste.

Loco Tonic Ingredients

If the can says energy drink on the front, you can pretty much determine what it includes and Go Loco isn’t any different. 100 calories and 25g of sugar (Go Loco Sugar-Free contains Splenda). Also Loco Tonic contains the usual Riboflavin (1.7mg) Niacin (20mg) Vitamin B6 (5mg) and Sodium (120mg). The energy boost comes from the mixture of Taurine (370mg) Caffeine (80mg) Ginseng (25mg) and L-Carnitine (17mg).


Go Loco delivered nothing special. A rush equal to a RB rush, yet didn’t last as long. It probably lasted roughly an hour. I had a pretty good crash after that hour as well. Nothing that drove me “loco” as the Loco Tonic can leads me to believe.

Go Loco Verdict

In the fridge, I would have Go Loco right before RB, yet not necessarily in the front of the fridge. The taste was decent enough, yet it’s energy didn’t last to long. The only truly good thing was the price of Go Loco, other than that, I’ll reach for something else that will taste a little better and last longer.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

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Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on November 12, 2021