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Good Night Relaxation Drink

Calm down and put down your pitchforks for Good Night Relaxation Drink is not the work of Satan, but the work of a genius.

Some smart cookie out there has made a drink that makes you sleep like a baby and feel like a god in the morning.


I struggled a little bit to define this flavour of Good Night, however, it tastes a little bit like slightly fizzy pears and apples. Whilst I normally like a stronger flavour I felt as though this matched the idea behind the drink as a light and refreshing tipple just before bedtime.

Good Night Ingredients

This relaxation drink uses a combination of melatonin, lavender, and rose hip to help put the drinker under. It must contain some other stuff, but I couldn’t find the ingredients in English listed anywhere.


I think it’s very rare for a drink to fulfill its marketing pitch, however, in this case I have to agree with everything the website has to say about Good Night. I am by no means a stress free person and on the day I tried the drink I think I was probably more stressed and hyped up then normal. I cracked open Good Night Relaxation Drink and within probably 30 minutes I was asleep (which is really rare for me). When I woke up I was refreshed and pretty energized (even without my wake up coffee).

Good Night Drink Verdict

Apart from a slightly spaced out feeling I had after drinking it (which might have had nothing to do with the drink), this stuff is amazing. It tastes good, it made me sleep like a baby and it gave me an amazing amount of energy in the morning. If you are like me and find yourself struggling to sleep or distressed then crack open a can of Good Night.

Reviewed by Josh Nathan


Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on July 30, 2014