Hardcore Energize Bullet

Wow. This is almost all I can say about this one-of-a-kind bombshell of an energy drink by iSatori. Designed to give an immediate and long-lasting energy rush, they didn’t compromise one bit in creating this raging blue bullet. Will it be enough to satisfy even the most hardcore energy drink lovers?


This tastes very similar to blue Kool-Aid, but leaves a strong aftertaste due to the acesulfame-potassium and sucralose used to sweeten it. This bullet is meant to be slammed back fast! It has a syrupy texture which isn’t surprising since there is a lot of stuff that gets packed into this 2.9oz shot.


This hardcore drink contains an absolutely whopping 300mg of caffeine as well as amino acids, B-vitamins, theobromine, ginseng, rhodiola rosea, and more. One odd but smart ingredient added was policosanol, a nutritional supplement that is said to reduce bad cholesterol levels. As I said before, it is artificially sweetened with ace-K and sucralose.


When you slam this shot back, you feel it – fast and hard. The caffeine rush was unbelievably powerful, almost too powerful for me! If you want energy now, then this is the shot to have. However, after 6 hours or so, I had a small headache, which could be because of the ace-K sweetener.

Not much else comes close to the power in this bullet, and it’s a given that this is no casual drink! I’d like to see some different flavors, but for now, this reigns as one of the most powerful, hardcore shots I have ever had.

Reviewed by JD

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  • KarlieMildraed

    I had a couple of these. They were quite effective and I enjoyed that it didn’t have a medical taste to it. I also made sure to have it chilled in an ice bucket. It made it cold and smooth. I found it in 7-11. But since I’m off the caff for now I haven’t had it recently.

  • Jameson

    off the caff? that is heresy… i for one am insulted! jk, it’s finals time so the more caffeine the better i say

  • Ian

    Man…I hate I live in the middle of nowhere where cool energy products are hard to come by. I mean, we have the popular stuff (Monster & Red Bull) but life is hard for a caffeine connoisseur like me. It took us years just to get Monster M-80’s!

  • KarlieMildraed

    As I am carrying another human within, I must abstain for health. I do miss the the drunk caff feeling tho. As for Ian, I am sorry about your locational difficulties in obtaining even cooler caff stuff. I feel the emptiness you feel.

  • Chris P.

    I want one.

  • I dare any one of you fill this with peach fluid and leave it lying around your house. All this hardcore bullet needs is to hold C batteries to be complete! “really mom, it’s not what you think – it is just an energy drink package…”

  • Blide

    I have yet to find an energy drink that works for me. I had high hopes for this, but nothing came out of it. And I consumed two.

  • Josh

    I just found this enery drink in a little vitamin store and thought i’d try it, and wow its pretty potent(just like is said on the package) I just had it an hour ago and so far so good. I would get it again if I can find it again.

  • Will

    It’s got a great taste that instantly wakes you up. But it’s a bit costly though.

  • Mikayla

    This is good, but seriously would it kill them to add a few bumps and ridges to the vial for, I don’t know, grip or something. I know it would improve my feelings from the product

Last Modified: July 2, 2014