Healthy Energy Drinks: Is Organic or All-Natural Really Better?


Organic or all-natural energy drinks and energy shots have grown tremendously in popularity over the last several years.

But, are these “natural” energy drinks really any healthier than their traditional artificially created cousins?

The debate rages on concerning the overall health and safety of energy drinks and the appropriateness of their use among certain age groups.

However, the huge popularity of the organic food movement has opened the door for the marketing of “Healthy or Organic Energy Drinks” which are advertised to have no negative side effects and to actually improve the health of the consumer.

Are Natural or Organic Energy Drinks Actually Healthier?

Yes and No


  1. Natural energy drinks don’t contain artificial chemicals.
  2. Organic energy drinks should be free from pesticide and other chemical residue.
  3. Natural caffeine from green tea, guarana, or coffee is used.
  4. The sugar used is in a more natural state.
  5. Natural no calorie sweeteners are used instead or potentially harmful artificial ones.
  6. Natural flavors from juices are used.
  7. Natural colors are used instead of controversial dyes and food colorings.
  8. No artificial preservatives are used.


  1. Organic energy drinks can still be high in calories and sugar.
  2. All-natural can still be high in caffeine and not suitable for some consumers.
  3. Some contain additional herbs or ingredients that people may have sensitivities to.
  4. The amounts of the herbs in these organic products are likely too small to produce some of the drink’s advertised benefits.
  5. Organic energy drinks are more expensive.
  6. Natural Energy Drinks can never replace the health benefits from receiving vitamins and minerals from a diet rich in colorful vegetables and fruit.

Mainstream Healthy, Organic or “Natural”¬†Energy Drink Brands

Here are some common organic or all-natural energy drinks available at retailers around the USA.
guayaki organic energy drink

Multi-level Marketing Healthy Energy Drinks

Also available are organic or healthy energy drinks that are marketed through multi-level marketing methods.

Often these products are crammed with all kinds of ingredients and make all kinds of health claims. We aren’t saying that these products are bad, but the claims are most likely even more exaggerated than mainstream brands.

Here are some common multi-level marketing all-natural energy drinks that are available.
xs energy drink

At Caffeine Informer we would be the first to admit that even all-natural or organic energy drinks aren’t the best beverages to be putting into one’s body, but we support the notion of moderation and the safety of responsibly using energy drinks as directed.

This is true whether the drink is all-natural or not.

If you want to learn more about energy drink ingredients or energy drink ingredient side affects, we have that covered too and this doesn’t change based on how natural the ingredients are.

Caffeine is caffeine natural or not and people can go overboard with so called “healthy energy drinks” just as easy as they can with traditional ones.

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  • Evan

    I don’t really care if it’s actually healthy but I love Guru. The nice thing about healthy energy drinks is that they usually have really unique, well-developed flavor. The herbs they use also give some of the drinks interesting effects and a more smooth kick.

  • CA

    Love how Lance Armstrong’s FRS ad is on the bottom of the page.

  • Eric

    You have the wrong mindset- look at the company you work for…maybe two guys at the top, a bunch of chairmen under them, and even more sales people under them. hhmmm,looks like a pyramid…and guess what you’ll never make as much as the guys at the top so what’s your point?

  • Courtney

    MLMs produce some of the most successful people in the world. No one is forcing anyone to join and NO guarantees are made about the products. If they are, you don’t want to be associated with that company. Pyramids… none of you understand corporate America if you think that MLMs are scheme’s. It’s direct sales with benefits. My company is going to go through the roof because our product is full of good stuff. I am not going to make medical claims, but I know how to take care of my body. And guess what — it’s a tax write off to drink my own product. What other types of businesses can provide that along with chance to involve others to take advantage of the same opportunities. You only get something out of a business if you put something into it. I only get healthy because I put what is recommended into my own body, including my company’s drinks. No one forces anyone to do anything, but don’t poison people into thinking people are being tricked into doing things they don’t want to. MLMs aren’t get rich quick schemes, there a type of job like anything else. If you work hard there’s a reward. Part of it happens to be your own companies products that you end up drinking for free. Also, why would anyone be involved in something they didn’t believe in? If I told you there was an MLM to sell toilet seats, then maybe I’d tell you they were full of crap!! Get your facts straight or point out specific companies making false claims or predatory practices to get people to join. There are Network Marketing Professionals out there building relationships through good products and good people! By the way, “the people at the top” are the ones working the hardest, same in any business!!

  • Elizabeth

    Guarana, which is in ACT energy drink, contains three times the amount of caffine then coffee. The label reads no added caffine, but the product ACT energy drink is loaded with the caffine, but advertising laws, state with guarana, the caffine within the guarana, does not need to be on the label. So be warey of products containing Guarana

  • Tricia

    The ones, in mlms, on the top all started at the bottom… and cfos, some started at the bottom, some did not as well as many, many corporate managers. Hum let’s see, Exxon Mobile, Starbucks, Albertson’s, Walgreen’s, JC Penney,etc, etc, etc, etc….. MlM’s have and always will reward hard working people, where as corporations do not,look at lay offs, etc… whether you want to be an employee or a business owner, that is where the question should be, btw whereever you shop, you are paying lots of someones. why not give business to someone you know. xs may not be the only healthy drink, but it’s 14 flavors are the best variety out there!!

  • Doug

    Mlm = scam. That’s the only formula you need 2 know

  • Charlie

    Look people first of all no one points a gun at you and says buy the drink its a choice that you make if you do so. Many people buy it cuz it helps you get your tasks done and besides as it has been previously mentioned companies such as exxon, walgreens and other chains all started the same way…..AT THE BOTTOM!! so instead of whining do research and if you prefer to drink coffee which has caffeine over a drink that has guarana which at least helps you tackle your tasks then by al means go ahead. I prefer to at least enjoy something that allows me to take care of business without feeling like I can only use that energy for exercising which drinks like monster and no fear do. So once again its a choice and we live in a country that thrives on capitalism so whats the big deal if you got a problem with marketing tactits to allow the hard working individual to make money then go complain to all the big corporations because many of them started from the bottom and through hard work reached the top.

  • Frank

    @Doug, obviously in a close minded state, the display of MLM is far better than what you will probably accomplish in your lifetime. If you want to watch your grass grow in your own yard that’s fine, so be it. But until you know the TRUE definition of MLM, I suggest you look into and study it before you speak your mind. And that goes for all those non-believers or haters as well.

    If all the MLM haters are happy where they’re at repeating yesterday over and over again, more power to you. MLM is probably one of the best displays or models, if you will, ever made up. If MLM companies were scams, how many would they still be in business? Again, good luck with your careers.

  • John Kendry

    Who knows about David Vanderveen from XS Energy?

  • Gully

    Has anyone tried XS? This stuff tastes like battery acid. I’ve had smoother vodka!

  • With the recent surge in energy supplements, many people are looking for natural energy drinks that provide energy without the side effects commonly associated with the high-caffeine products dominating the market.

    What people often wonder, however, is whether or not natural energy drinks can provide the same energy boost while still being healthy and beneficial. It is necessary to take a look at some of the ingredients included in those available to see if they are effective at providing your body with energy.

  • Shane

    Advocare Spark all the way! people can think scam and piramid scheme all they want but Advocare backs up their talk with UN-PAID endorsers like former President George W. Bush and Dallas Cowboy Jason Witten. Advocare products were the number one used supplement in the last Olympics… the best of the best use Advocare because it works and thanks to Informed Choice those athletes know they wont fail a goofey drug test. but you dont see George Bush selling make-up, and i dont see Jason Witten selling candles and jewlery. point is if all MLM’s were a scam why do people endorse our products for free? this is a world where an athlete can get a six figure check just by saying they use GNC protein… instead Advocare gives them free product… Product that most closed minded people think is junk anyway… Advocare is a 20 year old MLM so it obviosly works and i didnt have to drink the punch to join… but i did.

  • Leonard Viltz

    Bluefrog is a Natural Energy Drink packed with vitamins and minerals

  • Thomas

    The only natural energy drink I take is EBOOST. It’s made with green tea and some vitamins. For some reasons I feel the energy way more than with other energy drinks (natural or not)… You guys should look it up

  • Ted
  • disqus_lVxZ3vgoke

    I just got my hands on the new It Works Energy drink. It’s only got 100Mg of caffeine but it tastes pretty good and is supposed to regulate sugar better to avoid the crash after drinking it.

  • Alex Moreno

    Have you done a review on EMV energy?

  • Ted

    Nope, I just added it to our list. Do you work for the company?

  • Alex


Last Modified: October 9, 2014