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Healthy Energy Drinks: Is Organic or All-Natural Really Better?


Organic or all-natural energy drinks and energy shots have grown tremendously in popularity over the last several years.

But, are these “natural” energy drinks really any healthier than their traditional artificially created cousins?

The debate rages on concerning the overall health and safety of energy drinks and the appropriateness of their use among certain age groups. And many experts weigh in on which foods should be avoided.

However, the huge popularity of the organic food movement has opened the door for the marketing of “Healthy or Organic Energy Drinks” which are advertised to have no negative side effects and to actually improve the health of the consumer.

Are Natural or Organic Energy Drinks Actually Healthier?

Yes and No


  1. Natural energy drinks don’t contain artificial chemicals.
  2. Organic energy drinks should be free from pesticides and other chemical residues.
  3. Natural caffeine from green tea, guarana, or coffee is used.
  4. The sugar used is in a more natural state.
  5. Natural no-calorie sweeteners are used instead of or potentially harmful artificial ones.
  6. Natural flavors from juices are used.
  7. Natural colors are used instead of controversial dyes and food colorings.
  8. No artificial preservatives are used.


  1. Organic energy drinks can still be high in calories and sugar.
  2. All-natural can still be high in caffeine and not suitable for some consumers.
  3. Some contain additional herbs or ingredients that people may have sensitivities to.
  4. The amounts of the herbs in these organic products are likely too small to produce some of the drink’s advertised benefits.
  5. Organic energy drinks are more expensive.
  6. Natural Energy Drinks can never replace the health benefits from receiving vitamins and minerals from a diet rich in colorful vegetables and fruit.

Mainstream Healthy, Organic or “Natural”¬†Energy Drink Brands

Here are some common organic or all-natural energy drinks available at retailers around the USA.
guayaki organic energy drink

Multi-level Marketing Healthy Energy Drinks

Also available are organic or healthy energy drinks that are marketed through multi-level marketing methods.

Often these products are crammed with all kinds of ingredients and make all kinds of health claims. We aren’t saying that these products are bad, but the claims are most likely even more exaggerated than mainstream brands.

Here are some common multi-level marketing all-natural energy drinks that are available.
xs energy drink

At Caffeine Informer we would be the first to admit that even all-natural or organic energy drinks aren’t the best beverages to be putting into one’s body, but we support the notion of moderation and the safety of responsibly using energy drinks as directed.

This is true whether the drink is all-natural or not.

If you want to learn more about energy drink ingredients or energy drink ingredient side effects, we have that covered too and this doesn’t change based on how natural the ingredients are.

Caffeine is caffeine natural or not and people can go overboard with so-called “healthy energy drinks” just as easy as they can with traditional ones.


Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on August 20, 2020