Homemade Energy Drink Recipe


And 7 Steps to Market It

Do you have an idea for an energy drink and want to market it to the masses?

Have you dreamed about making a homemade energy drink to your exact preferences and tastes?

Well, hopefully this article will get you started in the right direction for crafting your perfect homemade drink and give you 7 steps to take your new creation to the next level.

Ingredients You Will Need

  • A caffeine source: Grind up or dissolve a NoDoz for a metered 200mg of caffeine. Other caffeine tablets can work as well.
  • Flavorings: Try Capella Flavor Drops as they have many flavorings to choose from.
  • Taurine: This can be bought as a powder or a liquid, but the powder is much cheaper.
  • Liquid B vitamins: I would recommend ordering a liquid B vitamin complex.
  • Glucuronolactone: This comes in powder form.
  • Herbs: Now this is where you can be creative, but this can also get expensive to purchase the liquid extracts of herbs as you don’t want a salad floating in your homemade energy drink, now do you?  Suggestions; Ginseng Liquid and Ginko Biloba Liquid.
  • Sweeteners: Here you can dissolve table sugar in some hot water or use sucralose or stevia if you want it sugar free.
  • Carbonated water: You can just buy this pre-made or try making your own, which is explained below.

Putting the Homemade Energy Recipe Together


a soda siphon

Now here is the fun part in constructing your tailor-made energy drink. Why not use a can of Rockstar or similar as your rough guide to ingredients, but feel free to experiment with amounts. It would be handy to have a metric food scale on hand to measure out all the ingredients.

Be careful with the caffeine powder and probably to be safe, use no more than 200mg at a time unless you are a serious caffeine addict. The caffeine has to be dissolved in boiling water, which would also be recommended for any powders you are using in your homemade drink.

As for the carbonated water you can make your own easily by using a soda siphon and soda siphon charger cartridges. In the long run this works out to be cheaper than buying the pre-made and you will have a fresh supply each time. (Another option is using a Soda Stream™)

So make a concentrate using a small amount of boiling water, into which, mix in your caffeine, taurine, sugar, flavor etc.. Allow the mixture to cool and then add your seltzer water a little at a time until you have a great tasting ratio. You may have to make a few attempts to get your homemade energy drink just right, but hey,  that’s part of the fun, right?

7 Steps to Market Your Energy Drink to the Masses

It’s all about marketing as the energy drink giants have shown us. Here are some steps to take that have worked for other companies in the past. Please read this with tongue-in-cheek…

  1. Think of a name.
    This is tough – there aren’t many names left. Hint: Don’t include the word Red (after all we already have Redline, Red Bull, Red Rain, Red Devil, Red Flash, Red Eye, Big Red, and Red Jak). Bonus Hint: Name your drink after an illegal street drug. This will ensure instant (but short-lived) publicity.
  2. Design a label.
    Find an artsy mate who knows their way round Photoshop. Hint: Try not to knock off the Red Bull design.
  3. Get hold of a private label energy drink company.
    For example some companies offer the following. For a minimum order of 160 cases, you can get your own energy drink manufactured for you. Cost: $1.23 per can, 24 cans per case. Hint: See if you can sneak in some extra caffeine. Remember – it’s a numbers game.
  4. Take some photos.
    We’re looking for action shots here – the sort of shenanigans that appear on Youtube every other day. Guys on skateboards and BMXs. Hint: Make sure you enlist your photoshop friend to paste in a few pics of your newly minted energy drinks into the pictures.
  5. Hot Women.
    Promise your best friends big sister a few cases of your drink – in exchange for a few photos of her at a party. Or you could just go onto myspace and copy a few profile photos. Hint: As above – make sure to get that shot of the can pasted in somehow.
  6. Build a website.
    Find a geeky friend who knows their way round the interwebs. Hint: Make sure the site is in Flash, has some loud and obnoxious music – and make sure to paste in all those photos you took. Bonus Hint: Get some merchandise up onto the site. Cafepress will do anything you want for a small fee.
  7. Get Some Publicity.
    As long as you got Number 1 right, you can get a press release knocked up, contact a few blogs, and you’re all done.

If you fail to make your millions… then join the multitudes of others who have failed. At least you tried.

Warning: Caffeine isn’t something to be played around with, so measure carefully and keep your energy drink at a safe level.

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  • doody

    None of the scales in your link measure in mg, which would be essential if working with anhydrous caffeine powder.

    Do you have any links to a scale that accurate that is not ridiculously expensive?

  • ted

    I adjusted the key words, but try some of the other links on the landing page even one that uses counter weights would work if digital is too expensive.

  • ChaosLFG

    Three words: Caffeinated Kool Aid. Make the kool aid as directed, but halve the amount of water used. 100mg’s the only dose I’ve tried, and in a cup made this way, there’s a barely noticeable aftertaste, but nothing else. Of course, I’d reccommend putting a label on whatever pitcher you use for it.

    Also, as for the mg measuring problem, I found a powdered caffeine that comes with a 100mg scoop: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002FWKXTY/ref=ox_ya_oh_product . It’s a bit more expensive than the other caffeine powders, but I feel it’s worth it, to avoid overdosing without paying 90+ for a scale.

    Total costs will look something like this.

    Caffeine: 500 servings at $24.24, including shipping.
    Kool Aid: We’ll overestimate this at .50c for a single packet, normally used for 8 cups.
    Sugar: $4.00 for 5lbs around here. Try Wal-Mart?

    This comes in pretty cheap. For 8oz cups with 100mg of caffeine, it’s under 5 cents for the caffeine, 12.5 cents for the kool aid, and around 40 cents for the sugar, coming in at just under 70 cents.


  • Energy contained drinks can be made from home and can be sell it in the market.

  • Andy

    How about boiling off the water to form a shot? Would that work?

  • James

    The caffeine measurement in the article should be corrected. It currently reads 200g, which is nearly 2000 energy drinks worth of caffeine. It should be 200mg. 12g grams is usually the lethal amount, 200g and you’re dead, no question…

  • ted

    Thanks James for pointing out the typo 🙂

  • Answer Dude

    Want to make an energy drink like monster, rockstar, or red bull? All you need to do is add liquid caffeine mix to sparkling Apple Cider (carbonated). You will hardly be able to tell the difference. Seriously, the taste, look, fizz, and energy, will blow you away.

    You can purchase the inexpensive Energy Mix (Google: Semi-Sweetened Mix). The thing to remember is that powder caffeine will not work. It will not dissolve in cold beverages. And, even in hot beverages it will only dissolve slightly.

    Another great advantage to making your own energy drink is that you control how much caffeine you want to add. Add a little or a lot – it depends on how much of an energy boost you want – you decide!

  • Mike

    You can purchase Rockstar syrup at Sams club in a 3 gallon bag box and use a SodaStream machine to carbonate your own water and save money and all those trips to the store buying it a can at a time.

  • J.M.

    Add in ingredients for a niacin flush

  • CaffeineChemist

    Or do it the fun Home Chemist way and synthesize it in the chemistry lab when your professor isn’t looking… 😉

    This is to energy drinks what moonshine is to alcohol. Careful, guys…

  • walter

    HI my name is walter johnson and i would like to no how to make a energy drink

  • Jessica Sahan

    Here is one of the best energy drink recipe in this blog. Hope everybody will like it.



    men the lethal dose of caffeine is 1000mg… if you put 1g in a can your as good as dead

  • Ted

    you may want to check your facts, the lethal dose of caffeine isn’t 1000mg. It’s 150mg/kg of body weight. which is what our Death by Caffeine app is based on.

  • Drink420Power

    Where are you looking at scales?! i can buy a brand new scale that goes from 0.01G to a QP. for about 20-30 bucks at any smoke shop in america. welcome to the weed age where scales are in 2 outa 5 teens rooms.

  • Ted

    For caffeine powder you would need a scale that goes to .001 grams

  • mayd

    What’s the the most lethal of all ingredient in the formula if you use too much?

  • Ted

    Caffeine is. Accurately measuring the liquid or powdered caffeine is essential.



Last Modified: September 11, 2014