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It is rather ironic that Hype Energy chose to name their product after a problem that the energy drink industry suffers from.

How many times have you tried an energy drink that was not as good as advertised?

When I received the line of Hype drinks, I was expecting another Red Bull clone. I was rather surprised at the variety this line has. Hype comes in four varieties: Regular, MFP, Enlite, and Organic.


  • Regular: This flavor  was a unique berry flavor that is hard to compare to other drinks. (discontinued)
  • MFP: Had a nice citrus flavor that was like a bitter Mountain Dew.
  • Enlite: The lower calorie version of Hype  had a nice raspberry flavor. I was surprised that it did not have the usual artificial sweetener aftertaste that comes with diet energy drinks.
  • Organic: This was the best of the four in terms of flavor. It had a sweet apple flavor. (discontinued)


  • Hype: The original Hype has low amounts of B vitamins and an undisclosed amount of taurine, caffeine, ginseng, and guarana. The website lists the caffeine content at 80mg.
  • MFP: Same as above, only with reportedly more caffeine? (80mg) and B vitamins.
  • Enlite: The same vitamin profile as MFP, but has only 25 calories. Again, ginseng, caffeine, taurine, and guarana are present in undisclosed amounts. 80mg of caffeine according to the Hype website.
  • Organic: The organic drink contains the highest calorie content, and also has aloe vera in it along with caffeine (80mg), tea extract, and guarana. Apparently Taurine is not organic because it is not included.


To be blunt, I did not feel much from the Hype Energy Drinks. I tried them at several different times to give them a chance, but the drinks did not deliver in the energy department. Whether it was before a workout or after a long night with little sleep, I didn’t receive the pickup I usually get from an energy drink. To be fair I only received the 8 oz versions of Hype, so perhaps the 16 ounce could deliver a kick, but that’s only speculation.


Overall, I think Hype needs some improvement. The flavors are there, and different from the energy drinks currently on the market. If more energy was packed into each can, Hype could be a serious contender. Until then, I would look elsewhere. Now, can anyone tell me what MFP stands for?

Reviewed by Jason Kleindorfer

New Flavor: Hype UP

We recently were sent Hype Energy UP to sample. Th version is similar to original Hype, but has a cool mint aftertaste. The taste of the drink is a bit strange since most people including myself aren’t accustomed to mint in their beverages. The taste was ok, but I wouldn’t choose it if given the chance.

Standard Energy

Hype UP is pretty similar in energy to that of Red Bull. A few additional vitamins and ingredients like ginseng, but all in all the same effect.

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Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on October 17, 2016