If Celebrities Were Energy Drinks…

Have you ever wondered which energy drink best describes you?

With all the crazy names and graphics out there, surely there’s one that fits your looks or persona.

Well, Caffeine Informer has matched up some popular celebrities with the energy drink that best describes them.

Note: This post is just for Fun.

Britney Spears and Bawls

Steve Tyler and Howling Monkey

Lindsay Lohan and Cocaine

Randy Jackson and Atomic Dogg

Tom Cruise and Spaz Juice

Michael Jackson and Monster

Barack Obama and Rockstar

Richard Simmons and Redline Princess

Paris Hilton and HYPE

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  • Nate

    None of those make sense…

  • Juggalo Pwnage

    Sure they do…I dunno a few of them, but Britney Spears has balls for pulling the shit she did, Lindsy Lohan does Cocaine, Tom Cruise spazzes out, Michael Jackson is a Monster, Barack Obama thinks he’s a Rockstar, Richard Simmons acts like a Princess, and Paris Hilton is Over-Hyped.

  • DiscipleN2k

    Thanks man. I may never drink Bawls again ;p

  • Jon Kaker

    If i was an energy drink, i would name myself Fancy Shoes energy drink. Everywhere i would go, i would be followed by fancy shoes and flying tea kettles. My mother would bake candles and forks so i could fly to the moon on a bacon and lettuce spaceship. Maybe my flying ankle bracelet could assist me in taking over the planet of the Goobablicous bannanaa peels.

    My dog pees victory, send the cookies away.

  • Steve

    also with the britney she is bawling in the picture of her, bawling is synonymous with crying… she’s crying. thats bawling. she bawls …it makes perfect sense.

  • Kaley

    Correction: Obama IS a rockstar

    (Party like Barakstar!)

  • Christie

    I live in Tokyo, and we have Roots coffee sold at the 7 11. Can you include it on your Kill Me list? Thank you.

  • Hunggar

    Atomic Dogg energy drink is by far the greatest tasting one! And loaded with horny goat weed to keep you on the prowl for hours!

  • kas

    you’re all weird.

  • kristi martinez

    michael jackson is a child molesting monster

  • my left nut

    michael jackson is gay

  • Puff

    …He’s a gay child molester!
    And the howling monkey fits Steve Tyler cuz he has the biggest friggin’ mouth ever! I mean look at the damn picture! How can you not get ANY of those!? it’s great!

  • I think I’d be Lost if I was an energy drink. That one fits me. Barack is who I am voting for and Rockstar is my favorite energy drink. WHOA.

  • :)


  • HowMuchCaffeine

    Now that is hilarious…

  • Geez… That’s great, I bet you could buy all those drinks from my site!!! hint hint

  • Subway

    Way to kill it, shameless self-plugging vendor man. THAT’S gonna make me want to buy from you…

    Loved the match-ups. I think Tyler, Jackson, and Simmons were literal LOLs.

  • Michael Jackson h8ter

    Michael Jackson is a friggen wirdo on crack with ahusband and two kids which he molestes daliy!!!!!

  • KC

    My favorite was the Redline Princess! I talk about these in my blog about fads:


  • ian fleming


Last Modified: August 25, 2014