iShot Skinny Energy Shot

A few weeks ago I received yet another happy package in the post from iShot.

These connoisseurs of the shot market provided me with a few rather interesting drinks, one of which was iShot Skinny. Now I have to admit I’m not exactly their target market, but I figured it was my duty to bite the bullet and drink it even at the risk of disappearing when I turn side on to people.

This little white iShot Skinny Bottle might be the godsend to those who just may like the drive-through a little too much.


The packaging and the provided blurb have informed me that iShot Skinny has an acai berry orientated taste. However, I’ve never had the berry on its own so I can’t confirm this. What I can say though, is that it tastes somewhat like Ribena (or to you Americans, summer fruits). Whilst this may not be to your taste, it is to mine. It’s not over powering yet still strong enough to give it a defined and sweet flavour.

iShot Skinny Ingredients

This is where all you health freaks might have to change your trousers as this drink is packing a lot. It contains a rather nice 78mg of caffeine and a rather nice selection of your needed B vitamins. However, where it differs is iShot Skinny’s use of orange peel, acai berry and green tea (all well known for encouraging weight loss).


Well I’ve not wasted away so I don’t think I’ve lost any weight, but then again it’s not aimed at my body type. However, I feel if someone boasting a “muffin top” drank iShot Skinny over a long period of time it might well help as long as they skipped their daily “muffin” of course. With regards to the caffeine I have to say the little boost was nice although not as much as I’d hope for in a shot drink.

iShot Skinny Verdict

This little packet of joy is cute to look at, nice to the taste and whilst I can’t confirm it made me lose any weight due to the fact that there isn’t much fat on me to start with, I have to say the science behind the ingredients and their quantities suggest that iShot Skinny Energy Shot might well be able to aid someone in shedding a few pounds as part of a Calorie restricted diet.

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  • rosetta

    it is just too expensive so reminds me of money making scheme on vulnerable people desperate to lose weight. They need to make this product more affordable. I will not be buying this again. Nearly £50 a month. diet classes are cheaper.

  • chaz

    hi i myself have started using this alittle while ago didnt think it would work but when i saw it in my local pharmacy which is attached to a gp’s surgery the pharmacist ladies were telling me when i asked about it that a few people they know are taking it and lost weight but the big one which made me buy was that all the nurses from the surgery where coming and buying it by the box load and all losing. ive been drinking it for just over 2 weeks and have lost 7 pound i do exercise aswell. and on top of losing weight all the vits are a bonus would defo recommend to help people with weight. is expensive but if u look on most sites now they do bulk deals can get as low as £1 per bottle

Last Modified: September 2, 2016