I’ve Been Bitten by Venom Death Adder Energy Drink

venom-death-adderWell, well, back for more are you?

Looking to expand your knowledge about another select energy drink, are you?

Well I just so happened to have a review for you right here of Venom Death Adder and it’s one I suggest you follow up on!  So stick around and don’t touch that dial.

Actually, the only thing you should be touching is a scroll wheel to read this review, which is probably the closest approximation you have to a dial at your computer.

Somebody please slap me for drifting this far off topic.


Have you ever consumed a drink so tasty that at first experience, it’s enough to be crowned as the high point of your day?  I’m talking about something that puts that pleasurable smile on your face that every Coke commercial promises, but never delivers on.  Say hello to Venom Death Adder, a former champion in a day of Dusty Smith.

No other energy drink has so squarely nailed the fruit punch taste as this one, in my opinion of course.  It’s more of a carbonated fruit-y punch.  I’ve added that extra ‘y’ because there’s a little something extra that adds much needed character to the standard fruit punch taste.  My taste buds can’t discern what else is going on.  Look, if you don’t like the taste of this drink you may want to get yourself checked, because you might not be human.


Unknown to your gustatory senses, downing this drink will introduce your body to a combined 400% of your B vitamin daily value, 200mg of ginseng, guarana, and 160mg of caffeine.


At best, it could be called above average.  If Dr. Pepper/Seven Up Inc. had the guts to up the caffeine content, we’d be looking at a serious contender for best all around energy drink.  Unfortunately, like everyone else, it seems they assumed that most consumers can’t handle anything near 200mg of caffeine.  Considering the type of people that are buying energy drinks in the first place, I have a disagreement with this, but that’s getting off topic… again.  Where’s that slap I asked for?


You owe it to yourself as a pleasure-seeking human being to track this drink down and buy it.  If seeking pleasure is not your thing, I understand that running into walls is kind of painful, maybe it’ll work for you.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

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  • Tramp

    i haven’t enjoyed previous attempts at Venom energy, honestly i took about 5 sips of the overpriced beverage and threw the rest in a trash can, didn’t even want to dump it out in fear it might actually make its way to the ocean where it could cause some real damage. BUT i have to say that your review is so positive i am actually going to give this one a shot, provided i can find it anywhere.

  • Dusty

    Tramp, I am in the same boat as you. The first two Venoms were pretty lame, and good only for their bottle.

    I just kept the bottle and I use it as my water bottle for when I’m out playing racquetball

  • Nick

    They have a mango flavored one that’s really good also.

  • Jaff

    How can Caffeine fiends, whom make it their business to consume Caffeine and whom have a heightened resistance to energy drinks, relate their experience to that of a Virgin Energy Drinker.


  • Evan

    I tried the diet Venom at the beach and it made my eyes ultra-sensitive to light for hours. I could barely go outside without sunglasses or my hand over my eyes. This one sounds pretty good so I might have to risk my eyesight.

  • Dusty

    Jaff, what exactly are you referring to?

    Evan, I honestly couldn’t help but laugh at that

  • Tramp

    Jaff i think you should assume (if, of course, you don’t usually consume caffeine or are sensitive to it) that if any Caffeine Fiend not in the same boat as you says they got a noticeable energy increase you’re probably going to get the shakes.

    Evan, i’ve never heard of that before, much less experienced it. Then again I’ve never consumed a full Venom before..

  • Evan

    It sounds strange but it was very noticeable. My body has weird reactions to some drinks I guess. When i tried a Bawls for the first time about a year ago, my vision became distorted and I couldn’t focus it well (it is hard to explain) for a while afterward. I though I was going blind and haven’t tried it again. Anyway, it’s strange but true.

  • Mack

    I agree with Dusty on this one, Venom Death Adder is one of the best tasting energy drinks I have tried. I went right back and got the mango flavor (Killer Taipan, where due they come up with these names ???) It was even better.

  • Dusty

    Mack, I’m glad you posted back about the other flavor. I’ve been hesitating to drink the mango one, as mango isn’t exactly one of my favorite fruits. If you think it’s better than the fruit punch one, though, I’m gonna give it a try!

  • Nate

    Hey guys.
    The reason why Evan’s eyes were so sensitive was because his pupils were dilated. Whether you know it or not, caffeine IS a drug and WILL get you high. Maybe not in the same context as marijuana or LSD, but high nonetheless. As a result, your body receives pleasure from taking in this drug, that it releases endorphins and thus…. dilates the pupils for some reason. When the muscle relaxes in the iris, the black dot (which is just where the light goes, it’s only black because there’s no light within your eye) increases in area and lets more light in. If we aren’t adjusted, this can be too much for the person and can cause pain.

    He was high. He has a lower threshold than us. His pupils dilated.

  • Reed

    It is common for high doses of b12, (in excess of 100% RDA(Reccomended dietary allowance)) to cause vision distortions and/or light sensitivity in people who smoke, so if you smoke, high b12 energy drinks are not for you.

    I don’t smoke but I have gotten light sensitivity and sometimes vision distortions, this is due to the high adrenaline levels induced by caffeine. Note: you can look up the “1000 yard stare” that is a common side-effect of combat stress and thus abnormally high adrenaline levels

  • Jim

    To Mack & Dusty… (and anyone else interested)

    I’ve had the “Killer Taipan” and have to agree, it’s
    quite good. I’ve had dried mango before, and didn’t
    quite think the drink was the same flavorwise, yet did
    have a strong, pleasant fruity flavor I couldn’t quite

    A few cans later over the week following the inital
    can, it hit me like a Kenworth doing 80 on the
    interstate. To me at least, it tastes a bit more
    like peach than mango.

  • saevitia

    My bf bought me a couple of these from his convenience store, and they were hands down the most DeLICIOUS energy drink I’d ever hand. I asked my bf before I tried it if it tasted like pixiestix and it delivered. ^___^

  • Hope

    i hope i can find this somewhere in Oz! xx

  • Rich

    This man knows what he’s sayin’. The Fruit Punch Venom energy drink is awesome. Its easily the best tasting energy drink I’ve had, and I’ve tried many. Its so easy to drink you dont really notice you’re drinking an “energy drink” if you arent staring at the label.

    I tried Mango and the standard red one while looking for a new drink since my old standard drink was discontinued and they are terrible. Well, I hate mango flavor, but the red one just tastes like redbull / monster / etc which is not my cup of tea.

  • Alex

    where can i find this drink. i got it free at a baseball game and it was awesome but now i cant find it

  • James

    I’ve tried the Black Mamba and Killer Taipan (Mango-flavored) Venom drink and seriously, I love them. The taste is great, the effect is great, and the cans are sweet enough looking to save. The names, in response to an earlier post, obviously come from the names of snakes from around the world. An adder is a type of snake, as is a Black Mamba (an extremely venomous snake found in Africa that I’ve been told is related to the common Black RACER found in the US), and the Taipan is another extremely venomous snake found in Australia.

    I’ve found three varieties of the Venom drinks here in South Florida at a Racetrack gas station but have only tried two. At only $1.99+tax I am eager to get my hands on any other flavors I can find.

  • I have got to agree, the fruit punch venom drink is probably one of the best energy drinks I have ever had. I’m actually drinking one now although it is almost gone.

    I tried one when I was out with a friend we were first going to get a monster, but then I saw Fruit punch + Energy drink oh my! What a perfect mix! So I bought it and shared it with my friend. I think half of it didn’t get me as hyper as a full one does. But I probably didn’t even drink half. I was searching all over for a store to sell them.. Then finally! I noticed one did. So I bought 3. And I’m very happy right now with them.

    I hate most every other kind of energy drink, so I would have to recommend this to anyone, even if they aren’t too fond of the usual energy drink taste. This one is pretty great 😀

  • Diane

    I recently tried the Venom Death Adder and fell in love. Previously, while trying just about everything just to try it, I had found Wired Fruit Punch and I loved that citrus pucker it gave me. Then, I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere. A few days ago I saw the Venom and tried it and it was good stuff.

Last Modified: July 3, 2014