I’ve Been Bitten by Venom Death Adder Energy Drink

venom-death-adderWell, well, back for more are you?

Looking to expand your knowledge about another select energy drink, are you?

Well I just so happened to have a review for you right here of Venom Death Adder and it’s one I suggest you follow up on!  So stick around and don’t touch that dial.

Actually, the only thing you should be touching is a scroll wheel to read this review, which is probably the closest approximation you have to a dial at your computer.

Somebody please slap me for drifting this far off topic.


Have you ever consumed a drink so tasty that at first experience, it’s enough to be crowned as the high point of your day?  I’m talking about something that puts that pleasurable smile on your face that every Coke commercial promises, but never delivers on.  Say hello to Venom Death Adder, a former champion in a day of Dusty Smith.

No other energy drink has so squarely nailed the fruit punch taste as this one, in my opinion of course.  It’s more of a carbonated fruit-y punch.  I’ve added that extra ‘y’ because there’s a little something extra that adds much needed character to the standard fruit punch taste.  My taste buds can’t discern what else is going on.  Look, if you don’t like the taste of this drink you may want to get yourself checked, because you might not be human.


Unknown to your gustatory senses, downing this drink will introduce your body to a combined 400% of your B vitamin daily value, 200mg of ginseng, guarana, and 160mg of caffeine.


At best, it could be called above average.  If Dr. Pepper/Seven Up Inc. had the guts to up the caffeine content, we’d be looking at a serious contender for best all around energy drink.  Unfortunately, like everyone else, it seems they assumed that most consumers can’t handle anything near 200mg of caffeine.  Considering the type of people that are buying energy drinks in the first place, I have a disagreement with this, but that’s getting off topic… again.  Where’s that slap I asked for?


You owe it to yourself as a pleasure-seeking human being to track this drink down and buy it.  If seeking pleasure is not your thing, I understand that running into walls is kind of painful, maybe it’ll work for you.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

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  • ted

    How could you “unknowingly” have 4 of them? Did some one blindfold you and dump them down your throat? just saying…. 🙂

  • Jeff

    I love the Killer Taipan (or whatever the name of the Mango flavor one is called). I used to get them all the time at Target, but unfortunately all they seem to carry anymore are the Black Mamba and the low carb versions, and even those have dwindled. Hopefully I find a place that has them soon.

  • linda

    Death Adder is the BEST tasting – I could drink it as a regular soda. But Black Mamba is the best for keeping you up in my opinion. Killer Taipan is also quite good, didn’t think I’d like a mango drink but it tastes like a nice orange/pineapple/mango mix

Last Modified: July 3, 2014