KickBrix Energy Chews

I was opening a package of KickBrix energy chews and thought to myself “What is the purpose of these things”?

Energy drinks, gum, candy, chocolate bars; they all attempt to simulate some product we’d be using anyway and add energy as a new twist on the original.


KickBrix come in two flavors, Citrus and Berry, both of which are represented in five chew packages. I started off with Citrus on the recommendation of the manufacturer and was surprised that my first several bites were very Starburst-like. It took a few seconds of breaking down the chewy ..erm, chews before I came across the first wave of bitter herbal supplement flavor.

I feel like I’m reviewing the gum from Willy Wonka that keeps changing flavor, but that’s really how things progress as you’re munching away on your KickBrix. You aren’t left with the bitter very long when you are assaulted by menthol. At that point it tastes like you’ve eaten an herbal cough-drop along with a Starburst.

This has different effects on different people. I personally find the effect quite refreshing. Nowhere on the package does it tell you that they taste great and unless you’re expecting it to taste like candy, it’s really not that extreme. Others that I had try KickBrix had less understanding appraisals of the taste… Berry progresses exactly the same although the menthol blends a little more cohesively than it did into the citrus.


KickBrix are sugar-free, contain ginseng, taurine, and 90mg of caffeine per chew. The only number on the label that made me raise my eyes was 1500% of the recommended daily value of vitamin B12. After the quick “B12 overdose” google search came up empty and realizing that 5-hour energy has 4x that amount, my concerns were satisfied.


KickBrix definitely comes through on it’s energy promise. The effect is immediate, lasting, and came for me crash free. My best result came taking one first thing in the morning, another after lunch, and a third at the end of my workday. I was never in an energy deficit, didn’t have to cope with a crash while scrambling to find another drink, and best of all I was only 3/5s into a pack that costs $3.99 by the end of the day.

For an energy junkie like me, KickBrix is the purest product I’ve come across short of straight caffeine pills. If you don’t need your caffeine buzz wrapped up in soda, gum or candy you’ll find a lot to like about these little firecrackers (they’re portable, require no refrigeration, don’t try too hard not to taste bad). I certainly recommend you try them for yourself.

Reviewed by TNT

Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on January 8, 2021