Koru Energy Strips

In a world where patience isn’t always a virtue, people want things immediately. Regarding energy, numerous products have been introduced to help us get our fix – fast.

Most of these attempts at providing instant energy have been in the form of an energy shot, but one of the most unique yet is Koru’s Energy Strips. Will they be enough to satisfy our craving for energy?


Koru starts off with a nice minty taste that quickly becomes bittersweet due to its aspartame and sucralose sweeteners. You’ll enjoy it if you like sugar-free soft drinks. Besides that, there isn’t much to say as this energy strip dissolves swiftly.


Each strip contains 40mg of caffeine, aspartame, and sucralose as sweeteners as well as cellulose along with other chemicals used to formulate the strip. Some people may be turned off by the fact that it uses aspartame as a sweetener.


A few of these strips gave me an immediate caffeine boost with the typical ergogenic effects – increased concentration, focus, and endurance. As Koru is very portable, easy, and expedient to consume, these would be excellent for athletes or to throw in your backpack for school. However, some caffeine-tolerant people may need to take 2-4 strips to feel prolonged effects.

Koru Energy Strips provide a very unique and cool method of energy delivery. If you need energy now and don’t want to fuss around with drinks or pills, Koru is the way to go.

Update: Looks like Koru is no longer available.

Reviewed by JD


Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on July 3, 2014