Lightning Rods: Energized Beef Sticks

lightning-rods-beef-sticksOK, honestly, I’m entirely incapable of letting an energy food replace my energy drink I.V. drip.

The liquid component of energy drinks has become everything for me.  I crave for the sip, the guzzle, the swish, the slam.

I am still intrigued, though, by energy food products like these new energized beef sticks cleverly named, Lightning Rods.  For the normal people out there, here’s a review of Lightning Rods to help you decide whether they could potentially replace your need for energy drink consumption.


Likely because of a lack of standard energy blend ingredients, these beef sticks inspire a bit of shock and awe by tasting like, well, beef sticks.  It’s a real challenge to tell Lightning Rods apart from any other beef stick on the market, impressive!  As far as beef sticks go, though, Lightning Rods could be a little better.  They’re kinda plain and I usually look for a bit of a “rasty” edge in flavor when it comes to beef sticks.


This product tosses around the two g’s a whole lot: ginseng (90mg) and guarana (undisclosed amount) which delivers 60mg of caffeine per stick.  That’s pretty much the foundation for their energy claim.  In their PR statement you’ll also find a paragraph where they trash talk other energy product companies who artificially add their B vitamins, since Lightning Rods contain it “naturally.”


I don’t believe that Lightning Rods are grounded properly, because I’m not getting any strikes of energy.  I’ve tried them at all times of the day, and simply can’t get a rise out of them.  I wanted to feel it bad, I really did, because I love this product concept.


Here’s a fun fact: Lightning Rods are rated to provide 5+ hours of energy.  I see this as a sad day for energy products when an energized beef stick jumps into the hour claim game.  But besides that comment, I cannot validate their 5+ hour claim the least bit.  I believe the only way this product can be effective is if you were identified as a “daywalker” in our addiction diagnosis article.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

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  • Nick

    Doesn’t sound too bad, but knowing my tendency to eat like 5 Slim Jims (the short ones) at a time, I’d go through them way too fast.

  • Fiend-
    You have discovered the next generation of Energy Delivery systems in Snacks/Foods/Drinks. It is, as we call it, the “Energy Evolution.” Here is the resulting method in which our product functions, having taken years of R&D to develop. Please understand the science behind it…feeling the “rush” or not, does not means you are not getting the benefits, such as mental clarity, focus and improved overall wellbeing…the rush is what Drinkers have associated the results with…please read.
    “The Synergy Stick has lower level of carbohydrates than the high sugar/ carbohydrate filled energy drinks. Proteins take more time to process but provide the same amount of energy as carbohydrates. The amine group on the protein and their varied structure requires more a complex preparation process to create the calories. This time thus delays the availability of calories from protein to later in the energy release process. Finally, fat is broken down by the process of beta-oxidation and their energy is released later in the day. Natural caffeine in Guarana helps promote this process. The energy release from the Synergy Stick is 15% from carbohydrates, 30% from protein, and 55% from fats, instead of all its energy from carbohydrates or none at all. This synergy of energy release will provide the energy you need for the long duration without a spike or a crash; energy lasting typically well over 5 hours!” Sometimes one still gets a rush but most importantly is the resulting elevated mood and general persons improved performance…it’s all good, so have a RB and a LR as a combo snack and all will be in unison!
    Be Good-

Last Modified: May 8, 2012