Monster Cuba-Lima Energy Drink

monster-cuba-lima-energy-drinkI spent a half an hour checking my SolCal stores for the new Monster Cuba-Lima Energy drink.

No luck yet, but it is coming! It’s here, read my review below.

Monster’s line of energy drinks has grown extensively over the last 5 years with Cuba Lima becoming its 30th beverage on the market.

What is Cuba-Lima?

From what I can tell, this new energy drink is a non-alcoholic drink based on the mixed drink, the Cuba-Libre.

The alcohol has been replaced with Monster’s energy blend.

Traditional Cuba Libre Ingredients

A Cuba Libre is made by:

Squeeze a lime into a Collins glass, add 2 or 3 ice cubes, and pour in the rum (we like the golden type and really like a darker, more flavorful riserva). Drop in one of the spent lime shells and fill with cold Coca-Cola. Stir briefly. src.

So to put it simply. It looks like a rum and coke with lime.

I Tried It!

cuba-lima-canThe first thing that caught my attention with Cuba-Lima was the texture of the can. It has bumps that give the appearance that the can is sweating even when it’s not. Cool, right?

I love lime and I love cola, but when I tried Coke with Lime, I wasn’t impressed. Therefore, my expectations here weren’t very high.

However, to my surprise Cuba Lima is a great tasting drink. It must be the artificial lime flavors that do it……

In any event, this Monster is tasty with the right amount of sweetness. There’s no rum flavor in this mocktail and I couldn’t taste the energy ingredients.

Monster Cuba-Lima Ingredients

No real surprises here. Some carbonated water, sugar, cola and lime flavor,  monster energy blend, and some Sucralose along with artificial ingredients.

I did detect a slightly salty taste, and sure enough, salt is listed in the ingredients putting the sodium content of Cuba Lima high at 340mg per can. No mention of salt in the cocktail recipe, but it sure works for margaritas!

Standard Monster Energy

You know how much a regular can of Monster peps you up? Well, Cuba-Lima is the same. 160mg of caffeine included in the standard 5000mg energy blend, ginseng, and B vitamins in a 16 fl. oz. can.

I replaced my second cup of coffee with Lima and it definitely gave me more energy than that second cup, but partly  because of the 48 grams of sugar I consumed. My coffee has 0 grams.

No doubt, Monster Cuba-Lima will be a hit with energy drink fans. It has a great flavor combination that’s unique in the energy drink market as well as Monster’s signature energy blend.

Have you tried it? What did you think? 

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  • Flyisha Schroeder

    I can’t wait. I love monster I wanna try the new flavor. 🙂

  • Johnny Lobes

    I just tried the Cuba Lima and the Zero Ultra…. The Cuba taste lime a Rum and Diet Coke. I think if you put rum in it that it would be better. The Zero ultra….. OMG that will be my new favorite flavor. It was awesome.

  • Flyisha

    What state do you live in. i would like to know if its coming to me soon

  • Tmninja

    i live in NYC and had the cuban lime twice so far and its pretty awesome

  • Sean

    Cuba-Lima found today in Chicago suburbs. Tasted it, and it’s damn good.

  • michael

    I found them in Omaha ne in one Walmart, come on we need more,ASAP…

  • Carmine

    Tried both of the new monsters. The zero ultra is good. Slightly sweet but sugar free, which is a plus because I’m a diabetic. Cuba Lima, however, has 24 grams of sugar x two servings. This is good for me when I have not had a hi-carb lunch. Both, IMO, are less carbonated then the other monsters (excepting the tea ones) and that is a plus to me as well. Both are epic.

  • brittany parrell

    i just drank it i found it at a 711

  • jordan freeman

    dude we already have this in my part of washington.. its delicious!

  • Alex

    Cuba-Lima in Belmont, NC… It’s so good, i think it’s gonna be the only energy drink I buy for the rest of my life. Yeah. It’s that awesome.

  • Al

    Found it in Wisconsin. Not usually a Monster fan but this is delicious.

  • Kerri

    Has anyone found Cuba Lima in Houston yet?

  • pyro

    still not in Florida yet (at least not Tampa area)…. sucks. just ultra zero. no Cuba Lima…


  • Nick

    It’s here on Long Island NY near the selden part, got two as it was on sale 2 for $4 I will try it tonight at work! If this is anything like rockstar cola then I will love it

  • austin

    Found both of these at one Wal-Mart in my area. (sioux city IA) cannot find them anywhere else. Only way I found them there is because my buddy works at a distribution plant and gave me some inside info… and they were only in the back with the beer.. never in the coolers up front. Weird.

  • thrash

    Actually, the bumps on the can are to simulate a lime peel. The white Zero Ultra can has the simulated frost.

    This is great stuff. If they had it in lo-carb and 24oz XXL cans, I’d buy it buy the truck.

  • stephen

    Up here in new Hampshire we got it was at the shop today was going to grab a Nos on my way past the cooler I noticed that 1 Cuba Lima monster the can really really caught my eye I grabed that and this is by far an amazing flavor

  • Steven

    This is currently my favorite energy drink right now, they should make these in a bigger cans though. Proabably the first drink I’ve founded by monster that I like better then the original. The lime flavor really gives it a pleasant acidic sour flavor that balances out the sweet flavor regular monster’s have.

  • Chris

    I just tried it. It’s amazing I love all the monsters but my 2 favorites are now this one and the zero ultra. But the Cuba Lima is much better…

  • matthew vogt

    I bought some in las vegas when I was their it apparently is a bitch to find in michigan

Last Modified: October 5, 2012