Monster Cuba-Lima Energy Drink

monster-cuba-lima-energy-drinkI spent a half an hour checking my SolCal stores for the new Monster Cuba-Lima Energy drink.

No luck yet, but it is coming! It’s here, read my review below.

Monster’s line of energy drinks has grown extensively over the last 5 years with Cuba Lima becoming its 30th beverage on the market.

What is Cuba-Lima?

From what I can tell, this new energy drink is a non-alcoholic drink based on the mixed drink, the Cuba-Libre.

The alcohol has been replaced with Monster’s energy blend.

Traditional Cuba Libre Ingredients

A Cuba Libre is made by:

Squeeze a lime into a Collins glass, add 2 or 3 ice cubes, and pour in the rum (we like the golden type and really like a darker, more flavorful riserva). Drop in one of the spent lime shells and fill with cold Coca-Cola. Stir briefly. src.

So to put it simply. It looks like a rum and coke with lime.

I Tried It!

cuba-lima-canThe first thing that caught my attention with Cuba-Lima was the texture of the can. It has bumps that give the appearance that the can is sweating even when it’s not. Cool, right?

I love lime and I love cola, but when I tried Coke with Lime, I wasn’t impressed. Therefore, my expectations here weren’t very high.

However, to my surprise Cuba Lima is a great tasting drink. It must be the artificial lime flavors that do it……

In any event, this Monster is tasty with the right amount of sweetness. There’s no rum flavor in this mocktail and I couldn’t taste the energy ingredients.

Monster Cuba-Lima Ingredients

No real surprises here. Some carbonated water, sugar, cola and lime flavor,  monster energy blend, and some Sucralose along with artificial ingredients.

I did detect a slightly salty taste, and sure enough, salt is listed in the ingredients putting the sodium content of Cuba Lima high at 340mg per can. No mention of salt in the cocktail recipe, but it sure works for margaritas!

Standard Monster Energy

You know how much a regular can of Monster peps you up? Well, Cuba-Lima is the same. 160mg of caffeine included in the standard 5000mg energy blend, ginseng, and B vitamins in a 16 fl. oz. can.

I replaced my second cup of coffee with Lima and it definitely gave me more energy than that second cup, but partly  because of the 48 grams of sugar I consumed. My coffee has 0 grams.

No doubt, Monster Cuba-Lima will be a hit with energy drink fans. It has a great flavor combination that’s unique in the energy drink market as well as Monster’s signature energy blend.

Have you tried it? What did you think? 

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  • mike

    It is the closest tasting thing to Baja Blast Mountain Dew found at Taco Bell, which I love!

    I hope Monster keeps it around for a bit!

  • Ryan

    Can’t find it anywhere In Vancouver Washington

  • Robert A. H.

    I have tried two of these so far in my expansive energy drink consumptions, and the first time shot it to the top of the rankings for me. After about a month, I found another and wanted that crisp lime + smooth Monster flavor and texture again, to remind my body what the king was for a reason. I opened it up, took a drink, and thought I had gone crazy. This drink isn’t as great as I remember it to be, and it’s dropped down significantly (Right above Rip It’s Lime Wrecker). Idk, but I know I at least thought it was good at the time.

  • Gina

    We have it here in New Mexico its awesome, love it

  • Dr. DreadMoor StormCrow

    Yeah its pretty good…i cant drink it too often.But every once in awhile its great.

    -Im DreadMoor and i support this Drink

  • Matthew

    Only place I’ve been able to find it in va is in a vending machine at the library, I get one every time. This and the purple mxxed are my favorites

  • Casey Strouse

    2 for $3.33 here in Phoenix.

  • James Vinzo

    I bought one recently to try it out because I try every new energy drink I can, and this thing tastes HORRIBLE! It made me gag and I thought I was going to throw up.

  • Ryan

    My friend brought one home from Hawaii and it was really good. I can’t find it around where I live in Washington

  • Anonuous

    $1.78 for a can in Owensboro, Kentucky

  • Matt

    I found mine at 7-11 in Tacoma

  • Britler

    I found it once then the store stopped selling it in Clearwater

  • Brad Porter

    Last year, I found it in Marvins IGA in Muskogee, OK. I thought this flavor was a good one.

  • baltorre

    The hookah bar that I used to go to had it. Oasis in downtown St. Pete. This is my favorite monster.

  • asdf wrong

    You’re quite the pussy then aren’t you James? Your italian relatives would be disappointed in your pussyness.

  • Dale

    2.49 in Manchester, Indiana. It’s the only place I know that sells them. It kinda blends in if placed backwards it almost looks like a regular monster other than the black cap. Well worth the ride and money.

  • TS

    Monster has officially discontinued Cuba-Lima.

Last Modified: October 5, 2012