Monster Punch (DUB Edition) Review

Monster DUB Energy Drink first launched back in 2009, but has since added a couple of additional flavors. Recently, Monster rebranded DUB to simply Punch.

Current Monster Punch (formerly DUB) Flavors

  • Ballers Blend
  • Mad Dog

Monster has teamed up with DUB magazine to create a drink marketed to the custom car enthusiast.

So did the #2  leader in energy drinks outdo themselves with their recent creation of a custom energy drink?


Not in a long time have I been so excited to get my taste buds on a  new drink, yet Monster Dub got me there.  So I took the can, popped off the plastic rim, and pressed my lips to the can.  I slowly poured the contents down my throat, and then began a roller coaster of flavor.  As the icy cold liquid hit my mouth, I tasted grape,(ok not bad, another grape drink), yet as it slid past each taste bud I caught a hint of the original Monster, especially in the aftertaste.  Many different feelings and tastes within one can, not sure how they do it, but I enjoyed it!

DUB Ingredients

As with most energy drink, you get your normal ingredients, yet Monster Dub amped up with an extra helping to get you through the day, and night, and probably the following day as well if your a lightweight.  4000 mg of taurine, 800 mg Guarana and a healthy dose of B vitamins. Same Caffeine as Traditional Monster.


To be honest, the Monster drink line doesn’t give me the boost I’m looking for, (maybe just becoming immune) and was slightly disappointed in the boost from DUB.  Don’t get me wrong, It had a little energy buzz, yet only lasted about an hour or 2.  Nothing to get excited about.


In my eyes Monster DUB fits right in line with the rest of the family of Monster drinks.  The Taste was there and pleasing, yet the kick was lackluster.  So if you’re a fan of the other Monster drinks, then you will be pleased with DUB, but if Monster isn’t your thing, then save your cash and gamble on another drink.

If you want to try Monster DUB you better act fast because it’s not listed on Monster’s new website so it most likely won’t be around for long. Maybe buy two cans one to drink and one to sell 10 years from now on ebay.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • bob

    I think they are doing away with the giant can since they released it in the smaller version. I don’t think the drink is going away. Big lots by me had the big can only

  • ted

    Thanks bob, that’s good to hear as the drink has a lot of fans 🙂

  • Big Nate

    Our work place was given a case of these by a Monster rep, so I took 2 home with me. Thumbs down.

    1) Can is way too big to drink in one sitting. Took me 2 days to finish one. WTF #1

    2) The new open-top is too difficult to open. I was unable to open either even after watching a youtube video. Had to use my pocket knife. WTF #2

    3) Tastes like they just watered down the regular formula and put it in a better can. WTF #3

    I’ll sick with my Monster M3. Those I love.

  • Lee

    @Big Nate….

    1)Don’t know how big your can was; whether it was the original can or the new can with the top similar to the import. Regardless, if you can’t drink it in one day then you obviously are not a Monster drinker because those are easily drinkable within a couple hours.

    2)How is the top too difficult to open? I use 1 thumb. Just saying. The fact that you need a pocket knife is just pathetic.

    3)Watered down the formula? Really? To be honest to me it tastes like purple Kool-aid and Monster, but it doesn’t really taste watered down. I don’t know, I guess just differents tastes between us.

    Look, I respect your whole hearted opinion, but like you saw in the first part, I totally disagree with your issues.

  • J-Stowe

    Wtf? Grape? Shots pomegranate …for real. Drink it everyday. Or green. Any. They’re the best…but it ain’t no grape flavor

  • Carl

    I really like the Dub flavor and been drinking it like crazy, I am really addicted to most all Monster drinks now and trying hard to start drinking a couple of bottles of water before I hurt myself. Still in all it is my favorite drink and I am a recovering addict so thank you for letting me share.

  • Maxwell Kelley

    I’m from Michigan, and, in most parts they have stopped selling it, but in Kalamazoo there is a gas station off the highway that still has it, I live about 2 or 3 hours away from it though, so, its not that worth it unless I buy it in bulk… Also, whenever I drink it, i seem to, ehh, trip out I guess… And I can feel it when I’m on a come down… I’m drinking some right now, and I seem to focus on one thing for a while when I. Drink it… It’s taken about 3 Aerosmith songs to type this… It is great for road trips though, because like it feels like an hour goes by in a snap, maybe it’s reacting with my adderal… Anyway, it tastes amazing and I’m really glad I found some because I’m on my way to Missouri (8.5 hour trip) so, it helps me use time… And for me it lasts longer than you claimed in your review, maybe because I might have a smaller body(and I barely ever drink monster anymore)

  • Kris

    Hey liked the review well said I gotta say I have tried two types of the dub editions I don’t know if there are more then 2 I have only sence two. But the grape was alright pretty good but not all there. If u get the chance though to try the fruit punch one you will go nuts it has a greattt taste to and it’s the one I try to find when I go out to look but only one place I know of that has it always stocked. Try the fruit punch.

  • Candace

    It’s been a few years since I’ve seen or had the monster dub edition mad dog. I loved the monster dub edition mad dog, but where did it go. I haven’t been able to find it at all. I loved the grape flavor it’s amazing.

  • Vin

    This has 50 g of sugar, far more than the recommended daily intake aka diabetes in a can.

  • Brad Porter

    I just tried Punch Monster Mad Dog and it tasted like grape soda with Monster Energy aftertaste.

  • Kim Price

    This is so sad,,I LOVE THAT one!

  • Zethell

    Oh you tasted grape? That’s interesting considering it has no grape to it.. What you are actually tasting is Cherry in combination with Apple, Cranberry, Mango & Banana. In fact, the taste reminds me a lot of Dr.Pepper.

  • Zethell

    It also has inositol, which helps if you have diabetes.

Last Modified: September 20, 2017