Monster Xpresso Review

Monster X-presso was a line of espresso/energy drink hybrids that used nitrous technology.

Monster has since discontinued the X-presso line and instead focuses on their strong selling Java Monster line.

For nostalgia sake, Here’s the review of X-presso Hammer and X-presso Midnite.

X-presso may be available in some markets and while supplies remain.

X-Presso Hammer

hammer-xpressoMonster X-presso Hammer? Yes, I know. Yet another Monster?  How can one company have so many different energy drinks and each one be totally unique?

Monster was one of the first major energy drinks and  became very successful. Then they were one of the first to create a Java energy, another success, yet can they strike gold again with a energized, nitrous oxide infused espresso?


Monster Hammer has kept up the classic look that Monster has portrayed throughout all their cans.  Hammer comes in a 6.75oz can with a dark wood grain background and their signature M ripping through.  Also, the font covering the can only adds to the uniqueness of Monster cans.  Truly one of the better looking cans out there.

Overall appearance: A


Popping the top instantly gave me that classic espresso aroma.  Taking the first sip, one thing leaped out at me and that was how SMOOOOTH this drink was.  I found it very creamy, with a hint of chocolate in the aftertaste.   There’s a number of java/espresso based energy drink on the market, some good and some tasting and resembling puddle water, yet  Monster Hammer truly gives you a coffeehouse quality espresso in a can.

Overall taste: A-


With the drink being so smooth and tasty, I found the can empty before I knew it and without any effects.  Yet shortly after, I got the boost I had hoped for. This drink offers the same energy blend as Java Monster so the caffeine content should be comparable.  Not sure if it will provide the boost to get you out of bed in the morning, yet when your crashing at work during your post-lunch break, Monster X-presso Hammer will provide the kick to get you to the finish line.

Caffeine content of Xpresso

Overall effect: B+


I went into this review with high hopes and high expectations.  Monster never let me down before and with Hammer they only kept up their reputation. This is one of the better drinks I’ve had in a long time, and will definitely be reaching into the fridge to get more in the future and look forward to the future varieties of Monster X-presso.

Overall verdict: A-

X-presso Midnite

midnite xpressoI was a big fan of Hammer, could they make it even better with Midnite?


First of all, I’m not a coffee fan yet Hammer had a creamy sweeter taste which I loved, the new Midnite has much more of a coffee taste. A bit less creamy then Hammer, yet contains a pretty strong coffee bean taste, comparable to a slightly smoother cup of coffee.

X-Presso Midnite lacks the sweet taste I was looking for.

X-Presso Midnite Ingredients

The 12oz (284ml) can will provide you with 100 calories, 18g of sugar, and 3 g protein, along with 100% of our daily need of Vitamin B’s. The energy comes from 1000mg of taurine, 200mg Panax Ginseng and an energy blend of 2500mg (made up of your usual caffeine, inositol, guarana L-camitine, maltodextrin, glucuronolactone and glucose.


I did manage to finish the can of X-Presso Midnite which was a struggle since I’m not a coffee fan, but was looking for a high quality rush. The energy rush was a little less than I was looking for.

Not only does the taste compare to a cup of cold coffee, so does the energy level. I did feel a decent boost and it lasted a bit longer than a cup of joe. No jitters, but not enough energy to power me through my morning at work.

If you’re a coffee drinker then I would suggest the newest Monster, yet if you’re not a fan of java yet did enjoy Hammer, then stick to Hammer and know you’re not missing anything with Midnite.

Both Reviewed by Brandon Trouton

Were you a fan of X-presso? Would you like to see these drinks come back?

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  • Evan

    Great drink and low calorie too. Definitely worth buying.

  • bob

    Shock coffee drinks blow this one away but they are hard to find. It is a little pricey but I would take it over the Starbucks doubleshot(which is what it was made to compete with) since is has a better kick and the Nitrous makes in nice and creamy.

  • Nick

    I’ve gotta look for this at my local gas station. They are still the only ones carrying the other Nitrous Monster drinks. It’s annoying too, because they like to jack up the prices 50 cents to 2 bucks more than any other store. Oh well, if they got the goods, I’m willing to pay.

  • Hellzenvy

    I read your review today and i decided to look at the Holiday gas Station by work and was surprised to find it on the shelf. I bought one for 2.49 + tax and have to say it is the best tasting energy coffee i have ever had and i thought the other Monster Java’s where good. This is the winner hands down.

  • The Crowing

    I have to say that, in general, every single coffee energy drink I have tasted has been a complete and total let down. Maybe working in a coffee shop has me a bit spoiled but my expectations for these drinks isn’t exactly a cup of 100% Kona. Doubleshot Coffee flavor is in my opinion the best tasting by far, and Monster the worst I’ve had yet (any flavor of them). I liked the Rockstar coffees moderately more than Monster’s. Just like the rest, I’ll give this one a shot, but even with such high ranks from your review I expect very little and am surprised to see so many people saying they enjoy these type of drinks. I’ll take a plain cup of Starbuck’s Pike over them any day (and with the completely awful quality of it, that’s saying something.)

  • 3pac

    the best Java Monster, or coffee drink period. Starbucks doubleshot is too heavy on the coffee beans, regular Java is too heavy on the sugar. This is the perfect balance, and the nitrogenated coffee adds a smoothness that is great

  • tman

    I just steal energy drinks from the local gas station.

  • ted

    Thanks tman for making things more expensive for the rest of us who pay for products.

  • Ryan

    I found these at my local 7-11 on clearance for .50 cents a piece. I bought a few, and love there. I went back in about a week later to buy more, and the manager sold me all of them they had for .25 cents a piece. I got 50 of them for 11 bucks. Not too shabby.

  • Maurinho

    tman vc é um filho da puta! translate: son of the b***

  • Personally, i love monster’s variety. And this review makes me want to try an X-presso now! i will probably try it next week so my body has time to process out the killer-b i hat today (only energy drink all week, and i don’t drink energy drinks like daily or anything like that.)

  • At Ryan. I’m soooo sooo jealous. that sounds like a kick ass deal man! next time i go to get my fix, I’m gonna ask when i can get a discount on these things.

  • at nick. I’m with you bro.

  • nixie

    This is lovely especially with a shot or two of ameretto mmmm couldn’t sleep that night though lol

  • jenn

    this drink was great for me until i started getting sick come to find out it is being pulled by fda due to too high caffine lvls i also tested positive for pcp having this investigated now be careful if you drink this may be a danger to your health.

  • ted

    @Jenn I think you have that confused with something else.. the FDA isn’t pulling Xpresso and it didn’t test positive for pcp…

  • Lolls

    I use to get a Grande Ice Cup wn have them put 2 starbucks dbl shots in with 4 shots. No room for ice. lol. And now an addicted to THE HAMMER! I want to buy it in bulk!!! 🙂 And I don’t even need 2 a day. Which is impressive. O and DE LISH!

  • Taylor

    The one thing about Monster’s: The Hammer is that I like is how cheap you can buy them for. For example, at my local Big Lots store they sell them for around 50 cents.

  • crazyladyxxx

    50 cents at the $$$$ store!! Can’t beat that

  • ronnie

    these are 50 cents a piece at a store in my town and there way more then worth it there awsome

Last Modified: September 11, 2014