Monster Hitman Sniper: Watch Your Back!

sniperMonster Hitman Energy Shots are no longer in production.

Instead Monster is marketing the energy shot called Worx.

It used to be when you walked up to the counter at the convenience store, you’d find ridiculous novelty candies, cans of chewing tobacco, a case of mini-thins, and the obligatory rack of patriotically shaped butane lighters.

Now it’s a sea of multicolored bottles, the energy shot. I have never found the energy shot so amazing that it demanded my $3; I prefer the slow release of a 16oz can. So I’ve eye-balled the counter, watching as new products have popped in and out, usually nameless derivatives of one another.

I’ve had the 5 hour energy, and the 6 hour energy, and the 7 hour extreme energy, I’m still waiting for the 10 hour extreme explosion energy that will inevitably come. None of these have any personality and seem to be marketed towards truck drivers and third shift nurses. It wasn’t until I saw Monster and Rockstar jump into the ring that I had any interest at all. The original Monster Hitman was strong and pretty tasty for a shot. There are now two new flavors available so I took Sniper out for a test drive.


One of the unifying characteristics of energy shots is that they taste terrible. Energy ingredients taste terrible and when you only have 2 ounces of liquid to counteract their awfulness, you’re not likely to succeed. I’m sure somebody out there craves the taste of 5 hour energy berry, but it’s definitely not me. Monster added an ounce to their shots, presumably to add some sugary fruit flavor and the result is much easier on the palate. Sniper has a kind of children’s cherry cough medicine vibe to it that isn’t half bad.


Sniper is loaded with energy goodies. B Vitamins, Taurine, Glucose, Guarana, Ginseng, etc… The primary energy blend is 5000mg with an estimated 240 mg of caffeine!


POW! The preceding has been a textual simulation of the fast acting surge of energy one gets from consuming a Monster Hitman Sniper shot. It really hits you right in the face. I was tingling all over moments after inhaling it and didn’t settle down for many hours after. This little bottle will light you up, I don’t recommend it for those who have to sit at a desk all day.


I would absolutely say this is the best shot I’ve ever had. The taste doesn’t gag me and the energy is STRONG. I don’t get as much enjoyment for my $2.99, but if I’m looking for a pure energy rush I know right where to look. Bravo, Monster. You’ve outdone yourself with this one.

Reviewed by TNT

You can buy Monster Hitman in bulk here for 2.25 a bottle.

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  • Dusty

    mmmm children’s cherry pow medicine yummm

  • Cameron

    yah… I would rather just have a monster energy drink first off they last… and they taste way better energy shots taste like some kind of medicine your doctor gives you that you dont think a human being should even be able to drink. plus i have such a tollerance for caffeine that i can have 100mg or 240 mg and it really has no effect on me i know it has all the extra B vitamins and the L- Carnitine and inositol and taurine and all that other crap but i would rather get the energy drink

  • If you’re into shots, this is by far a good tasting one that gives the long lasting umph.

  • Kat

    These are really very tasty compared to the vast majority of energy shots. I think I get a different flavor though, because the bottles are green. We get them in bulk from a big box store, which saves a LOT of money. Here’s a picture of the ones I have, which I built a castle out of. :-p

  • J

    Hey Cam, you ever tried having 1,056 mg of caffeine in your system with it having no effect?

  • yea i had the monster energy hitman and im 11 and nothing happened to no hyperness no nothing monster energy is better

  • jesse

    hey anyone that says they can intake more than 1 thousand mg of caffeine without any affects is a liar. it is proven that at 250 mg of caffeine in your system, your body is legally intoxicated with caffeine. such as it would take a certain amount of alcohol to be drunk etc. 1 coffee from STARBUCKS at the largest size contains 260 mg of caffeine. and for a bit of news to people who didn’t know, caffeine IS in fact a drug and is legal and is the most common drug that people use, its soo commonly used that nobody sees it as a drug but yet a energy boost.

  • ted

    Sorry Jesse, but there is no such thing as “legally intoxicated” That’s a made up term as there are no laws concerning the consumption of caffeine. You can’t compare the effects of caffeine with the effects of alcohol as they work completely different. Alcohol is a depressant and caffeine is a stimulant.

  • This crap put my teenager in the hospital and while there he ran into another young man who was in there for the same damned thing – this junk is harmful and needs to be taken off the market – anything that can kill someone is serious and all teens think they are invincible – just drink 6 of these things and you will see how uninvincible you really are……there is no warning on the can as to how much you should have and the type is so small as to the warning that only a caterpillar can read it…….beside that telling someone they can’t drink 6 of these things is like telling a child not to touch a toy in the toystore…..

    This stuff should not be sold in the U.S. or anywhere and many countries have already banned it – we need to ban it too!!!!

  • Aero

    Drinking 6 of these would be overkill. If your son drank 6 of this he most likely did it because he thought it was “cool” or he lost a bet. Also after taking in 500 mg of caffeine you are “medically high” since caffeine is a drug. Now I don’t really think this should be kept off the market, if anyting at all should be banned it would be cigarettes since it is the leading preventable cause of death.

  • Sam

    Hey guys..well one of my friends was at a party and they dared her to drink as many hitmans as she could…she had about 6 or 7 and had heart issues. we had to send her to the hospital and she almost died. these things can be really dangerous. as appealing and “good” people say they are.. just be careful and make sure to watch what you’re doing. It would be really stupid to cut your life short just for a stupid drink.

  • edjunkie

    Aero they sell Tylenol at the store but if you take an entire bottle it will kill you. Not the makers fault if people don’t use good judgement or follow directions. You can could have at an entire bottle of Nodoz as easily. Kids do stupid stuff and yours did something stupid. Kids do a lot of dangerous stupid stuff like jumping into rivers, riding the whip, drinking too much alcohol, ect. It his his fault and the sooner you quit blaming someone else instead of him the sooner he will learn not to do stupid stuff.

Last Modified: June 13, 2014