Monster M3 Energy Drink Review

Monster M3So Monster Energy continues rolling out new drinks and their newest this M3 Energy Drink breaks all the Monster molds.

First it’s in a bottle, a GLASS bottle. Also it’s small, only 5oz, but a shot it isn’t. This Monster M3 is a “super concentrated Monster madness that packs a 16oz punch into only 5oz”.

The label easily explains the explosiveness of the contents, “Grab an M3 glass, and kick some ass”. So now you have my attention Monster, but can the contents back all the labeling?


First of all, let me help you out, the lid is not, I repeat NOT a twist off, so now as my hand bleeds from trying to twist it off, let’s taste the inside. After finally getting the lid off, I got a familiar scent, which was a lot like Absolute Zero. The taste of M3 Energy Drink was a lot like Original Monster, yet a bit sweeter, which I think improves it over the Original.

Also the liquid itself is a bit thicker then you would normally find with an energy drink. Yes it is carbonated, but Monster M3 Energy Drink uses the Nitrous technology instead of the usual CO2 carbonation taste and feel. The sweetness level is real good and the thickness of the drink makes it go down real smooth.

Monster M3 Ingredients

Yes the bottle is only 5 oz, but Monster seemed to jam a lot into that tiny M3 bottle. 2000mg of taurine is a good start, along with 400mg panax ginseng and energy blend of 5000mg! Yes, 5000mg made up of guarana, inositol, glucuronolactone , L-carnitine, glucose, and maltodextrin and 160 mg Caffeine. On top of all that, they managed to fit in 100% of your Vitamin B2, B3, B6 and B12. All that with just 13g of sugar and 60 total calories.


The kick that Monster M3 delivered is just what I expected, intense. It’s been a long time since I felt a rush like that M3 gave me. The buzz was full on about 10 minutes after finishing the bottle. It felt like a sugar loaded jittery rush, yet it did last a bit longer than normal sugar based energy drinks. The effects lasted about 4 hours before just disappearing as quickly as it came, and guess what… no crash either!

Monster M3 Verdict

As for energy drinks, M3 Energy Drink may be as close to a perfect energy drink as you may find. First the look of the bottle is real cool. Second, it tastes great and with it only being 5 oz, you can quickly drink it without feeling full or bloated. Thirdly, it provided a high intensity rush that is more than enough to power you through anything you will face. I think Monster really put there time and research into Monster M3 Energy Drink and it shows. Great job!

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

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  • This sounds yummy. I hope the local Seven has it up here soon. I have yet to find a good “Shot” drink.

  • Tim

    I can’t keep up with Monster…I gotta find this now!

  • This could very well be the greatest energy drink I have ever had…..ever. I just need to find it.

  • Jarred

    Sounds great, would sure pack a punch. Deffinitely cant wait for this to come to Australia. My only gripe with all of these energy drinks is their claims about Vitamins B2, B3, B6 and B12. Whilst they might indeed be put into the product, in a liquid form, none of these are stable. Which means that they will no longer be present in the final product by the time they reach consumers, if they even survive the heat treatment process.

  • jorcaban

    amazing affect but horrible crash for me!!!

  • i really wanna try it… i just havnt seen it in any local stores!

  • Mike

    Arg, I can’t find this anywhere in Spokane, WA :'(

  • Ha! well the Monster M3 seems it could be really good. I think in my opinion that they should put it out. I would most diffently buy on or a couple. A “Shot” drink hmm… interesting. Never really had one yet. But it be amazing to try it. Hopefully it comes to Emmett,Idaho SOON!!! (:

  • Bill

    Look at all large gas station stores and C stores AM-PM, 7-11 etc. They all should have it now. Stuff is great! Finally, a concentrate that tastes great and does not have you looking to take a whiz in 10 mins. Cool glass too.

  • liana estrada

    where can i buy this energy drink? i bought one once and the place i bought it fromstopped selling it, now i cant find it anywhere!?!?

  • anthony

    Came highly recommended so I bought a couple bottles and the price was 2 for 3.50. Hope it works as advertised when the afternoon blahs hit.

  • Bree

    This finally arrived in my town. I was expecting it to taste fairly well as this review would suggest. It was alright, but I couldn’t stand the aftertaste.

    I think they put in that small of a size not for convenience, but because nobody could stand more than 5oz of it. The first taste is alright, but like I said, the aftertaste was awful.

  • mike

    To avoid crash drink another when you start winding down. Good stuff but now have to explain to my boss why I have a bottle opener in the work truck 🙂

  • Eric

    They only sell it in a pell city gas station in alabama. i wish they would sell it in more chevron gas stations or a cvs. im not sure why, but we have a lot of CVS pharmacies here.

  • justa6

    The drink was very good definitely sweeter but very good. I got one from California that was brought back to Texas. I give it 2 thumbs up!!!

  • Spiff

    Grabbed one of these at Plaid Pantry. I like it! It is sweeter and thicker, but I could not taste an after taste. I will likely buy again.

  • bobbi-lynn

    i absolutely have to try this XD

  • Drew

    Had never had a reaction to a “shot” before(5-hour drinks), but 15 minutes in I couldn’t breathe, my throat felt like it was closing up, my face and ears only flushed, and I felt enough pressure in my sinuses it felt like my eyes were about to explode. Don’t know if this is typical, but like I said, with the 5-hour drinks, it affected my entire body when I got the rush-flush. This was strictly my head that turned tomato red. My co-worker almost called 911 for me she was so concerned. I’ll be laying off of these for the time being.

  • ted

    That sounds like niacin flush.. You had too much niacin in your system. Did you use M3 with any other supplements?

  • janell

    Where can I find them I’m n alabama

Last Modified: September 24, 2014