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Here we review Monster Rehab Energy Drink a non-carbonated, less sugar beverage marketed as a sports recovery and/or hangover aid.

Monster has added 4 new flavors to the Rehab family as well, Green Tea, Orangeade, Pink Lemonade and Rojo Tea. Rehab tries be way less boring with three flavors to choose from.


monster rehab lemonadeAs I opened the Rehab can, I got the very refreshing scent of lemons, very close to that of RS Recovery. The taste was so refreshing. First there’s no carbonation, which made the drink very smooth and almost too easy to drink.

As Monster Rehab crashed over my taste buds, I got a wonderful lemonade taste.Yet where was the tea taste? After a rush of lemonade, I began to get a little hint of the tea towards the end, not very strong, almost a afterthought, yet enough to be present and refreshing. Not quite 50/50 lemonade tea, more of a lemonade with a hint of tea, yet still very good.

Green Tea:
green teaI must say I was quite disappointed when I read the flavor was green tea.  I’ve never been much for the green tea flavors on the market, but I  gave it a try.  Remember all that stuff about green tea? Throw it out the window.

This Rehab, like the original is very smooth with no carbonation.  As I did get a bit of tea flavor, it wasn’t too much “green tea” flavor.  No hint of bitterness or being to sweet.  The taste  was  just very refreshing and just right.

monster-rehab-orangeadeI myself am a big fan of the orange flavor, so getting my hands on this Monster has more than exciting. Popping that orange Monster tab on the top of the can produced a sweet orange aroma, only peaking my interest even more.

Yet that first taste wasn’t quite what I expected. As it’s very smooth with no carbonation like all Rehabs, their was only a slight orange flavor, then followed by a pineapple taste. By no means am I complaining, I just wasn’t expecting the pineapple.

The orange to pineapple flavor was a very good transition. I did not get any taste of the tea flavor that the outside of the can says it includes, but with the very pleasant Orange/Pineapple taste it was by no means missed.

Rojo Tea:
Not knowing what Rojo was, I honestly can say I didn’t know what to expect.  As I popped the top and took that first taste, I couldn’t  really pinpoint the taste.  This Rehab seems a bit sweeter then the others, but not overly sweet.

The flavor comes from a blend of Rooibos tea, which is used to make different types of herbal teas and is praised due to its high levels of antioxidants. Add a splash of cranberry juice, and you have a taste unlike any other drink on the market. Another hit for Monster…

Monster Rehab Energy Ingredients

As for ingredients, Rehab is much different then any other energy on the market, so pay close attention.

The first new thing I found is what Monster calls their “Rehab Energy Blend” which is made up of caffeine, milk thistle, glucose, black tea extract, L-carnitine, acai extract, concentrated coconut water, quercetin, guarana, inositol, glucuronolactone, goji berry extract, and mangosteen extract.

Yet, Rehab still is an energy drink, so it still has the usual suspects taurine and ginseng along with a bit of Vitamin B for safe measure.

Update: Monster Energy lists Monster Rehabs has 161mg of caffeine per 15.5oz can. Green Tea is listed as 155mg per can.


After drinking the entire can quite easily, it wasn’t to long before I began feeling a little Monster Rehab Energy Drink rush running through my veins. There isn’t much sugar in the can (6 grams) so I didn’t get jittery, but had a solid feeling of alertness that lasted a bit over 3 hours with no sign of a crash. However, I didn’t drink rehab for it’s intended purpose which is to help with a hangover.

Monster Rehab Verdict

After waiting so long for this energy drink, I thought the only thing it could do would disappoint, but I was wrong. I truly think Monster hit a home run with Rehab. I wasn’t sure I could love anything like RS Recovery, yet with the hint of tea, I believe Monster Rehab just upped the game. Also for all you drinkers who wake up with a hangover, give Monster Rehab Energy Drink a try. It should do wonders for that headache and get you back on your feet quickly.

You can purchase Rehab in bulk by clicking here.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten
Image Credit: EDJunkie

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  • So it’s sugar in the product, not aspartame-killer.

    This sounds lovely and cannot wait to find in the cooler at the local 7.

  • shaun

    Well of course Monster needed something to compete with the market that RS Recover has been owning for the last year. But I don’t think it will hit the same market that Recover has been hitting. Recover has been marketed more for the athlete that wants hydration along with the energy boost, and without the carbonation. Monster simply copied the effort, but is targeting drunk people. I get it.

  • Karlie It is sweetened with sucralose and Ace K along with the sugar. It will be available in a 23 oz can in the future as well. Thanks for the link back Brandon. Feel free to use my images anytime with a link.

  • ted

    That was actually me, the editor and thanks for your help. Hopefully people will check out your take on Monster Rehab. Keep up the great work EDJunkie!

  • Nick

    This drink sounds amazing, im definitely going to watch out for this one.

  • cody

    so is there a heavy crash like most of the monster energy drinks?

  • NED


  • JGassMan

    I cant wait to see this one! I’m a huge monster fan! Thanks for the post, cant wait to try it!

  • I cant wait to see this one! thanks for the post!

  • lana tobin

    I wish Monster would come up with a new idea instead of constantly copying Rockstar… Recovery makes rehab look like a sham.. which it is

  • Jeff

    This drink is great and i’m not a energy drink person. I do not fit the target market. This beverage is the bomb!


    REHAB is awesome, had 5 the first day it came out, it my newest favorite right after Absolutely Zero, Monster is really hitting the homeruns lately with all of the new items they are coming out with.

  • Darren

    Arnold Palmer would be able to over power Tiger with this!!!!

  • kp

    lana I disagree. I have had all 3 flavors of Rockstar Recovery and Monster Rehab(just had one on the way home while riding a bike). I love monster version over Rockstar version. I think monster hit a grand slam with this drink. I’ll drink more in future.

  • Devin

    Do you collect these cans? If not would you be willing to sell this can to me? This can design is slightly different than the ones that are being released now, and being an avid collector I’m trying to get my hands on the original design

  • Keiesha

    I drank this for the first time today and I had the worst headache after drinking it

  • Derek

    i found thip on a trip to chicago but havnt seen it yet in my area hurry up and disribute it!!!!!!!

  • Fight Fitness

    Great for post MMA Cardio workout if Monster could have squeezed 24 grams of protien it would be called fight recovery/rehab. The best Monster has produced thank you it provides all a fighter needs.

  • Kris

    I have only slurped down one of these babies, but it made my face go a bit numb… I loved the taste and the energy boost was OK, but I really felt like my face was going numb and about to fall off. Anyone else get that sensation or am I just the LUCKY one?

  • David

    Loved it. I’m training for a fight and felt a little flat today. Tried one for the first time. Charged up and ready to get back to it.

Last Modified: February 9, 2016