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Here we review Monster Rehab Energy Drink a non-carbonated, less sugar beverage marketed as a sports recovery and/or hangover aid.

Monster has added 4 new flavors to the Rehab family as well, Green Tea, Orangeade, Pink Lemonade and Rojo Tea. Rehab tries be way less boring with three flavors to choose from.


monster rehab lemonadeAs I opened the Rehab can, I got the very refreshing scent of lemons, very close to that of RS Recovery. The taste was so refreshing. First there’s no carbonation, which made the drink very smooth and almost too easy to drink.

As Monster Rehab crashed over my taste buds, I got a wonderful lemonade taste.Yet where was the tea taste? After a rush of lemonade, I began to get a little hint of the tea towards the end, not very strong, almost a afterthought, yet enough to be present and refreshing. Not quite 50/50 lemonade tea, more of a lemonade with a hint of tea, yet still very good.

Green Tea:
green teaI must say I was quite disappointed when I read the flavor was green tea.  I’ve never been much for the green tea flavors on the market, but I  gave it a try.  Remember all that stuff about green tea? Throw it out the window.

This Rehab, like the original is very smooth with no carbonation.  As I did get a bit of tea flavor, it wasn’t too much “green tea” flavor.  No hint of bitterness or being to sweet.  The taste  was  just very refreshing and just right.

monster-rehab-orangeadeI myself am a big fan of the orange flavor, so getting my hands on this Monster has more than exciting. Popping that orange Monster tab on the top of the can produced a sweet orange aroma, only peaking my interest even more.

Yet that first taste wasn’t quite what I expected. As it’s very smooth with no carbonation like all Rehabs, their was only a slight orange flavor, then followed by a pineapple taste. By no means am I complaining, I just wasn’t expecting the pineapple.

The orange to pineapple flavor was a very good transition. I did not get any taste of the tea flavor that the outside of the can says it includes, but with the very pleasant Orange/Pineapple taste it was by no means missed.

Rojo Tea:
Not knowing what Rojo was, I honestly can say I didn’t know what to expect.  As I popped the top and took that first taste, I couldn’t  really pinpoint the taste.  This Rehab seems a bit sweeter then the others, but not overly sweet.

The flavor comes from a blend of Rooibos tea, which is used to make different types of herbal teas and is praised due to its high levels of antioxidants. Add a splash of cranberry juice, and you have a taste unlike any other drink on the market. Another hit for Monster…

Monster Rehab Energy Ingredients

As for ingredients, Rehab is much different then any other energy on the market, so pay close attention.

The first new thing I found is what Monster calls their “Rehab Energy Blend” which is made up of caffeine, milk thistle, glucose, black tea extract, L-carnitine, acai extract, concentrated coconut water, quercetin, guarana, inositol, glucuronolactone, goji berry extract, and mangosteen extract.

Yet, Rehab still is an energy drink, so it still has the usual suspects taurine and ginseng along with a bit of Vitamin B for safe measure.

Update: Monster Energy lists Monster Rehabs has 161mg of caffeine per 15.5oz can. Green Tea is listed as 155mg per can.


After drinking the entire can quite easily, it wasn’t to long before I began feeling a little Monster Rehab Energy Drink rush running through my veins. There isn’t much sugar in the can (6 grams) so I didn’t get jittery, but had a solid feeling of alertness that lasted a bit over 3 hours with no sign of a crash. However, I didn’t drink rehab for it’s intended purpose which is to help with a hangover.

Monster Rehab Verdict

After waiting so long for this energy drink, I thought the only thing it could do would disappoint, but I was wrong. I truly think Monster hit a home run with Rehab. I wasn’t sure I could love anything like RS Recovery, yet with the hint of tea, I believe Monster Rehab just upped the game. Also for all you drinkers who wake up with a hangover, give Monster Rehab Energy Drink a try. It should do wonders for that headache and get you back on your feet quickly.

You can purchase Rehab in bulk by clicking here.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten
Image Credit: EDJunkie

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  • Joe

    I bought a pallet of the lemon Rehab and I kind of forgot that they were caffeinated. I’m not usually a massive energy drink drinker, I bought them because I love iced tea.
    Oh jeez, I must have got through at least 8 of them in a 4 hour period they tasted that nice, shame I was a quivering wreck though.

  • Cearra

    I drink up to 3 a day. Im addicted. Im a college student & I have a job, so I need something to get me energized that was low calorie & sugar. THANK YOU FOR WHOEVER INVENTED THESE!!!! <3

  • D Sawyer

    MOOT POINT! He gives this entire review and towards then end confesses that he did not use it for it’s intended purpose. Thus nullifying his entire review. Of course an energy drink of most varieties is going to give you energy. It’s main ingredient is caffeine. So he’s only validating what people already know in that respect. But since the purpose of Monster Rehab is to treat a hang over and he did not actually have one then this review was a waste of our time. Anyway, I have drank it for it’s intended logical purpose and I’d have to say that Monster Rehab drinks do take a slight edge off your hang over (if in deed you actually have one). It seems to give me a pleasurable sensation in my arms and legs but this only lasts short while. However the energy part does last about 3 hours. Also I’ve noticed that I don’t feel any effects from these drinks until about 40 minutes after I drink it. Depending on how bad your hangover is it may or may not work the same way for you. I think it helps a little but it maybe an over rated hangover helper. Though I have also used it for it’s unintended purpose and have noticed it does make me feel good, however the main title of this product was to address the morning after.. to which I’d have to say that yes it does help with a hangover but it only takes the edge off a little.

  • Kenney DLG

    I have never been an energy drink drinker until this Summer. I have tried just about all flavors available and can say that the Monster Rehab Rojo is best in my opinion. We all know that our bodies react differently to many things we injest and the physical condition of our bodies plays a major role as well when energy drinkers are consumed. Monster Rehab Rojo does wonders for me physically and mentally, especially during and after a long weekend coaching my 8 and under coach pitch select baseball team. Thanks Monster Rehab!

  • ZombieShag

    I must say that Monster Rehab is probably my favorite Monster drink I have ever had. The energy is great, the taste is great, and even the can looks great. I consume around 3 cups of coffee a day, as well as 5-12 cans of coke zero. I know, ridiculously addicted to caffiene. I try to limit how much diet soda I drink, and drinking this helped me consume far less coke zero due to the amount of caffiene in each can. Will be purchasing again.


    I love Monster Rehab 🙂
    I always feel refreshed and energized after my late night drinking.
    Email me questions ;D

  • Andy Mongo

    I had Rehab for the first time last night! It allowed my to quench my thirst while giving me the energy I need to complete my physics homework! I love monster. It’s healthy 🙂 <3

  • Shay

    Who cares if its used for hangovers……ITS SO GOOD AND SMOOTH! i dont drink them because of a hangover…i drink them because its a MONSTER.

  • Lora

    I was verry happy when I find there is a Monster with new flavour… and I cant wait to taste it… but I get really disapointed… it was alwful – it has lemonade taste… maybe it cant be worst

  • Jane

    I just had Rehab for the first time a couple of days ago. I usually hate the taste of monster but rehab lemonade is the best. It gets me through soccer practices without making me really jittery! I love monster rehab!!!!

  • ivon cordero

    do they expire? I’v had one for a year and a half?? thanx

  • ted

    I don’t think they expire, but there probably is a “best by” date on the can some where.

  • Koko

    This is the very first monster drink I’m having right now, and I have to say it’s quite good. Didn’t know it was for “after long nights” though. Hopefully I feel the alertness you speak of. Thanks for the review.

  • Bobby Jimmy

    Today I decided that I would give the protein – energy drink combination another try. This time I purchased a Monster Rehab Protean + Energy. They did not spell protein wrong, it is in fact tea flavored which tastes like bad cologne. Its like putting my Great Uncle in my mouth. My drink was interrupted by the sudden urge to poo, luckily i was able to make it to the bathroom this time but I was unable to finish the drink. Wouldn’t recommend this one to a friend.

  • stacy ferguson

    I LOVE ROJO !!!!!!

  • anonymoose

    Oh my god that is the best review i have ever read



  • Kirstin

    Yet this drinks purpose wasn’t just for hangovers only. He even said himself it was also for sports recovery and while he did not address it himself others did. While you think most would drink this for a hangover there are people out there looking for an energy sports drink and for monster this is it. I’m a Paintball ref and have chosen a rehab over anything else (except for water. Even with the rehab water is definitely a must have on the feild) some days just to get the energy and the refreshment that rehabs give you.

  • Janai Carlson

    That’s gunna be me, I’m in highschool right now and I have two to three a day. I used to take riddalin for my ADHA but my mom is now refusing to let me take it… she thinks it spikes my anxiety. The caffeine in monster helps me concentrate, wi5hout wOrting my mom. And i drink rehab because it’s really easy to get in the system quickly in between classes or before school. I love yea but monster is more useful, my solution is rehab. Absolutely love it. I get ten packs or three four packs all the time.

  • Becca

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I tried it and didn’t like it either. It was gross!

Last Modified: February 9, 2016