Monster Ripper Energy Drink Review

monster-ripper review

Ripper – Someone who rips or shreds at surfing. Someone who surfs exceptionally well.

That surf lingo lesson was brought to you because Monster Energy decided to market one of their drinks to surfers.

Before all of you in North America feel slighted that somehow Monster is holding out on you, don’t. Monster Ripper is just M-80 with a different name and slightly different formulation. 50% juice opposed to 80% juice in M-80, but with the flavor combination and other ingredients staying for the mostly the same.

Monster Ripper is Available in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.


Tropical is definitely the word to describe this drink as the the pineapple and guava are highlighting the smell and flavor combination. This drink is great tasting, but perhaps a tad too sweet for my liking.  So they have all the natural sweetness of the juice, then they add sugar, glucose syrup, and top it off with a dose of sucralose. Perhaps without the sucralose it would be just right.

Monster Ripper Ingredients

Nothing too out of the ordinary in this category with the exception being a healthy dose of ginseng(423mg). Ripper has 160mg of caffeine per 500ml which is the max allowed by law in Australia.


Did this drink give me the energy to brave the frigid winter waters and shred up the waves? Well no, but it’s flat today anyway! I drank ripper after having two cups of coffee and I do feel more awake, but not bouncing off the walls. Hopefully, it will last through my gym time this Arvo.


Monster is hoping to establish itself  in the land down under with this drink, but in general I think  a lot of Kiwis and Aussies will find this drink too sweet, in general, the sugar tooth here isn’t as sweet as it is in North America. It’s not a bad drink though, so if you’re a fan of tropical juice flavors and like sugar, then this drink will be a hit with you.

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  • tjg92

    I went to my local gas station and they have a ton of new monster products… Apparently “infused with Nitrous Oxide.” Is this a new product everywhere or am I the only one to have seen these?

  • Tim

    There are 3 new flavors of Nitrous drinks, Killer B, Anti Gravity and Super Dry. They have a really smooth taste thanks to the Nitrous Oxide infusion. The new 8 ounce Espresso drink is also infused with Nitrous and is the best tasting coffee drink I have ever tasted, and I don’t like coffee drinks much!

    The product is widely available already in North America.

  • Nick

    I’m not a fan of Monster’s fruit drinks. Rockstar I think has the best ones, but I HATE their original flavor. Has anyone tried Monster Heavy Metal? I was surprised at the flavor, tastes green apple-y it’s really good but I wish they sold it in 16 oz. cans rather than 32 oz.

  • Evan

    I love M-80 because it accually tastes like fruit juice, so Ripper seems like a pretty bad idea. I want to try the espresso Monster but I haven’t seen it yet.

  • Hope

    can’t wait to find it…


  • Sheldon

    As much as I am a fiend for energy drinks, I really didn’t enjoy this one… The initial taste as you’re swallowing it is really quite pleasant (tropical and not too fizzy to swallow), but I assure even for the sweetest of toothed that the after-kick of sweeteners and sugars is much too overpowering and frankly made me heave a little (especially since I drank it to assist my departure from a hangover). Just to let you all know 🙂

  • Zerofox

    i have tried monster ripper and i dont think its to sweet granted i am 13 but i dont have a strong sweet tooth

  • i drink a lot of energy drinks and i think the ripper is the nicest hands down, although i think it tastes more like cherries than tropical fruits

  • Maximumgray

    Those people in North America who don’t feel cheated should. I was recently deployed to afghanistan and when I went to the british exchange I tried “ripper” for the first time. I was amazed, this is M80 yes, but about 10x the sweetness. This drink I think is fantastic and I wish it was available in North America

  • Are you sure this was targeted to surfers. Monster is the sponsor sponsor of Tim the “Ripper” Owens. Owens even has a tatoo of the M on his wrist. Either way I love surfing and Tim’s vocals so I am gona have to try it. (i know i’m a kook)Just hope it doesn’t taste bad. lol

  • mariah



  • mandini

    Monster Riper is the best
    For me number 1

  • Vicente Astorga

    I live in Chile and its available here

  • nick

    im hooked on it

  • Alexandrina

    Hi, I want to know its available in Canada and in USA?

  • TKO

    Found Ripper in Louisville this past weekend

  • mike

    Probably not supposed to be but for now I can find it in the local variety store and I am in Canada. May just depend on the store and its distributer.

  • Ralph Mardis

    Weigels convenience stores in east Tennessee carry it

  • Mare Aleksandro

    I love Monster i dont drink them every day but i defnetly drink it 2-3 times a week

  • Andrew Cleasby

    Monster Ripper is different depending on which European country its sold in, some have higher or lower juice percentages as well as slightly different ingredients. It definitely isn’t the same as M-80 though

Last Modified: August 25, 2014