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Monster Ripper Energy Drink Review

monster-ripper review

Ripper – Someone who rips or shreds at surfing. Someone who surfs exceptionally well.

That surf lingo lesson was brought to you because Monster Energy decided to market one of their drinks to surfers.

Before all of you in North America feel slighted that somehow Monster is holding out on you, don’t. Monster Ripper is just M-80 with a different name and slightly different formulation. 50% juice opposed to 80% juice in M-80, but with the flavor combination and other ingredients staying for the mostly the same.

Monster Ripper is Available in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.


Tropical is definitely the word to describe this drink as the the pineapple and guava are highlighting the smell and flavor combination. This drink is great tasting, but perhaps a tad too sweet for my liking.  So they have all the natural sweetness of the juice, then they add sugar, glucose syrup, and top it off with a dose of sucralose. Perhaps without the sucralose it would be just right.

Monster Ripper Ingredients

Nothing too out of the ordinary in this category with the exception being a healthy dose of ginseng(423mg). Ripper has 160mg of caffeine per 500ml which is the max allowed by law in Australia.


Did this drink give me the energy to brave the frigid winter waters and shred up the waves? Well no, but it’s flat today anyway! I drank ripper after having two cups of coffee and I do feel more awake, but not bouncing off the walls. Hopefully, it will last through my gym time this Arvo.


Monster is hoping to establish itself  in the land down under with this drink, but in general I think  a lot of Kiwis and Aussies will find this drink too sweet, in general, the sugar tooth here isn’t as sweet as it is in North America. It’s not a bad drink though, so if you’re a fan of tropical juice flavors and like sugar, then this drink will be a hit with you.

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Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on August 25, 2014