Mountain Dew Limited Edition: Green Label Art

Great news collectors!

For all of you energy fiends that love Mountain Dew and loved the Green Label Art, a new set of bottles have been released this week to add to your collection.

The artists responsible for the new designs are:

  • Mark Smith, Brand Jordan
  • PJ Richardson, Stussy designer
  • Mike Sutfin, Star Wars & World of Warcraft illustrator
  • Maze, Kidrobot
  • Troy Denning, Invisible NYC tattoo artist
  • Billy The Artist, New York artists

So get out there, drink some mountain dew, and complete your collection.

Cheers to Ezra at for the heads up!

Original Green Label Art

Mountain Dew are producing a small line of limited edition aluminum bottles. The bottles will feature artwork from some well-respected tattoo artists (among others).

They call it “Green Label Art”.

For your amusement and entertainment I have gathered together some of the samples.

Absolutely amazing stuff.

Okay, so it’s about selling the dew – but still – funky artwork is funky artwork.

It’s been awhile since mountain dew has released any new bottles, so green label art may be a thing of the past.

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  • like the bottle. hate mountain dew.

  • chris

    This is the only way they could ever almost con me into buying a bottle of mountain dew.

  • Tony

    can I buy just the bottles?

  • lucas p.

    i live where mountain dew was made, (marion,virginia) and in where dr. pepper was made(rural retreat,virginia), and i think that the only fantastic ones are the ones by mike sutfin, troy denning, and my favorite, maze(good job, man)…lol

  • jk49

    I have all the bottles(im a kid)but the two best wher the tiger and the devil.ther the very best. no disrespect.ther all great

  • nick

    im collecting these and want to know if it ruins their colectible value to drink them, is just the bottle that is collectible or the bottle with the dew?

  • kylie

    where can you buy these?

  • Sarah

    i have concrete dragons by troy denning, MD superstar by haze, and the graffiti do the dew one by dez- anybody know how much those might go for on ebay or somewhere similar? also, they’re empty.

  • idreaminnovations

    go to ebay and type in mountain dew aluminum or green label art and there you will see these different bottles for sale.

  • joe

    how much are right now

Last Modified: October 13, 2015