Muscle Monster Energy Drink


Muscle Monster Energy Drink is the latest product from Monster Energy.

Basically, these drinks are a line of creamy energy drinks that also are infused with liquid protein. Muscle Monster launched with three flavors; Chocolate, Vanilla, and Coffee.

Update: There is now also Strawberry Muscle Monster.

Other protein infused energy drinks like XAPP Energy Drink  add protein and still keep the supplement light and carbonated, but Muscle Monster is more like Muscle Milk beverages.

The sports supplement industry is huge, so it will be interesting to see how Muscle Monster competes with giants like BSN and Muscle Milk. We recently bought a can at 7-Eleven to try for ourselves.

Here’s What We Thought

We tried the coffee flavored Muscle Monster and despite the words “Energy Shake” on the can, shaking the beverage causes it to “squirt” and make a small mess.

It has a light coffee flavor and is pretty sweet to the taste. Although Muscle only contains 16g of sugar per can, it is further sweetened by the use of Sucralose and Ace-K.  

The drink overall reminds us a lot of Java Monster, except this one has a dose of protein.

Ingredients in Monster Muscle Energy Drink

From what is printed on the can, Muscle Monster Energy contains the following per 15 fl.oz. can:

  • 25 grams of protein.
  • Milk: skim milk, reduced fat milk, and calcium caseinate.
  • Monster’s standard energy blend, which puts the beverage at 156mg of caffeine. (looks like the coffee flavor adds about 2mg of caffeine per 8 fl.oz.
  • Along with the protein is some sugar and fat for a total of 200 calories per can.

Two in One

Muscle Monster is a pretty good two in one supplement for those that like both protein shakes and energy drinks. Muscle Monster pumps up the protein content of this drink with casein instead of whey, giving it a smoother texture. Also, this is why the product doesn’t have to be shaken before drinking.

We bought ours at 7-11 and at $3.54 a can, Muscle Monster certainly isn’t cheap, but muscle building supplements seldom are.

Monster Energy still ranks a solid second in world-wide energy drink sales, so we’ll have to wait and see if this new product line gives them big enough muscles to catch and bring down the Bull.

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  • sukhi

    Smh wow so many haters. This is really good pre-wotkout I have tried it. Its recall good

  • JM

    Casein is actually a more expensive (on the supplier end) protein than whey protein. Whey is the leftover liquid by-product of cheese and yogurt making, dried to be a protein source to sell to hospitals and supplement makers, just as soy protein is the leftovers of the soybean oil industry. Whey protein is all about marketing hype and big markups. Egg protein is best, although I suspect the differences between them all for muscle building have exaggerated by the supplement industry. Hospitals use whey and soy because they are the cheapest for them (but not necessarily cheapest for fitness consumers).

  • Name

    The reason your soreness level is down is because the casein they added it has painkilling effects similar to opium, from what I’m told

  • Ted

    Don’t believe everything you are told. Casein does not relieve pain, but the caffeine in Muscle Monster does.

  • Brett Hall


  • zyzz breh

    protein farts. one unpleasant side effect of being a sic cunt!! good drink tho brah

  • Scott

    I REALLY like the drink. I kinda wish it didn’t have caffeine but that’s just me. The flavor (I’ve had vanilla and chocolate) is awesome, it’s smooth and delicious and 15oz gets you just 200 calories. I think that’s great.

  • coffeegirl

    After a night out drinking and wanted to start my work morning with protein but not food, this product is great. I have to agree it definitely helps keep regular. Shit happends.

  • Sarah Kohut

    I think bobby works for red bull lol

  • PikkiVikki

    You are an ugly one, aren’t you?

  • mogie

    if you’re in school, check out your college café. mine sells monster muscle for only 2$ a can.

  • Katie

    I’d rather drink normal coffee I think – I like the caffeine but not the other additions they put in things like these and red bull.

    You can get caffeine and protein from products which are clearer on their ingredients – I like

  • Ian

    I’ve had two cans of Muscle Monster.. both had very large chunks in the bottom lol. And no, I’m not imagining it. I tried the chocolate kind, and noticed that after I finished it that it had a decent amount of weight in the bottom but I couldn’t feel any liquid still in it. Thinking nothing of it, I threw the can away. Later in the day I grabbed a peanut butter cup Muscle Monster. Drank about half of it, and noticed when I was taking a drink that the texture WAS a little chunky. I went to the sink, dumped it down the drain. In the drain were three dime-sized chunks lol. There were still a sizable amount of chunks left in the can that wouldn’t come out. Needless to say, I can’t find myself to pound down another.

  • Ted

    that’s the whey protein and solids. you really need to shake these well especially if they had been sitting on the self a long time.

  • Anthony Tabone

    wallmart $5.99 for a 4 pack , that’s a $1.50 a piece

  • Dan

    That’s not the point though. The point is it’s muscle shakes from Monster. For those who like shakes and Monster, bam they can get Monster’s shakes.

  • Will Beebe

    I love the muscle monsters but one day I was chugging it down n it had a ton of little chunky things in the bottom and I swallowed them it kinda had me scared not k owing what it was. Once it happened a second time I drank it slow and when I was almost to the bottom I poured it into a bowl and there was more. I thought maybe I just didn’t shake it well enoufh. So I shook the hell out of the 3rd one. Ever since I drink them very slowly and don’t finish the bottom. I just can’t enjoy them like I used to anymore. I Google the problem n that’s how I found this post. And I read your comment and feel the same way. They need to go to powders instead of solids to make it easy to disolve. Atleast I know it’s not some sort of bad or mold chunks.

  • JLVirtz

    Occasionally this happens. I always shake up my drinks even thou they say you don’t have to. Sense I started that, I have not run across the chunks.

  • Aaron

    There is no whey ted.. the article states they use casein instead of whey

  • Ted

    sorry, you’re right, so it must be the milk solids that are clumping.

Last Modified: September 11, 2014