Muscle Monster Energy Drink


Muscle Monster Energy Drink is the latest product from Monster Energy.

Basically, these drinks are a line of creamy energy drinks that also are infused with liquid protein. Muscle Monster launched with three flavors; Chocolate, Vanilla, and Coffee.

Update: There is now also Strawberry Muscle Monster.

Other protein infused energy drinks like XAPP Energy Drink  add protein and still keep the supplement light and carbonated, but Muscle Monster is more like Muscle Milk beverages.

The sports supplement industry is huge, so it will be interesting to see how Muscle Monster competes with giants like BSN and Muscle Milk. We recently bought a can at 7-Eleven to try for ourselves.

Here’s What We Thought

We tried the coffee flavored Muscle Monster and despite the words “Energy Shake” on the can, shaking the beverage causes it to “squirt” and make a small mess.

It has a light coffee flavor and is pretty sweet to the taste. Although Muscle only contains 16g of sugar per can, it is further sweetened by the use of Sucralose and Ace-K.  

The drink overall reminds us a lot of Java Monster, except this one has a dose of protein.

Ingredients in Monster Muscle Energy Drink

From what is printed on the can, Muscle Monster Energy contains the following per 15 fl.oz. can:

  • 25 grams of protein.
  • Milk: skim milk, reduced fat milk, and calcium caseinate.
  • Monster’s standard energy blend, which puts the beverage at 156mg of caffeine. (looks like the coffee flavor adds about 2mg of caffeine per 8 fl.oz.
  • Along with the protein is some sugar and fat for a total of 200 calories per can.

Two in One

Muscle Monster is a pretty good two in one supplement for those that like both protein shakes and energy drinks. Muscle Monster pumps up the protein content of this drink with casein instead of whey, giving it a smoother texture. Also, this is why the product doesn’t have to be shaken before drinking.

We bought ours at 7-11 and at $3.54 a can, Muscle Monster certainly isn’t cheap, but muscle building supplements seldom are.

Monster Energy still ranks a solid second in world-wide energy drink sales, so we’ll have to wait and see if this new product line gives them big enough muscles to catch and bring down the Bull.

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  • bob goldbergstein

    Wow! I thought I was drinking rat stool!!!

  • Fernando Mendez

    The chocolate flavor one tasted good

  • Brandon Short

    Why would you not finish them? It’s casein protein! That’s the whole point of a protein shake…not to throw it down the sink! Put a little water in it and swish it around and the protein chunks on the bottom will mix with the water and you won’t be wasting the most valuable part of the product.

  • Brandon Short

    Do SHAKE the can… but give it a minute or so to calm down so it won’t spray. The chunks on the bottom are just casein protein AKA the main reason you bought a protein shake to begin with, don’t throw it out…better yet pour a little water in it after you’re done and swish it around to get all remaining product. I store my cans upside down to try and keep the protein from settling on the bottom. My main concern is finding this product. Walmart used to carry it but I can’t find it anymore. I’ve bought over 250 cans of this stuff in the last year and when my last two cans are gone, I guess I won’t be buying any more.

  • Slug Line

    No where on the can does it say “shake well”. It’s says it is an energy shake. A shake is a type of beverage.

  • Libertylover

    Dollar general sales the chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors for $2 a can.

  • jakejilg

    No matter how much I shake it, It still leaves pudding in the bottom. I actually cut the cans open and eat the protein pudding with a spoon. It’s not a very handy beverage this way.

  • Danny

    Haven’t tried this one yet but hopefully i get a good effect… i like the java so…

  • When I think energy drink, first one I look for is the Monster/Muscle protein energy drink! Wish more stores would carry them!

  • KLee

    I love love love the coffee flavor, but can’t find it anywhere. I had gastric bypass and these make a great day protein source on those days I don’t have time to eat real food. And as far as the chunks go, I just shake it up good and then if I see that there are more chunks, I use a straw top stir out up. It don’t taste bad and that’s what I want most in this can! Please make more Coffee flavor Muscle Monsters!

  • Angelo

    I’m drinking this now because I ran out of whey protein and currently am waiting for more whey to come in the mail. But one of the main ingredients in this drink (which is found on the can) is taurine. Do some research, this is the cheapest and least effective amino acid you can put in your body. It seems like a good portion of the protein in the can is from taurine. Several products in the protein supplement world take part in the cost-saving method known as ‘amino spiking’. In conclusion, don’t use this drink as your main source of protein supplementation, as the 25g of protein advertised on the can really isn’t helping your body as much as 25g of other whey proteins would.

  • Brad Porter

    I tried the chocolate one and it smelled and tasted kid of like I expected.

  • Brad Porter

    I found some at Family Dollar for $3.

  • Yama

    heh,”no whey” that’s the protein!lol

  • Eve Pesola

    I drank the chocolate one today, I didn’t shake it cause it doesn’t say so on the can, but as I got towards the end of the can there were large lumps of something… squishy, gel like… What the heck was it? Would I not have had the lumps if I had shaken it?

  • Seven Dclxvi Lights

    Milk proteins

  • rob combs

    The best place is Amazon and it’s cheaper. But Speedway and Circle K have it at $2.99 to $ 3.49 depending.

  • rob combs

    You probably have and never knew it. Along with insect parts which is allowed by govt standards.

  • ed agillacutty

    I know that if I have my morning can of monster zero I move my stool ten minutes later. Yes indeed. I drink that can and in ten minutes Im dropping elvis off at the pond !!!!

  • Brandon Barnard

    Had Vanilla on Saturday and later got cramps and eventually had to race to bathroom. 2 days later tried chocolate, and got to the bottom and got chunks. Few hours later I got stomach cramps and later had to run to the bathroom again. I’m if I got a bad couple of cans or if an ingredient doesn’t agree with me. Tasted good though and was a good pre workout drink.

Last Modified: September 11, 2014