Nawgan Energy Drink: Brain Supplement

In a short bought of irony, opening up my first case of Nawgan left me confused as to what the drink’s title was trying to tell me.

It was only until I said the word out loud that I realized what this drink was calling itself. Don’t understand it yet yourself? Let me put it this way: I was not using my Nawgan when I first read the label.

If you still don’t get it, then there’s no hope for you, not even from a drink like this.


Shortly before trying my first can of Nawgan, I read about the history of the drink, its purpose, how it planned to achieve its claims. This drink is so heavily founded on cerebral stimulation that when I first drank it, the odd taste made me think, “this is what cerebral spinal fluid must taste like.” It’s horrible for me as a reviewer to say something like that, but I’ve been through 6 years of collegiate education in psychology with multiple neuroscience classes, so it was a perfectly acceptable analogy for me.

So anyways, this taste. Try this on for size: imagine what the taste equivalent would be of an off-white color. For me, that nails it. It’s not quite transparent, but is lightly tainted with an unattractive and bland character.


Ok, here’s the deal: there’s a caffeinated version with 100mg and one without caffeine. Above that, you’re going to have to check out their website. I don’t feel like copying over an entire ingredients label that seems to be written in Na’vi (Avatar. Watch it.).


I’m disappointed. Not like a parent disappointed in their delinquent child, but disappointed like dropping a hard-boiled egg in the trash can I’m peeling it over. I had hopes, not dreams, for this drink and it just didn’t make the cut. Maybe it’s because I’m comparing Nawgan directly to the untouchable NERD (and rightfully so). Maybe it’s because these drinks did barely anything I could notice. Maybe that’s because my brain is just naturally accelerated now from the thousands of energy drinks I’ve had. Or on that note, maybe I’ve developed a permanent, life-threatening tolerance to energy stimulants. I’ll just shut up now.


Assuming NERD is still in production; if smart, wholesome, brain-accelerating energy is what you seek, walk on past Nawgan and into NERD’s ever-loving arms. Sorry, Nawgan, you’re just not my type.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Grammar Cop

    “In a short bought of irony,”. You can buy irony now? Can you find that at Wal-Mart, or is it mail-order only? For future reference: bout.

  • scott

    Interesting. Did you actually investigate the product and the science behind it? I have. Nawgan never claims to be an energy drink. It’s a brain supplement. If you’re looking for sugary zap and crash…this is not it. But if you’re an educated consumer that wants to take care of your brain like most of us do our physique, this may be a solution.

  • Tony

    You must have slept through your “mutiple” neuroscience classes! It appears that Dr. Paul, founder of NAWGAN did not. According to the website, the ingredients in NAWGAN are clearly supported by scientific research and the data is listed on the site. The main ingredients being Lycopene, Natural Vitamin E, A-GPC, and Cognizin Citicoline.The same cannot be said for your NERD drink. As a matter of fact, 3 of the 4 ingredients (vinpocetine, DMAE, & ginkgo biloba) have NO real evidence to support their claim, according to the friendly google search box!
    Where can I buy some NAWGAN?? Sounds like a real brain health supplement!

  • Joe

    I’m 67 years young and haven’t misplaced my keys since I started drinking NAWGAN. I liken the NAWGAN taste to liquid jell-o and think it’s quite refreshing. Tastes good and does good. Doesn’t get much better than that.

  • Dusty

    However many people I’m talking to: 1, 2, 3, 4 (I’m thinking 2 real people),

    1) This is my personal review. I know exactly how a drink like this should make me feel. I know what effects to listen for, and I know the competition in this segment front to back. Given that, I gave my personal thoughts and recommendations. Any assumptions you make beyond that are your own choosing and completely unrelated to the integrity of this review.

    2) I do not sleep through my classes. I Ace my classes. Without Nawgan I might add.

    3) Obviously spamming a website under different names translates to instant loss of credibility. Just food for thought the next time you want to be shady on the WWW

  • Jim v

    You missed the point of Nawgan completely. It is not a drink for a quick buzz, that’s for kids who want to go skateboarding! Nawgan is a drink for people who realize that what they put in their bodies contributes to what they get out of their bodies. It is all natural, contains four great, healthy ingredients, and a little bit of caffeine, in one of the versions. It is for regular use and will result in improved performance. I know, I drink it every day!

  • krish bhadra

    If taste, energy is your prime concern, then NAWGAN may not be for you. I put my real name, my website. I am a stroke victim.I did not loose memory, driving capability or much of cognitive power. But my that part of neuro that control my balance while walking was reduced to 20%. Since I started taking NAWGAN I am feeling some improvement. It is too early to say too much. It is $2.50 a can, drinking regularly a bit expensive and medicare does nt cover.

  • Ari

    I just bought it. So does anyone know if this stuff actaully works….like has anyone had it? It seems like it works but noone has said “it works great”

  • Abbey

    Love Nawgan. It’s a great start to the day- picks you up but doesn’t leave you feeling jittery… and it’s good for you. Win, win for me.

Last Modified: July 7, 2014