Monster Absolutely Zero Review

Absolutely Zero  by Monster EnergyMonster Absolutely Zero Energy Drink is yet another zero calorie beverage from Monster.

In a world where it seems every new energy drink that comes out is a copy of another and where the market seems to be watered down by generic garbage drinks, the leader and grandfather of the energy scene “Monster” continues to create fresh drinks to continue to stay on top and ahead of the market.

Monster’s newest drink is Absolutely Zero, apparently a improved version of their Lo-Carb, with the Zero proclaiming NO SUGAR and NO CALORIES. Really, no sugar? Is it even an energy drink?


Excited to get this new Monster on my taste buds, I pop the can open and begin to throw it back. Hmmmm, I’ve tasted this taste before…… Yes, that’s it! Monster Lo-Carb!!

With the zero edition having less sugar, less carbs and less calories, the taste seems to be almost identical.

If you’re a diehard, Lo-Carb freak, then you may taste a bit of a difference, but for the masses, the taste of the new Monster Absolutely Zero will be a mirror image of the Monster Lo-Carb, so take that for what its worth…

Absolutely Zero Ingredients

Many of the ingredients are the nearly the same as Lo-Carb with a few differences besides the lower calories and sugar mentioned earlier. They promote a retooled 2800 mg of energy blend (consisting Taurine, Panax Ginseng, L- Carnitine, Glucuronolactone, Inositol, Guarana and Maltodextrin), a new sweetener system (ace k and Erythritoll), and a new flavor.
Update: We Just heard from the folks at Monster and Absolutely Zero has 135mg of Caffeine per 16oz can.  Monster has adjusted this since to 140 mg of caffeine per 16 fl.oz. can.


The effect from Monster Absolutely Zero was pretty much inline with the rest of the Monster family. Within about 10 minutes of consumption, I got the nice boost/jolt I was looking for and expecting.

A new difference was no real jittery feeling sometimes received from the other Monsters (assuming because of the 0 sugar) and even though I never really felt a big crash from the others, Absolutely Zero had a nice slow fade still leaving me feeling good after with no effects.


I think this verdict is one of the easiest I’ve had to write. If you’re a fan of Monster Lo- Carb, then you will be a fan of its newly improved twin Monster Absolutely Zero.

If diet energy drinks don’t feed your need or treat your taste buds, then you may want to feed that need with something else and just sit back until Monster’s next gift to the energy drink scene.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

Can’t find Monster Absolutely Zero? You can order it cheaper by the case by clicking here.

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  • It is a good drink but really there is not much to seperate it from Monster Low Carb. The new Monster Import Light is pretty damn good though.

  • Nick

    Are the Import drinks any different than the normal 16 oz. cans? Cause I got one yesterday (the original flavor) and I may have been imagining it, but it seemed kind of sweeter or something.

  • Evan

    @Nick, Import is supposed to be like Europe’s standard Monster, which is apparently a little sweeter than the US version. I noticed that it’s somewhat smoother than normal Monster, so there’s definitely a slight difference.

  • Tim

    Saw this post this morning and went out to the convenience store that usually gets new stuff quick, and sure enough they had it. It tasted just like Monster Lo Carb, which is funny when the can says “after hundreds of failed flavors…” yeah right. All Monster drinks taste exactly as terrible as the others anyway (save for a hint of fruit/cola depending on the flavor), it’s obnoxious how self-satisfied they can be sometimes.

  • Its about time they come out with a drink with no sugar, too bad they are late cause Ive been drinking energy drinks with no sugar for about a year and works excellent and that drink is XS it has 14 different flavors with caffeine free drinks as well. I recommend this brand for everyone and if you dont like the drink you can send it back and get your money back guaranteed no questions asked, i know monster or red bull doesnt do that.

  • James Vanterpool please go take a long walk off a short pier. We don’t need you MLM crap here or anywhere. Man I hate these spammers

  • Monstre

    I think “Absolute Zero” instead of “Absolutely Zero” would be a better title. More in line with their other titles. They make the can look freezing, and absolute zero is very cold, “Absolutely Zero” doesn’t sound as good.

  • Quite a good addition to the Monster energy drink line, would surely want to try this.

  • James Dean

    I think they are going to start slowly phaseing out lo-carb with this drink. I don’t see why they would market two drinks which are almost identical… I am waiting for Monster to do something along the lines of what Rockstar did with there new Rockstar Recovery, I love that drink because of its not carbonated, which is great because drinking a 16oz carbonated drink before any physical activity makes me pretty naucious.

  • James the Monster Lo carb taste a lot better. I sure hope they don’t get rid of it

  • Adam

    Can someone crack the code on the 1300mg of “energy blend” and find out how much caffeine this has? I’m loving the taste. Very similar to lo-carb, but just a little bit “lighter” (as opposed to “syrup-y”). It’s a new sweetener blend that tastes ever so slightly less than flinstones vitamins, and smells a little less like flinstones vitamins (a smell my wife hates every time i crack open a lo-carb…wife tolerates this one a little better). All in all, I’d call it a solid improvement in the recipe across the board in all categories (although still curious about caffeine content).

  • Nicki

    where can you buy Monster Absolutely Zero? I know it is new.

  • Griffin

    Lo-carb monster tastes like piss… but i love it, favorite one!

  • BigKumaDog

    The new Monster Absolutely Zero tasted flat and dull to me. I’ve been a Low-Carb Monster drinker since it came out and can really tell the difference. On the other hand the new Import Light was very refreshing smoother and richer probably due to the extra sugars with a slight tangy citrus after taste. So in summery my first choice would be a toss up between the Low-Carb for extra bite in the morning or the Import later in the day for it’s smoothness, then Absolute Zero if the two others are not available.

  • Zach

    A) What’s with the LY? What not Absolute Zero instead of absolutelY? Sounds much better that way.
    B) What’s the point? How many people out there were concerned about the whopping 20 calories in a can on Lo-Carb?

  • Gary

    Monster Absolutely Zero – What an awesome name and drink!! Taste Great – Love it!!

  • MonSTAR

    I am going to have to disagree slightly with this article. First off, I am a diehard original Monster fan…the Green M was the only way to go. Lo-Carb (Light Blue) didn’t have nearly the taste that the regular one does, and the others taste too much like juice and don’t give you that energy drink feel. Let’s get to the point though, the new Absoutely Zero has revamped the poor taste of the Lo-Carb to make it taste much more like the original. I am a huge fan, and I recommend trying this drink if you’re into the regular Monsters. Clearly not quite as good, but certainly better than Lo-Carb and even less calories!

  • Deamian

    If they would remove the caffeine I would buy truckloads of this.

  • Aaron

    I just purchased a Monster absolutely zero from ampm right now, and I must say that it tastes very similar to the low carb monster! I’ve always felt that the original green M monster drink was too sugary and strong, so I’ve been a low carb person ever since, and I am so happy that they’ve added this addition to the line instead of some random fruit flavor (I don’t like the fruity ones). Go check it out!

  • bob

    I disagree. The taste of monster absolute zero is different from lo-carb. I think its better than lo-carb.
    I agree with effect, no crash as lo-carb or monster regular. my new favorite.

Last Modified: December 19, 2014