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Rockstar 2x Energy Drink Review

I had read a few weeks ago that Rockstar was releasing 2 new energy drinks. Finally, I got my hands on Rockstar 2x Energy.

Rockstar has done the best job of broadening the energy drink tastes by introducing a variety of flavors. So when you’ve created an energy drink in nearly every flavor, where do you go from there?

Well naturally, you go back to the original flavor and offer it in a smaller can with twice the caffeine content than the original, duh!


The Rockstar 2x Energy can says Low Carb and there’s only 1g of sugar, so it’s going to taste like trash right? NOPE. Wow, I don’t know how they did it, but this new Rockstar 2x  tasted very sweet, much better than Original. One of the best tasting drinks in the Rockstar family. The high caffeine content doesn’t affect the taste at all.

Rockstar 2x Energy Ingredients

A 12oz (355ml) can will provide you with only 15 calories while giving you a healthy dose of 100% or more of Vitamin B2, B3, B5, B6 AND B12. On top of all that, your energy rush is created by 1000mg Taurine, 250mg Caffeine (a 16oz Original contained just 160mg!) along with 100mg Panax Ginseng Extract (double that in Original) and 100mg L-Arginine.


Wow, twice the energy is right. I made the mistake of drinking the Rockstar 2x Energy  around 7pm and when bedtime rolled around about 12:30, I was no where near ready for sleep. By far the strongest drink I’ve had my hands on in a long, long time.

Rockstar 2x Energy Drink Verdict

Rockstar really out did themselves this time. Not only did they create a great tasting new drink, but also Rockstar 2x Energy packs a punch that will keep you going all night. Not sure how they packed all that caffeine into a 12oz can with no sugar and it just may be one of the best tasting energy drinks on the market. Rockstar 2x Energy comes HIGHLY recommended for all energy drink and caffeine fans. But be aware, this Rockstar truly packs a punch…

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

(Editor’s note: Although this is a gleaming review, Brandon, was not paid to write it and heck, he didn’t even receive any free product from the company, but paid for the Rockstar 2x himself.)

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Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on February 16, 2021