Monster Extra Strength Reviews


Formerly Monster Nitrous

Monster Extra Strength was first launched as Monster Nitrous back in 2009, but since Monster rebranded these drinks down playing the whole nitrous thing.

Here’s most likely why…

These drinks do not contain Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). How do we know this? Well, it is illegal in the USA to market and sell a food product containing N2O  as a ingredient for human consumption and it can only be used as a propellant such as in whip cream. 

So if you were planning on getting some type of euphoric feeling from these drinks, you will be disappointed.

The label states it uses nitrogenated water, which is usually done with nitrogen gas and this technology is also used in the brewing industry to give certain beers a frothy foam.

In any even, here are reviews for Super Dry and Black Ice.

Extra Strength Super Dry

extra strength super dryAs if Monster wasn’t already charging ahead fast enough, they’ve gone ahead and bolted a tank of nitrous in their trunk.

Here I offer a review of one of the three flavors I’ve seen of Monster Nitrous: Super Dry.  In the lustfully exciting world of aftermarket car tuning, a nitrous tank is one of the most extreme additions one can buy. 

A good shot of nitrous can temporarily give horsepower boosts in the triple digits.  The best type of nitrous is “dry” as opposed to “wet”,  hence the name of this flavor.


When you first try this drink, I challenge you to concentrate on the flavor.  It’s not easy, considering that you’re going to be perplexed by the experience, which is unlike any other on the market.

Have you ever put something in your mouth that fizzes?  Fizz candies, soda pop candies?  Alka Seltzer?  Oh you did?  You know you’re supposed to dissolve the Alka Selzter first, right?  Well anywho, this is all I have to equate the Monster Nitrous experience to.  It’s a very open, airy, and expansive carbonated beverage effect that you just have to try for yourself.

Once you get past the bubbly, it’s evident that Monster went back to the drawing board.  All evidence of the basic Monster taste has been dissolved away by the carbonated and nitrogenated water, and what’s left is a delicious citrus taste with a berry hint.  It’s a winner!


Unscrew the cap from the sweet new can and within lies a 200% DV of Vitamins B2, 3, 6, and 12 along with 2,000mg of Taurine.  Caffeine?  Rudely buried alongside guarana in what’s known as a bullshi.. err proprietary blend.  Monster, grow up and disclose the content already, you’re above this.

See the caffeine content of Monster Extra Strength here.

Leading the ingredients list is “carbonated and nitrogenated water”.  The word nitrogenated tells us nothing about how many nitrogen and oxygen molecules we’re dealing with in the bond, which is everything considering their claims.


If Monster normally gets you moving, so will Monster Nitrous.  To my disappointment, don’t expect much more than that.  In the one time I had this drink, I noticed no difference in effect from a 16oz can.  Oh, FYI the Nitrous can holds 12 ounces.


Monster Extra Strength (Nitrous) energy drinks deliver a stellar experience that will place them in a Top 20 list of almost every energy drink consumer.  I just wish we had more information about how legit their claims of nitrous oxide injection are.
Reviewed by Dusty Smith

Black Ice

monster-black-iceBlack Ice is the latest addition to their Extra Strength (Nitrous) energy drink line, which I had though they forgot about since they haven’t released anything new since the intro. of the other 3, but better late than never I guess.

So how will the new 0 calorie, 0 sugar Monster Extra Strength (Nitrous) Black Ice fit in?


I pop the top to that familiar “pop” the nitrous gives and boy does Black Ice smell good.  I’m in for a treat… not so fast.  Wow, boy is this fizzy, the taste is very sweet, maybe a hint of citrus in there, but dang is it fizzy.

It was a little to sweet and bubbly at first, found it to be better after letting the Monster Nitrous Black Ice sit for awhile and then trying it near room temp after some nitrogenated water had dissipated.

Monster Black Ice Ingredients

Monster Nitrous Black Ice ingredient wise is very similar to Monster Absolutely Zero.   Of course no calories or sugar, along with the same amounts of all the vitamin B’s. 

The energy blend is 200mg less in Black Ice compared to the other Nitrous Energy Drinks, yet made up of the same energy blend of Caffeine, Taurine, Panax Ginseng Inositol ect.  Seems like Monster just took Absolutely Zero and applied there “Nitrous Technology” to it.


The effect of Monster Black Ice was pretty good.  I took my time drinking it, which took about an hour to finish because of the sweetness, so I had a very good energy rush that lasted about 5 hours.  A very minor crash at the end, hardly recognizable.  Better rush than any of the 16oz Monster’s, in just the 12oz Black Ice.


I was very excited to get my hands on the newest Monster, yet it did leave me a little disappointed.  The nitrogenated water and artificial sweetener was a little to strong for my liking. 

I prefer Absolutely Zero, a milder version of Monster Nitrous Black Ice.  If you’re a fan of the other nitrous flavors, then go ahead and give Black Ice a try, yet if you prefer your energy a bit smoother, then stick to the other Monster varieties.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

Are you a fan of Monster Extra Strength with nitrous technology?

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  • Matt

    It says Nitrous Oxide directly on the can in the little summary bit or whatever on the side… it truly does say “Call us crazy, but we combined Nitrous Oxide with Carbon Dioxide in a precise ration and injected it into our potent Monster Energy base” that’s false advertising right there… now since they added Nitric Oxide they could instead call it “Nitro Monster” or “Monster Nitro” cuz it still has Nitrogen in it… call me crazy but i think they could avoid lawsuits from stupid people with it… anyway… I’ve got nothin against Monster and I think the Nitrous ones are the best yet… you can feel the difference with the Nitrogen water Carbon water base… and I think they add somethin to the engergy too somehow… but try to be a little more honest while keepin it soundin cool 😛

  • Paralys

    Alright guys, just tried one of these today after noticing it at a local Wal-Mart, and I have to say. so many people having hard core placebo effects in the comments here that it’s not even funny.

    I’m no chem major, so I won’t comment on if this is Nitrous Oxide or Nitric Oxide or what method they’re using to do what they do to the drink, but you guys with “euphoric/dizzy/hallucinogenic/etc.” You’re absolutely falling head over heels for marketing gimmicks/placebo effect.

    I downed a Rockstar, followed by a “Super Dry” this morning. I’ve had absolutely no side effects similar to these and actually found the new Monster to have less of an effect in terms of energy than I expected. If you’re planning on pepping yourself up, NOS (the drink, not the supposed content of these things.) is still the way to go in my opinion.

    In the end, if you’re going to grab one of these, and have a high tolerance to caffeine, don’t disappoint yourself expecting energy. I highly doubt these things have more caffeine than a strong cup of coffee. If you’re looking for taste though, that’s where these things shine. There is a large difference between these and normal monster in terms of taste, with these tasting much better, so if you don’t like the taste of energy drinks, then get one, but don’t expect it to pep you up more than your morning cup of Folgers, and definitely don’t expect to start tripping out, cause it’s an energy drink guys, not crack.

  • Dtrain

    Okay, it says exactly on the can that it is using Nitrous Oxide.
    I highly doubt Monster is just committing an all out crime.
    It contains N20 because when you open the can, especially when you shake it before you open it, it gives a really hardcore explosion. And you can feel the exaggerated carbonation, nitrogenation on your tongue.
    It’s pretty badass, I’m not gonna lie.

  • Imnobodyx

    Well i tried all 3 and i am a huge monster fan I agree that that anit-gravity is the best but Super dry is good too wut you guys talkin about Btw ITS A DRINK FOR CHRIST SAKE DONT START A ARGUMENT WHO CARES IF IT HAS LAUGHING GAS OR NOT JUST GET OVER IT

  • Matthew Carpenter

    They might use a very small amount to the can, but most of it probably escapes when it’s opened.

  • lala

    i have tried them and they are good. they dont really mean nitrous oxide. duh!! :)))

  • Jack

    Nitrous is a very strong oxidizer. Oxidized food is yucky. In packaged food products, oxygen is displaced with some other more inert gas like nitrogen. Nitrous dissolves well in fatty liquids, has aseptic qualities and expands a lot so it works in whipped cream. Nitrous oxide in soda would make it taste like crap-oda. The stuff has nitrogen in it; the can lies.

  • MatthewSK

    Ha! I knew it! Thanks for the info by the way. Well It’s obvious they would’nt be alowed to put such a substance into a drink. But its a dam good marketing system thats seems to be working on the majority of the people!

  • joe

    yes, it does actually contain nitrous oxide. Monster is very straight-forward about that…it says it on the can. The nitrous is combined with a carbon/oxygen mixture making it do nothing but react with you taste buds differently. You see nitrogenated drinks naturally have a smoother flavor than carbonated drinks because nitrogen breaks down slower than carbon. This ONLY affects taste and has nothing to do with the digestion process… there’s your answer.

  • Jeff

    *Bleep* THIS DRINKKKK!!! made me sicker then i have ever been i had sulfer burps (burping that tastes and smells like ROTTEN EGGS) it made me shit my brains out for uhh i duno 8 hours worst drink ive ever had in my life. Ya it tasted ok but the side effects are worse then hell! NEVERRRR DRINKKK THISSSS EVERRRRR!!!

  • Logan

    Of course it’s not Nitrous Oxide! I HAVE tried this drink and also read the ingredients. It is simple Nitrogen gas AND Co2, blended. This is similar to “beer gas” used in many pubs to push the liquid through the beer line to the taps. It makes for a “creamier” or smoother mouth-feel. The notion that there would actually be Nitrous Oxide is laughable. It’s merely clever marketing.

  • Amanda

    The very first monster nitrous I had hit me like a mt. Dew-monster-sunny D orgy in my mouth

  • I’ve tried ’em and they’re very high!
    But I’m worry about the secondary effects.

  • omasinator

    It says Nitrous Oxide mixed with Carbon Dioxide witch makes a very deadly gas if consumed in large doses.So i dont know? If they do use this it would have to be a very very small amount.

  • Rick Forrest

    I hold in my hand a can of X-presso Monster Hammer, the coffee shot. It clearly states on the side “Our madman in R&D figured out how to get that same smooth texture by injecting potent imported espresso with Nitrous Oxide.” I suppose one could argue semantics and point out that they technically never claimed to actually do so, but let’s not split hairs, shall we? That’s close enough for a good lawyer to win a lawsuit based on false advertising. Plus I really do get one hell of a kick from these things.

  • eric

    I just tried the nitrous “anti grav” for the first time, its pretty good, seems to wake me up. I dont think its nitrous oxide thats in it though. It really wouldn’t make alot of sense, i mean they give yo nitrous to sedate you, though whippets are fun on occasion lol. The ingredients list it as carbonated water and nitrogenated water, im thinking its just straight nitrogen. Plus food grade nitrous usually has a vanilla taste to it, i don’t detect it at all. I think its all marketing.

  • james

    The tingly feeling is probably from niacin, that is, if theres niacin in it (im sure there is). But the niacin and the tingly feeling is nothing bad and nothing that should be worried about

  • oblivio911

    as it says in the article,

    “it is illegal in the USA to market and sell a food product containing N2O as a ingredient for human consumption and it can only be used as a propellant ”

    No comment that i’ve read has commented on what happens when you untwist the top. It pops, LOUD (i’ve opened it around people who jump back and respond as if a bomb went off). It sounds to me that a propellant is exactly what they are using it as.

  • nick

    im thinking the nitrous oxide could be what creates the loud pop made by this particular energy drink. it wouldn’t be forced into the drink and therefore not cause much of effect. basically packing their drink with a hint of nitrous oxide to get you to pay more.

  • Mark

    I bought Monster Nitro – the dry version. I didn’t even read the can and thought it was the regular stuff since it was green in color. When I popped open the can, it was disappointing to see HOW LITTLE liquid was present inside the can! I looked like it was only 2/3 full. I noticed it wasn’t the normal can I would buy and went ahead and took a sip. I really enjoyed the spin on the flavor, it’s an extreme citrus tasting drink.

    I read the bottle to find more details.

    I catch the blurb about the Nitrous Oxide and start to deduce that this must be the reason why so much empty space was in the can. That space was occupied by the gas they pumped in there.

    On my way home from work, I stopped at the gate again and this time – I bought two of these drinks. And, I experimented with them as if they were “wippits”. Exhaling all the air in my lungs and holing my breath, I remove the cap and quickly cover the open top with my hand while inhaling as deeply as I can the escaping gas and holding my breath for several seconds. I exhale, start to drink the tasty beverage and begin my drive home from work. On the way home, I feel a nice sense of calm and much less anxiety in the 5 o’clock traffic. It takes me 45 mins. to drive home from work and about half way home I can feel my lips start to tingle. By the time I get home, I’m relaxing and feeling like my chest and back of my head is being tickled – like having butterflies in your stomach (figurative).

    Anyway, every comment is of people drinking the beverages and expecting to feel some sort of buzz from the laughing gas inside. That’s not how it works. You’ve got to actually hit the can just like you would inhale a real “whippit”! There’s a reason why the beverage level is so low in the can – the rest of the gas is there for you to enjoy if you so choose. However, that loud pop you hear is the gas shooting out – you’ve got to inhale it somehow as it escapes or its gone from the can into the atmosphere. The low levels found in the can are super safe. I’ve had laughing gas MANY times over 6 root canal procedures. This is a much milder dose – however, it is an dose nonetheless and incredibly enjoyable after a stressful day at work. Thanks

Last Modified: September 11, 2014