NOS Energy Drink Sends Teen to Hospital

Reports of energy drinks causing adverse health effects on teens are becoming more common. Some have even been linked to deaths.

Several versions of NOS Energy Drink contain about 100mg more caffeine than the typical energy drink, and therefore, teens could possibly find themselves overdosing more readily.

One Such NOS Overdose

A Carl Junction, Missouri teen recently had quite an experience after he drank NOS Energy Drink.

Dakota Sailor came home from school and decided he would throw back not one, but two cans of NOS Energy Drink. That is the last thing he remembers as his parents found him unconscious on the sofa aspirating. He was rushed to the hospital and recovered a few days later.

The doctors ran various tests but concluded that it was probably the energy drink that was the culprit in this incident. The doctors said that  high doses of caffeine could have caused his seizure.

Checking out the Caffeine Database, we see that NOS has 260 milligrams of caffeine per can so that puts Sailor at 520mg of caffeine from NOS plus he admitted to having additional caffeine earlier in the day. Note: NOS has reformulated their energy drink to contain 160 mg per can.

Normally, this amount of caffeine isn’t anywhere near a toxic amount. According to Death by Caffeine it would take around 45 cans of NOS to send you packing for the afterlife, but everyone is different and some are more sensitive to caffeine than others. The teen obviously had a reaction to something.

Teens and Parents are Urged to Heed Can Warnings

It is evident in the case above that the teen did not responsibly drink the product and heed the warnings clearly printed on the NOS can.

This case really highlights the importance of not only reading but following the recommended and max dosage warning printed on NOS as well as other energy drinks.

Energy Drinks are NOT soda and shouldn’t be consumed as such. Often teens may need some guidance in this area as they don’t always make smart decisions for their health and wellbeing.

Steps parents can take to prevent teens from consuming too much.

  1. Ask questions. Talk to your kids and find out what they are drinking throughout the day. Some parents may not even be aware their kids are drinking energy drinks.
  2. Accountability. Make your teens accountable for what they spend their allowance or money on. Make them save receipts and keep a budget. This teaches them money management and allows you to see what they are buying.
  3. Don’t buy energy drinks for your teens. Or, only buy them as an occasional treat and buy them ones with moderate levels of caffeine. A daily safe limit of caffeine for teens is about 100mg.
  4. Teach them how to read product labels and to look for warning information.

The reason this site exists is to educate the consumer about the caffeine levels of most of the energy drinks that are out there. This helps people be aware of how much caffeine they are consuming and hopefully works to prevent accidental energy drink overdoses, such as what happened with this young man and NOS Energy Drink.

Source: The Joplin Globe

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  • sue

    you people need to do a little research on these drinks. Yea he was silly for drinkin two but studies show that people who drink them regularly can have heart problems from these drinks. It pumps blood through ur heart so fast that it beats when its not supposed to and will eventually wear out ur heart muscles and then death. also not to mention other harmful side effects such as mood swings headaches and confusion. So jus because u dont feel it effecting ur heart and blood pressure doesnt me it isnt. So dont be uneducated about this serious problem. look it up it might save ur life.

  • ted

    “Studies”? would you mind mentioning one of these? The one’s we have published on the site would suggest otherwise. A heart beating faster doesn’t cause it to wear out. If that was the case exercise would be deadly and not beneficial to the heart muscle.

  • Gina Lee

    I agree with Sue, there are multiple studies that show how energy drinks can cause too much stress on the heart and cause it to stop. Ted, when you exercise and put stress on your heart then rest it is a good thing and it is beneficial to your heart, but energy drinks do not give your heart that rest it needs. You might want to do some research on this topic it might save your life.

  • ted

    Ah… Gina we have a whole site full of “research” here. The heart is a resilient muscle and there is no evidence that moderate caffeine is harmful to a healthy heart. If a person has an underlying heart condition then that is a different story all together. Could you post one of your numerous studies? I would like to have a look at it. Thanks.

  • Jackson

    Guns dont kill people, people kill people, but guns are a lot harder to get the NOS and guns have age limits restricting them to people of hopefully more maturity that might actually care to read the label.
    It might not be NOS’s fault but the fact it is on the shelf and so easy for anyone to buy stupid teenagers will do what teenagers do and over indulge.
    Companies should have a responsibility to protect their customers especially taking this immaturity in to account and making some changes to the way its distributed.

  • Jeff

    Well I would also like to see all these studies that you mention. Yes when energy drinks are abused they can cause problems and even kill but when used responsibly they are perfectly fine. People are to quick to blame drink companies for their lack of responsibility. Yes i can increase heart rate but not enough to kill you unless you have a pre-existing condition or you drink way to many. I’m sure they kid either had a reaction to one of the ingredients or was using more than he said he did. FYI “TEENS LYE ALL THE TIME.”. Please if you don’t like energy drinks then don’t use them and let those of us that do use them be. I blame the parents for not paying attention to what their child was doing and not educating him on responsible use of all products not just energy drinks.

  • Amazed

    He did have a toxicology report for the curious, for you who think you are just so awesome that you can drink as many energy drinks you want, come on really!!! His goal was just to make people aware so he shared his story.It is just a shame how cruel people can be. Hope something like this never touches your lives.

  • ash

    It’s definitely not the fault of the manufacturer, there are warnings clearly printed on the can, and i imagine there were more things contributing to what happened because they used to be all that I would drink and I have drank six in one day and been perfectly fine

  • Connor

    Now I can see where this is getting. I’m 13, and one time I drank Monster (I think it was the 16oz), and my heart rate was 120 for 2 days (but I do have ADHD, so I take 60mg of Adderal XR each day, also I’m not athletic, so my normal heart rate is like 100, also I’m sensitive to caffeine). I did drink it in 10 mins tho which I’m not supposed to do. I do drink NOS sometimes, I just sip it tho, over an hour or 2, but only one can. If you drink only one can and not chug it, you should be fine. But still read the labels!!!!!!!

  • Cheshire

    I’ll stick to coffee and leave the taste of floor cleaner and weak juice to you suckers, thanks.

  • figureace69

    I am as lazy as you can find them. I drink and love NOS, and find myself doing things that I would not find the energy to do them when I don’t drink them. If you think that they would give you a heart condition you are wrong, I was born with a heart murmur and have a abnormal heart beat and I find that NOS has given me more energy to be proative and energetic. If a person has an adverse reaction to something that he or she ate or drank, it might not be the food or drink but the person’s system. I recommend that if you have a reaction to something, you go to a healthcare professional before you assume that it was the one thing first. Maybe it’s not the drink, but the fact that your system is not used to it. A diabetic knows not to eat too much sugar why not find out what your system can eat or drink before you assume that your system can handle it.

  • William Hendrix

    Wah wah wah get em all a bottle. 2 cans… Really? He has way more medical problems than the NOS gave him or maybe he’s just a wuss. I drink 3 to 4 16 oz cans a day on top of 64 oz of coffee with what equals out to 40 packs of sugar. Guess what it doesn’t phase me. I can drink one lay down and go right to sleep if that’s what I want to do. Maybe he should try a better rush like whippits or weed or getting laid. Maybe just smoke a Newport oh wait smoking will kill you too. He should just go for a shotgun to the head.

  • John Mebikalo

    Dear William Hendrix,

    Be sure to have the nearest emergency room be prepared for you. Your body sure enough hates you and the caffeine will take it’s toll on you one day foolish one.

  • TobyMcWire

    I just read through the comments and I wondered… did you even read the text? A 16oz can of NOS has 260 milligrams of caffeine, that is less than a 16oz Starbucks coffee (330mg) and a cup of coffee a day is nowhere near to dangerous. If the reason for his unconsciousness was the caffeine the kid reacts extremely sensitive to caffeine (you would know that if you had read the article). When you’re allergic to nuts you don’t say nuts are bad, do you?

    If you want to prove us wrong, just post a link to some of the “many studies” you’re talking of, that shouldn’t be a hard thing to do…?

    btw: I sometimes drink an energy drink, not too often, but when I do (like today, that’s why I found this post) I feel perfectly fine and I just checked my heart rate, it’s fine.

    Don’t just repeat what other people tell you, go and inform yourself of it. =)

  • amanda mosley

    red bull givers you himroids

  • ted

    So, if you’re female it would give you herroids?

  • ricky

    You people keep mentioning these “studies.” While as a healthcare provider I agree that they arent great for you, you cannot just say studies show, because only an uneducated person would believe that. Show me a single published, peer reviewed un biased study that has nothing to do with money in any way and people may listen. But until then its here say. When you say “studies show” you better quote a study or source or else you just look foolish.

  • Jiu jitsu givesuwings

    Lol I am an elite athlete, and only while cutting weight do I not enjoy a tasty nos. It’s the only energy drink I dig. What about all these people that drink 2 liters of pepsi a day? Is that better? I think not.

  • supersaiyan

    I have never tasted a nos, but i am buying one tomorrow. i am a pro athlete and i don’t even need energy drinks. All of you with your “studies” can go suck on pure nitrogen because nos is where it’s at.



Last Modified: October 22, 2015