NOS Energy Drink Sends Teen to Hospital

Reports of energy drinks causing adverse health effects on teens are becoming more common. Some have even been linked to deaths.

Several versions of NOS Energy Drink contain about 100mg more caffeine than the typical energy drink, and therefore, teens could possibly find themselves overdosing more readily.

One Such NOS Overdose

A Carl Junction, Missouri teen recently had quite an experience after he drank NOS Energy Drink.

Dakota Sailor came home from school and decided he would throw back not one, but two cans of NOS Energy Drink. That is the last thing he remembers as his parents found him unconscious on the sofa aspirating. He was rushed to the hospital and recovered a few days later.

The doctors ran various tests but concluded that it was probably the energy drink that was the culprit in this incident. The doctors said that  high doses of caffeine could have caused his seizure.

Checking out the Caffeine Database, we see that NOS has 260 milligrams of caffeine per can so that puts Sailor at 520mg of caffeine from NOS plus he admitted to having additional caffeine earlier in the day. Note: NOS has reformulated their energy drink to contain 160 mg per can.

Normally, this amount of caffeine isn’t anywhere near a toxic amount. According to Death by Caffeine it would take around 45 cans of NOS to send you packing for the afterlife, but everyone is different and some are more sensitive to caffeine than others. The teen obviously had a reaction to something.

Teens and Parents are Urged to Heed Can Warnings

It is evident in the case above that the teen did not responsibly drink the product and heed the warnings clearly printed on the NOS can.

This case really highlights the importance of not only reading but following the recommended and max dosage warning printed on NOS as well as other energy drinks.

Energy Drinks are NOT soda and shouldn’t be consumed as such. Often teens may need some guidance in this area as they don’t always make smart decisions for their health and wellbeing.

Steps parents can take to prevent teens from consuming too much.

  1. Ask questions. Talk to your kids and find out what they are drinking throughout the day. Some parents may not even be aware their kids are drinking energy drinks.
  2. Accountability. Make your teens accountable for what they spend their allowance or money on. Make them save receipts and keep a budget. This teaches them money management and allows you to see what they are buying.
  3. Don’t buy energy drinks for your teens. Or, only buy them as an occasional treat and buy them ones with moderate levels of caffeine. A daily safe limit of caffeine for teens is about 100mg.
  4. Teach them how to read product labels and to look for warning information.

The reason this site exists is to educate the consumer about the caffeine levels of most of the energy drinks that are out there. This helps people be aware of how much caffeine they are consuming and hopefully works to prevent accidental energy drink overdoses, such as what happened with this young man and NOS Energy Drink.

Source: The Joplin Globe

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  • Dr. Quick

    Did they test this kid for bath salts. Sounds like he took something a lot stronger than 2 cans of NOS to cause his condition. I don’t trust this story at all. Seems to me everyone is looking for the Boogyman to be lurking in popular products. NOS is a terrific pick-me-up and it tastes way better than nasty ol’ Red Bull. Don’t fear the skeptics.


    I’m 14 and I drank 1 NOS everyday for the whole school year, and still drink it once a day every morning during the summer. I have seen no problems with my body after having one of these. I love the taste and it gives me a great boost in energy. Also they said that he drank of them and two them equals one of the big bottles that you can buy, and I’ve had two of those in one sitting with zero effects that could be seen. So IMHO he was on something other than NOS.

  • There’s more than caffeine…

    I’m 14 and I drank a NOS in the morning while on a trip to Great America with my school. I felt intense adrenaline half way through the day, and couldn’t lie down at night, and had upset stomach. It also turned my pee green. Pepto Bismol cured me, but I am normally fine around caffeine. I suspect it was likely a different ingredient…

  • chevygirl

    I love NOS best drink ever but everytime I drink it I get really Shakey but when I drink a monster I’m fine I drink full throttle to and they have the same reaction as the NOS ..

  • sashay

    you sound really goofy if you never had a nos how would you know it’s where it’s at?

  • sashay

    it’s other things in the energy drinks to boost the caffeine efffect as well. I guess people just want to be able to get high legally for whoever is defending this.

  • sashay

    yeah I agree the stores are stocked full of all kinds of energy drinks. It’s hard to find a can of regular soda in the cooler these days. I for one am allergic to caffiene so I treat myself here and there, but kids might not know there limitations.

  • sashay

    Right Sue. Obviously anyone encouraging these drinks are addicts!

  • Guest

    Great article. I would only add that for ibuprofen, the lowest dosage should always be used first and in this case it’s 1 pill 200mg (not 2 recommended). 2 Should only be used if 1 is not effective enough.

  • conscearned parent

    As a parent I believe these drinks should require the purchaser to be 18 years of age. I drink energy drinks on a daily basis and swear by them at times. It pisses me off that stores sell these products to kids, and I don’t mean 15 or 16 we have a 10 year old that as long as 4 years ago has been sold these products when taken to the corner store with his older siblings. The stores should be held accountable for selling to minors. It states they are not intended for kids on the label. To put this into perspective for some people a video store or a movie theater has ratings on a movie are they going to allow a 14 1/2 year old and their 6 year old kid brother in to see or rent a NC-17 movie? I don’t think so! Parents need to unite and put a stop to minors being aloud to purchase energy products!

  • Guest

    I had a nos last night I only drank one and I started shaking and could hear my heart beating but of course I’m only 13 I’m fine but it scared me today I have had a stomach problem all day I believe I had this experience because I was foolish and drank it way to fast not paying attention so I think he possible drank them to fast or was on something else

  • 7 of 9

    Green pee is generally vitamin B being processed by the Kidneys.

  • Ken

    As a store manager, I agree as far as kids do not need to be partaking of these drinks. I had an employee sent to the hospital with bleeding kidneys that the doctor attributed to NOS. BUT…! there is something to be said for A) personal responsibility, and B) playing an active roll in what your kids put in their body. I have sat through many city council meetings where a group tries to put the blame on the stores and hold them accountable for something that there is no law for. We do not stand on the sidewalk and hawk energy drink sales to the kids.

  • Ted

    Thanks for sharing your perspective and experience as a store owner. It must be difficult to always be expected to “police” what kids are buying.

  • Chesire Cat

    Personally i feel the age should be 13-14 I mean 18 really? I’m fifteen an can’t stay up through school without a can of monster. I also think parents should educate their kids on the subject I hate when i see 5 year olds walk into the gas station and by Rock-star or red-bull (this happens a lot) but you you are just imposing fine and such on 15-17 year olds who need a boost for stuying and such Monster helps me pass my tests more than any damn book.

  • Brigid Clark

    i had try a kickstart before it taste it is good. i had try the fruit punch,orange, so now i am going to try the limeade and the black cheery .

  • Guest

    If you’re a pro athlete you shouldn’t be drinking them anyway. Yet something tells me you’re not actually one…

  • shuffle nuts

    how many flavors are there?

  • Random guy

    I doubt even if he was sensitive to caffeine it would kill him. He would be having a major freak out maybe. but the Nos most likely did not kill him. he probably had an unknown allergy to something or possibly since it was a seizure he had something trigger it in the nos or something else throughout the day. People do not just drink two cans a day when they go and try an energy drink, they usually start with one to see if they like it, you do not go buy a 12 pack of soda that you might not like, you usually try it first. When I was about 13 years old my friend and I had taken two 200 mg caffeine pills. that is 400 mg, the worst that happened to me was having a really bad night because I could not sleep and I was tired as all hell. When I was 16 I lived in California, I bought 6 talon energy drinks and 1 venom as well. I had consumed all 7 drinks that day within 3 hours. My pupils had dilated and I had been talking at accelerated speeds, I could not stand still without shaking. no I did not die, I weighted about 118-120 lbs at the time and was around 5’8. I am just one cause of many people who had done such stupid things. I am currently 23 and no longer live in California.

  • BhuttPhuc

    That’s cause 13 year old’s are fuckin’ gay. Stop being so fuckin gay 13 year old.

Last Modified: October 22, 2015