NOS: Nitrogen Injected Energy Drink?

NOS Energy Drink is a drink marketed to car enthusiasts, but despite it’s name, it does not contain Nitrous Oxide or Nitrogen. Nitrous is used in internal combustion engines to provide more oxygen – although these engines will one day be a thing of the past. Electric vehicles are on their way in now, and maybe NOS needs to rebrand.

NOS Energy Drink is available in 6 different varieties and a few different sizes.

Here we review the Original and Loaded Cherry.

NOS Original

nos-originalI applaud NOS for always thinking outside the energy drink box and providing an original product.

They refused to produce a generic energy drink flavored beverage, but instead came up with their own energy drink flavor.


If you like citrus/grapefruit soda’s (i.e. Squirt), then you will love NOS Original.

It has a great grapefruit flavor and the energy ingredients are almost undetectable. It is a bit too sweet for me, but overall a great tasting drink.


Nos’ kick comes from their Complex 6 energy blend which is a blend of Caffeine, B vitamins, Taurine, and L-theanine. Originally NOS contained a whopping 260mg of caffeine, but since acquired by Coca Cola, they have reduced their caffeine content to the standard 160mg/ 16 floz can.

I said it was sweet and with 53 grams of sugar, you will also experience a sugar rush from NOS. Unfortunately, this will result in a crash-like feeling following the rush.

Overall, I commend NOS for producing some great tasting drinks like Original and luckily this one also comes in a Zero Version which is sugar-free.

NOS Loaded Cherry

I was recently skimming through my local beverage store looking at energy drinks, when my eyes came across a new NOS!

Its been awhile, yet NOS has hit the market with a new flavor, cherry. NOS has done a great job in the past with their flavors, providing very refreshing tastes while giving you the necessary energy boost. So lets put the peddle to the floor with the newest Loaded Cherry NOS…


I’m not usually a huge fan of the cherry flavor, yet that all changed with this NOS. Wow, a very good taste! Its called “Loaded Cherry” yet even though it has a cherry taste, its not over powering. This energy drink has a slight carbonation, but again like the taste, not too much, just right.


The contents of Loaded Cherry are the same as in the other NOS drinks. Which is 260mg caffeine, 2000mg Taurine, 400mg of L-carnititine and 200mg of Insitol. For all you health freaks, this energy drink has 210 calories and 1, yes, 1 g of protein!


The Buzz was just about as good as the taste. Quickly after drinking I felt a good buzz yet was a little jittery. The effects of NOS Cherry lasted a few hours before diminishing, yet I didn’t feel any sort of crash, but that’s usually the case with me.


NOS Loaded Cherry is one of the best energy drinks I’ve bought in a long time. It does a good job of continuing the NOS tradition of providing another great flavor in their energy drink line up.

In a world where energy drink companies are putting all there time and resources into their packaging and overlooking taste, its nice to see that NOS is doing their homework and providing the consumer with a solid new energy drink. Even if your not a huge cherry fan, I believe the newest NOS Loaded Cherry will still treat your palette well…

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

What do you think of NOS Energy Drink? What’s your favorite flavor?

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  • inever knew anything like tihs ilove this drink and i drink it everyday its god to know this website is here to inform someone ……thanks alot you jus saved my life

  • James

    this is an awesome drink it wakes you up!

  • nick

    where can i buy it if i live in new york? online?

  • ted

    I wouldn’t waste your money to have it shipped from New Zealand.. It’s really nothing that special unless you’re looking to collect the can.

  • nick

    well i just wanna taste it. i love tasting different drinks and yes i do collect cans lol

  • i think what they were trying to do was put amino acide l-argine in it to induce nitric oxide production in the body. whether it works or not i dont know. where can i get this?

  • Brett Thomas

    hey guys, im not sure if they’ll ship to the states, but you never know your luck… the website’s linked to above for the manufacturer. Its company called Demon Energy, You may want to check out the other products as well. Get in touch with a guy Named Matt.V hes the accounts manager. he may be able to sort you out.

  • IcE

    ok.. do not try this drink. Warning!!! It’s nothing like the real energy drinks. It tastes crap and the two effects that have happened to me are bad indigestion and gas. Worst drink I’ve ever tasted should be taken off market for good. Do not buy people. Stick with the real drinks, not this back yard brew.

  • JJ

    I totally agree with IcE. I only had half of a can and it put me in bed with horrible migraine. Couldn’t eat, sleep or get rid of a pounding headache. Listen to me: just stick with Rockstar or Monster but don’t even TRY Nos.

  • clearly sceptic dude

    Those ‘real drinks’ being?

  • dr.greenthumb

    i buy this drink when i go out on bike rides and it certainly has quite the kick. i love the flavor but once the energy wears off it will put you to sleep. the crash is like suddenly becoming hung over. i have noticed that drinking it more often can lighten the load of the crash, probably from some sort of tolerance, but idk.

Last Modified: November 14, 2016