NRage Energy Strips: Like Listerine But With Caffeine

nrage.jpgNRage Energy Strips have recently hit the market. Like a combination breath freshener energy drink, the strips melt in the mouth rather than being chewed and swallowed.

According to NRage:

“What’s so cool is that the ingredients are absorbed through the cheeks and gums which is the fastest way to the bloodstream rather than the gastrointestinal tract as with all other products.”

NRage claim four strips equal the caffeine content of one typical energy drink. We put the average energy drink at 80mg caffeine – so one NRage strip equals ~20mg caffeine.

The strips aren’t without controversy. Co-founder of NRage claims that college students refer to the NRage as the “Strip Without The Drip” (src). We’re not talking about a tap dripping here – but presumably an IV drip – another drug connotation (right on the back of the Cocaine Energy Drink hype).

UPDATE: NRage aren’t the only ones. Canadian-based Hydratech also make cranberry flavored energy strips.

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  • Zoffy

    wow this seems like a really good idea and for a nice price. i’m gonna order a large package as soon as i get paid.

  • Twitch

    Not everything is a drug reference… the ‘drip’ probably refers to drip-coffee.

  • weaselski

    the ‘drip’ refers to the bad taste in the back of your throat after you do a line of cocaine. yes, it is *definitely* a reference to this drip.

  • ryan

    i live in washington state west coast usa town of redmond where can i find this product in a source that would be closest to me (by the way i work in kirkland so any location near there would be cool also)?

  • ryan

    i have not seen this product per say but have seen another kind of caffinated breath strips i beleive it was some brand called health tech or something as my store (a safeway i work at) has carried health tech energy stripes from time to time. my question here is can anyone point me to a part of this site concerning this brand or caffinated breath strip (if a portion of this site concerning health tech caffinated breath strips even exists that is).

  • dan

    i use the health-tech strips you mentioned on a regular basis. i like them actually-taste better than the nrage ones by far, though still kinda caustic

Last Modified: November 25, 2015