OC Energy Drink: A Bitter, Jaded Review

I have a feeling I’ve said this before, but I’m pretty sure I’m right this time. OC Energy Kik-it Original Energy Drink is probably the worst tasting drink I’ve ever drank. It looks and tastes like NyQuil.

OC Energy Drink Has Been Discontinued

It’s green and completely void of any carbonation. Drinking it is not an enjoyable experience, which I’m guessing is why they offer a 2 oz. concentrated version along with the usual 10 oz.

It’s just an ugly drink. There’s no other way to describe it. The bottle has little silhouettes of people who I’m guessing are very cool. Whether it’s because they are from the OC or because they drink OC Kik-it Original Energy Drink, I don’t know. A guy in short pants flanked by two women that, judging just by their posture, are probably very sassy. Maybe it’s, like, OC Attitude or something. To top everything off, the concentrated version actually has the words INSANE XXX and the INSANE is trademarked. No joke. So that right there is enough to send me running the other way. I’ll take anything else, anything in the freezer case that doesn’t have the words INSANE XXX on it. Actually, anything in the case that’s not named after a place with a TV show named after it.

This stuff sucks. Really.

I was born in Orange County. I have a lot of friends that still live in Orange County. In fact, I was there yesterday. Believe me when I say that A) the cool people are not drinking OC Kik-it, and B) Orange County isn’t really all that cool. IT’S ALL FAKE. THE WHOLE THING. Even the real people there are fake. Does that make any sense? The whole OC thing is bullshit. Remember how troubled I was by the Nuclear Waste Antidote? Havoc? Huuuuuuniiiiid Raaaaaaacks? Well my lack of a degree in Marketing and Public Relations isn’t gonna stop me from going ahead and calling this an equally dumb idea and I’d just like to respectfully point out that I haven’t been wrong yet.

See, I’m seeing a correlation here as I do more reviews. The crappiest drinks generally send me the most promotional crap. So the first thing I did was throw all of the free window decals in the trash (which, seriously, you guys gave me like fifty of those things. Did you really expect me to fall so hopelessly in love with this stuff that I was gonna plaster your logo all over my ride? You’re from here. You know how shallow we are.). After that, I tried to read some of the marketing literature, but soon realized that it was just a more detailed description of the classic Our Product is Complete Bullshit and We’re Trying Desperately to Distinguish Ourselves from the Legion of Other Imitators By Piggybacking On Another Stupid Ass Trendy Pile of Trendiness meme. Then I got to work drinking all of the eight bottles that they sent.

Well, I drank quite a few of them over the course of a few days, but they were so bad that I got sick of it pretty quick and I tried to pass the rest off on pretty much anyone who would take it. Everyone hated it though. No one wanted it. It became a joke around the EF branch offices. I literally couldn’t give this stuff away.

Not very well received, is what I’m saying here. I didn’t like it. I can’t endorse it.

So, either I’m right again and this whole OC KIK-it thing is just a waste of energy (OOHHH, get it?) or I just hang out with an incredibly cool group of people with impeccable taste.

Review by Garrett

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  • haha.. i guesssss i won’t buy it. not that i think im gonna see it here in NY anyway

  • P-Unit

    sounds like a winner….

  • CaffeineDream

    with a name like OC, it has to suck bawls (OOOHHH, get it?)

  • Different strokes for different folks… Some people enjoy it and purchase it at our store.

  • redliner

    f*** O.C original energy drink!

  • Thanks for taking one for the team by trying this, chief. I guess we should be glad the energy drink craze didn’t occur earlier, otherwise we could have been plagued by drinks used as tie-ins to Melrose Place and 90210 and such.

  • scum1

    Well that was not much of a review but just a rant only. I mean come on it tasted bad? So what did it give you energy? Guess I’ll never know since I won’t ever see it here and your review says nothing about kick or ingredients. Sounds to me like you just don’t like the name OC and the package design. This is the worst review I recall seeing. They sent you a product and this is what they get in return? How about a review of the product and not this mindless rant. It does not have to be a positive review. Really this seems more like a rant against the whole OC image than the OC energy drink.

  • Caffeine Fiend

    @scum1 – yeah well I said Garrett can tell it like he sees it.

    Energy drinks are as much about selling a brand as they are about making a tasty sugar/caffeine mix.

  • garrett

    Alright, you got me there. Good point.

    I had planned on getting to the nuts and bolts before I got carried away. Ingredients wise, there’s nothing different about this drink–or 99% of everything we see for that matter. That’s kind of my point though. You guys should have seen all the crap that came with these drinks. I got write ups on the packaging, the branding, the target demographics (seriously), and a bunch of promotional stuff. Nothing about the drink itself. I even sent them an email asking about the actual caffeine content and I still haven’t heard back from them. That kind of shows me where these people are coming from and I guess I just kind of went from there.

    For what it’s worth though, the buzz was no different than any of the other 8 oz. drinks on the market. I had one the first day and it dropped me pretty hard after about 3 hours so I had one of the concentrated “INSANE” bottles and it was pretty much the same thing.

    Over the next few days I tried various combinations and trust me when I say that there’s nothing special here except for the funny bottle. That’s what they’re selling. That’s all they’re trying to sell. I gave it a fair shot, in fact, for a second there I though I was gonna have to tell you guys about how much I hated to admit that it worked. I know I have a pretty high tolerance and I know that taste is subjective. I take all of that into account and I try to get some opinions from people I trust.

    I don’t enjoy being unkind to these companies. There are some good drinks and I do my best to mention them whenever I get asked. Most of them suck though. That’s the truth.

    I think it just kind of bugs me because it’s kind of sad that these yahoos think that they don’t have to deliver a quality product, just a shiny bottle and some pictures of the right people drinking them. I did start things off by admitting that I’m bitter and jaded.

  • scum1

    Cool. I understand the hype is annoying. Hey just look at red bull. It’s all hype lol.

  • I think it was a good review, i dont think Garrett should just be like “its cool” if its not, and the only thing that’s good about it is the packaging. i’d buy a plain black can energy drink, if it has something good inside.

  • Rev

    I have read your review as well as the rest of your hate about O.C. I dont know man! I think you are wrong. I ride motocross and do other extreme sports (skate, snowboard)and to be honest with you, I found that it was a little bitter but not to bad and it was easy to drink without the carbination. Carbonation just caused me to fill like crap. I had one of those little 2 oz Insanes and it keeped me rockin all day. (Ya it was bitter for sure, but I read on it that it had a hangover deal in it)that was cool. I bought some when I went riding with some of my boys that are from O.C. and I.E. and it was well taken and that night we partied pretty hard. I do agree with some of those other posts it sounds like you hate O.C.! Not everything that comes out of O.C. is bad brother! Look at the chicks. Some of the best in the Country.
    Give it another try. I think this might be the next up coming drink. Plus the chicks are pretty hot too…

  • SChan

    I gotta agree with Garrett…that stuff was horrible. Sure, if you mix it with booze, dang near anything will be palatable–on its own though, horribly bad and useless.

  • I.E.

    I was a little surprised by your review. I never tried this product but two months ago I caught a special on NBC. They were discussing different energy drinks and this was one of them. Though they recommended drinking energy drinks in moderation; they gave the OC Kikit the highest ranking. They claimed that unlike most drinks it was formulated by a doctor. That is why there is no carbonation and less sugar. They also said that because of the low sugar levels the product did not have the typical crash that you get with most energy drinks. This was ironic because you claimed it dropped you hard after 3 hours. They rated the energy let down similar to that of a large cup of coffee.

    It took me about two weeks but I finally found the product at my local 7-11. They had the small Insane as well as a full size red Kikit and a full size diet green Kikit. I bought 2 of each of the full size and a 4 pack of the little ones. At the party a couple of us tasted them and most liked the diet the best. They tasted different than other energy drinks but I think that was because they had no carbonation.

    My friends and I were most interested in trying the little Insane ones, because the guy at the store said it would keep us from having a hangover. As the party was on a week night I was very excited about this. The instructions on the box described it as an energy shot and claimed it was designed to be mixed with your favorite drinks.

    I tried a little Insane straight and was not impressed. But when I followed the instructions and used it as a mixer, it was pretty good. We mixed ours with some Jack and Coke, another with a margarita and the last two we mixed with vodka and a little pineapple juice. The latter seemed to be the crowd favorite.

    After about 20 minutes the energy felt pretty good so we decided to test the hangover quality of the product. As my friends were leaving for the holidays we drank our share, plus some, of alcohol last night. Normally I would have woke up wishing the world would end, instead I was a little tired but the head was not pounding. My buddies all had the same response and NO ONE thought the product caused us to crash.

    After testing the product myself, I will have to agree with some of the others and brand you “The Captain of the OC Haters”. I noticed you hate the OC so much, that you make sure to post it on every website around.
    Man I don’t agree with government of China, but that doesn’t stop me from ordering some tasty food at the local Panda. I’m not sure if the OC wronged you in a past life but after trying the product, your segment seems less like a review and more like a personal vendetta?

    After trying this product XS now drops to my 2nd favorite energy drink.

    That’s it from the I.E.


    Imo your last statement invalidates your entire claim. I’m sorry but Xs ? I have a can of it in my collection. If I remember correctly it didn’t even sooth my caffeine headaches… let alone have any effect. Granted, every energy drink has some sort of an effect on some sort of person…Hell some people claim they get an energy high off of mountain dew…but in a market with hundreds of options why should a mediocre beverage get any attention? A general rule of thumb is that if an energy drink is in reference to anything regarding pop culture its crap.. if you dont belive me have fun sifting through the expensive horrible tasteing filth that is somehow allowed to be bottled/canned and sold. If people buy these gimmick drinks it just gives the beverage companies an opportunity to regurgitate more vile onto the market with a different label. The reverse is also true, if quality expected and supported then quality will be produced. Just for the record, i hate the OC also.

  • Greg

    WOW! Sounds like someone didn’t get to go to the OC High prom! That would explain the “bitter and jaded” I guess.
    To be excepted as a professional reviewer, it’s important to focus on the product. They even sent you promotional material! Those Bastards! Imagine the nerve of a company sending someone they thought was an industry professional, information on their product and company -WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!

    Dude, you need to maintain your objectivity. http://www.drinkaddict.com has given these products pretty favorable reviews, and even the industry standard, BevNet, has it listed as above average.
    Yes, it’s something new, it’s not carbonated, so unlike most other products, there’s no bloating, and it comes in a bottle that you can put the cap back on if you don’t want to drink it all. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. The reason there are more flavors than vanilla is that not everyone is going to like the same thing.

    Best wishes,

  • Caffeine Fiend

    “To be excepted [sic] as a professional reviewer, it’s important to focus on the product.”

    Well that gave me a good chuckle. This is a hobby site run in spare time. There’s nothing remotely professional about it…

  • Subway

    That’s what I freakin love about this site. You guys all tell it how it is, in your opinion. You never make any claims toward objectivity and you make your (slight) biases known. That’s why I’d honestly take your reviews and opinions over any *professional* site (who could just as easily be “sponsored,” aka paid off, as they could write an objective review). That’s why I have to laugh when grammatically challenged hotheads flame the experienced and educated for expressing their opinions.

    And for the record, I neither love nor loathe the OC, I simply disregard its existence.

  • steve o

    what would you expect from a guy how is involved with redbull

  • FayeO

    I totally agree! The OC drinks are really some of the worse tasting energy drinks I’ve tried. They also leave a nasty after taste for me. There was no energy boost for me either. The only result was a shaky feeling which took a long time to wear off..even with extensive excercise. I really can’t see it being around much longer. I drink Red Bull with good vodka and enjoy the taste. Don’t bother using good quality vodka with the OC drinks…it’s a waste. Nothing tones down the bad taste.

Last Modified: August 20, 2014