OC Energy Drink: A Bitter, Jaded Review

I have a feeling I’ve said this before, but I’m pretty sure I’m right this time. OC Energy Kik-it Original Energy Drink is probably the worst tasting drink I’ve ever drank. It looks and tastes like NyQuil.

OC Energy Drink Has Been Discontinued

It’s green and completely void of any carbonation. Drinking it is not an enjoyable experience, which I’m guessing is why they offer a 2 oz. concentrated version along with the usual 10 oz.

It’s just an ugly drink. There’s no other way to describe it. The bottle has little silhouettes of people who I’m guessing are very cool. Whether it’s because they are from the OC or because they drink OC Kik-it Original Energy Drink, I don’t know. A guy in short pants flanked by two women that, judging just by their posture, are probably very sassy. Maybe it’s, like, OC Attitude or something. To top everything off, the concentrated version actually has the words INSANE XXX and the INSANE is trademarked. No joke. So that right there is enough to send me running the other way. I’ll take anything else, anything in the freezer case that doesn’t have the words INSANE XXX on it. Actually, anything in the case that’s not named after a place with a TV show named after it.

This stuff sucks. Really.

I was born in Orange County. I have a lot of friends that still live in Orange County. In fact, I was there yesterday. Believe me when I say that A) the cool people are not drinking OC Kik-it, and B) Orange County isn’t really all that cool. IT’S ALL FAKE. THE WHOLE THING. Even the real people there are fake. Does that make any sense? The whole OC thing is bullshit. Remember how troubled I was by the Nuclear Waste Antidote? Havoc? Huuuuuuniiiiid Raaaaaaacks? Well my lack of a degree in Marketing and Public Relations isn’t gonna stop me from going ahead and calling this an equally dumb idea and I’d just like to respectfully point out that I haven’t been wrong yet.

See, I’m seeing a correlation here as I do more reviews. The crappiest drinks generally send me the most promotional crap. So the first thing I did was throw all of the free window decals in the trash (which, seriously, you guys gave me like fifty of those things. Did you really expect me to fall so hopelessly in love with this stuff that I was gonna plaster your logo all over my ride? You’re from here. You know how shallow we are.). After that, I tried to read some of the marketing literature, but soon realized that it was just a more detailed description of the classic Our Product is Complete Bullshit and We’re Trying Desperately to Distinguish Ourselves from the Legion of Other Imitators By Piggybacking On Another Stupid Ass Trendy Pile of Trendiness meme. Then I got to work drinking all of the eight bottles that they sent.

Well, I drank quite a few of them over the course of a few days, but they were so bad that I got sick of it pretty quick and I tried to pass the rest off on pretty much anyone who would take it. Everyone hated it though. No one wanted it. It became a joke around the EF branch offices. I literally couldn’t give this stuff away.

Not very well received, is what I’m saying here. I didn’t like it. I can’t endorse it.

So, either I’m right again and this whole OC KIK-it thing is just a waste of energy (OOHHH, get it?) or I just hang out with an incredibly cool group of people with impeccable taste.

Review by Garrett

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  • I.E.

    FayeO should change his name to Redbull#1. As I have said before, the taste is not perfect but the energy is the best! No way did you get a shaking feeling from this product. Hey, everyone has a right to their opinion but to outright lie is a whole other story.

    Anyways I was on BEVNET last week and OC energy says they have an “All new flavor”. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Until then, try to hide your bias, jaded views that lack any actual basis.

    I would bet that FayeO would be hard pressed to get anyone besides Garrett, another Red Bull lackey, to back him up. Red Bull is so great that entire countries have banned its sale! Go think!

  • Chris

    I have to agree with the author about the energy drink being nasty and stupid, it doesnt suprise me at all because it is what I expected. No way I would put that crap into my system.
    However, I dont like the implications being put on OC. Yes there are spoiled rich kids here with problems but that doesnt make it a bad place, every place has its problem people.
    I live in Laguna Hills, 10 min away from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Laguna Beach which is world famous for its plush beauty. 10 min east is Coto de Caza, a laid back paradise out in the countryside, there is where I spend many Sundays in an all you can eat gourmet Champagne brunch followed by a long afternoon in the outdoor pools overlooking hill and mountainous countryside. Just met a fantastic girl at Coto who I really like, she is so nice and sociable and cool as hell.
    On a sunny day, the scenery in OC is picture perfect and people here are really nice. Sure, you have the upscale strip malls, Italian icecream places, people driving BMWs, and under it all you really just see what looks like a middle class conservative society, people no different than anyone else in the rest of the country other than they live in a different place and do different things.
    Stop ragging out on OC man, get over it, OC is a nice place and I love living here. And I can say that knowing that I am not originally from here because I am originally from Texas, so now you have an objective point of view.

  • Bragbag

    I have tried this, I thought it was pretty good. I got a pretty good kick from it, energy wise that is. None of the energy drinks that are good tatse that good, but this one isn’t bad. I also see they inked a 10 Mil deal with CVS, they must be doing something right!!!!

  • ChrisC

    Okay I have to give my input about OC criticisms. Stuckup chicks, yea they are here, and everywhere else for that matter! Ever been to Dallas, Tx?
    Plastic lifestyle…seen that in many places, not just OC.
    So why does OC get the bad rap? TV, ofcourse.
    I live in OC, RSM to be exact, and love it here. This is a really nice place. Bit on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for, and I think other places that are this nice would probably cost a lot more to live in.
    Granted, the OC Energy drink is beyond stupid, much like Ashley Zarlin and her cohorts, but dont judge OC by the asinine behavior of a few. There are stupid people everywhere, and OC is no exception to that rule.
    A conservative place, fun and relaxing to live in, I only have one complaint about OC…I get too lazy living here. And the girls, a bit on the young side (what they refer to as jailbait), the women, not good looking at all.
    Well there’s always Laguna Beach…they’re not too young and even the older ones look pretty good. Just have to frickin’ drive all that way.

Last Modified: August 20, 2014