OnGo Energy Shot: Go On Try One

ongo-energyWhen energy shots first hit the market, I would not be one to place a lot of value on their taste.

They’re not meant to be a savory beverage you can sip on; they’re ‘shots.’  Making a tasty shot is almost like offering different flavors of Tylenol gel caps, it’s just not an area that needs sincere attention.

Fast forward to today, though, and my opinion on this matter has changed.  Not sure if you know this (sarcasm), but energy shots are rampant on the market.

With so many shots replicating each other, taste is now more important than ever for sake of innovation. OnGo energy shots have recognized this state of affairs, and adjusted beautifully.


There are three different flavors of OnGo, each of them exhibiting their own unique and lovable personality. I will offer a short description for the taste of each.

  • Lemon Lime: This is the pinnacle of what lemon lime flavoring should yield in the beverage market.  So many drinks claim to have it, but only OnGo delivers it.  It’s shockingly spunky and goes down without a fight.
  • Berry Blast: After drinking one of these, you’ll want to just take the shot and hug it like a cute little furry animal, looking down at it affectionately to say, “coochy-coo.”  It’s incredibly sweet in a good way and completely lives up to its name.
  • Mandarin Orange: Aww, things were going so good!  This one falls a bit short in taste compared to the others, but don’t forget this means it still trumps pretty much every other shot out there.  Ya, it’s orangey, but it just doesn’t have the same sugar-laden wholesomeness that the others do.


They’re just another face in the crowd, with ~10k% of your B-vitamins and undisclosed caffeine content.
Editor’s note: We just heard from the vendor and they disclosed a caffeine content of 177mg, along with American Ginsing and Electrolytes.


Pretty much all of the OnGo eggs were placed in the taste basket.  There’s nothing too significantly innovating to acknowledge in this department, just some good ol’ b-vitamin boostage.  I wouldn’t say these shots are as effective as the iconic Chaser 5 Hour, but they’re dang close.


I’ll sum up this review with what you really want to know.  If you walk up to a counter and see these shots next to Chaser 5 Hour, should you choose OnGo?  In all honesty, I would.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith


Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on July 7, 2014