Primer Caffeinated Breath Spray

primer caffeinated breath spray
Primer is a caffeinated breath spray. Apparently each squirt will give you about 33mg of caffeine. The caffeine is absorbed underneath the tongue – entering the bloodstream quickly.

A whole tube is 8ml, which is equal to 1400mg caffeine!

So whatever you do, don’t rip the top off it and start drinking it.

From the press release:

Primer’s unique formula is designed to be absorbed easily under the tongue, where it can quickly penetrate the bloodstream, making it effective far faster than any energy drink on the market. See, energy drinks work by going through the digestive process. They have to pass through the stomach and into the intestines in order for the caffeine and other active ingredients to begin working. But not this energy spray! Primer works fast and carries enough caffeine to please, well, a god!

Primer was one of the first products to deliver caffeine in a novel way and since has paved the way for others.

Now there’s….

Do we really need caffeine this badly?

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  • P-Unit

    has anyone tried this? Is this one real or is it like the caffeine inhaler? I want to buy it ASAP.

  • I saw one of these other sprays today that was called Kicker 80 hour energy.

  • lavaspire

    Mine is already on the way! I’ll give it a shot…

  • codemonkey

    Primer crushes that 80 hour spray. I tried both when I was in Arizona has and Primer has a much better taste and is much much stronger.

    At a bar we were at there were making Prime Bombs they would spray Primer then follow with a Shot of Vodka – Ya for real –

  • P-Unit

    so you are saying it works?

  • codemonkey

    Yea seems to be a good product. I think they got it right. Thinkgeek is way out in front on this one , good for them.

  • Way out front except for the shipping cost. 7 bucks to deliver the twin pack! It only cost 9 dollars but ad 7 for shipping and that is pretty hefty. Hope I can find some on ebay or locally.

  • tery6v

    Yeah but in 8ml it says it has 1400mg of caffiene! still doesn’t equal the value if shipping costs that much though. the average can of juice has around 200-300mg at about $3 a can. so it would take around $14-17 bucks to get it in cans and you would have to drink all that damn bloating liquid.

  • codemonkey

    I have seen it a few places in NY city and when we took trips.

    Shipping wise it really not that bad of a deal from at least for me – 1 bottle It lasted me for like 3 weeks for one bottle. 2-3 sprays is allot of caffeine to go direct to the blood stream. Its not like chugging a bottle

  • I think the spray is a great value but the shipping cost as much as if I ordered a can or 2 of energy drinks. I’ve ordered cans of drinks from a couple of places and paid about the same for shipping. Cans are much bigger and weigh much more. 3 or 4 bucks should easily cover the cost to ship an 8 ml spray.

  • codemoney

    Yea, could be a bit high on shipping when you put it that way . I have seen this in NY in the clubs but not in Like 7-11 Yet or other convenience stores.

    I will look around to – good site BTW

  • Mouse

    Wow, let me know if this stuff pops up in 7-11 or something lol, i definently want some.

  • codemonkey

    My friend goes to Smith College In NoHo and she says she just picked some up at :

    Sweeties Fine Chocolate & Confections. Categories: Candy & Confectionery Retail. 68 Main Street, Northampton, MA 01060. (413) 586-4180

  • Awesome Person

    I got the Kickers 80-hour Energy Spray at Walmart.

  • I got a review of this up now on my website. It is a pretty good product.

  • codemonkey

    Great review – worth the read . Yea I like this product allot. Might be one of the first to break out on the web before it hits the main 7-11 type of market.

  • TrimethylxanthineAddict

    Hey! On Kicker 80 Hour Energy Spray, the label shows a list of it’s ingredients but under daily value, it just has that Cross thing. how much caffeine is in each spray of Kicker Energy??

  • PrimerGod

    Primer ‘ Primer we all love Primer. Sorry not sure of that 80 hour stuff – I am not a big fan of it.

  • sandy

    this is bad!!!!!! my neice is in middle school and a boy had kids try it. 15 kids were sent home and some to the hospital because of this!!! it shouldn’t be that easy to get when it is not good for you!!!

  • blades

    ever heard of caffine overdose it happens they probably spayed themselves 15 times when you only need 1 spray.

Last Modified: July 17, 2014