Primer Caffeinated Breath Spray

primer caffeinated breath spray
Primer is a caffeinated breath spray. Apparently each squirt will give you about 33mg of caffeine. The caffeine is absorbed underneath the tongue – entering the bloodstream quickly.

A whole tube is 8ml, which is equal to 1400mg caffeine!

So whatever you do, don’t rip the top off it and start drinking it.

From the press release:

Primer’s unique formula is designed to be absorbed easily under the tongue, where it can quickly penetrate the bloodstream, making it effective far faster than any energy drink on the market. See, energy drinks work by going through the digestive process. They have to pass through the stomach and into the intestines in order for the caffeine and other active ingredients to begin working. But not this energy spray! Primer works fast and carries enough caffeine to please, well, a god!

Primer was one of the first products to deliver caffeine in a novel way and since has paved the way for others.

Now there’s….

Do we really need caffeine this badly?

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  • soNY

    I got it at walmart last week.I used a lot of times.I didnt see any result until today.I started to do some tae bo and i felt energetic and for the first time i felt that i was burning fat.This is great!!

  • soNY

    I forgat to say that it was the kickers 80 hours energy spray
    good luck!

  • Kaz

    Yea its 4 in the morning right now. I havent slept for 3 days.But im not in primer, im on kicker 80 hr. It doesnt taste the best but i dont even feel tired @ all. I feel like I just woke up. And yes, you can buy kicker 80 hour @ walmart for about $5. Great buy.

  • tyrus

    I like the accesability of kickers and it works great for me 3 sprays around 900 at night and 3 in the mourning. Just makes life a little easier I wish I could buy it by the case

  • phreakin318

    i got the kicker 80 hour at walmart and it’s not all that great, but does work a little bit, i guess when you drink a case of cokes a day it don’t do much when you use the spray lol.. however on a serious note i seen something about if you allergic to bees or bee pollen you shouldnt use the kicker cause it will cause an allergic reaction..

  • rottboy3

    how much caffeine is in the kicker 80 spray

  • Drew Dawg

    There is 35 mg caffeine in ONE spray of kicker 80 hour.

    I got the bottle at walmart for just under $4 and it works just as good as a canned drink if not better.

    Tastes like pure caffeine too. Yuck.

  • Mekenzie

    My sister tried Kicker and O.D. on caffeine. It nearly killed her. If she was alone with no one to call 911 she would be dead right now! I do not think anyone should use this. I will be getting a lawyer a.s.a.p. and do what I can to get this taken off the market.

  • Jimmy

    About the kickers 80 hour energy spray, an employee in my local wal-mart had an entire bottle of the stuff at once, and an employee who worked in the loading dock found him in the freezer, because of how he felt from taking the spray, and he had to go to the hospital. Obviously, you don’t want to go over the dosage, and certainly not drink the whole bottle.

  • I like the Primer as it’s really like breath spray and 1 or 2 spray’s is plenty. While both have a kick Its more clean tasting and a more basic clean energy. After trying it, its not really designed to make you go over board. I have been seeing it all over NY , it seems to be a hit with the biz crowd of all things.

  • Nathan

    To Mekenzie, if your sister OD’ed on caffeine as a result of using this product, she must have been improperly using it. I, for one, appreciate having a large amount of energy chemicals inside one small bottle–because it allows long term energy juice usage from the same little source. For those who feel invincible, or simply fail to read the safety warnings (which read “do not exceed 10 sprays within a 4 hour period”), I can see the danger of this product.

    But to everyone else, I feel this product is adequate for it’s price. It tastes like battery acid, but it works.

  • Julie

    To Mekenzie and whoever else has overdosed on this stuff. I think it is really odd that you think the product should be taken off the market. If she takes more than recommended, it is her fault. Maybe the problem is your sister not the product. There is probably a bottle of aspirin in your house, if you overdose on that you die also. Should aspirin be taken off the market ?

  • Bradley

    Every time I have bought 80 hour energy I have been required to show I.D. It works well. But I know for a fact that it raises my heart rate more than it should be. So listen to the label and be careful.

  • Matt

    If it’s good enough for 15 middle schoolers, it’s good enough for me.

  • xXxguitar511

    I, in my infinite wisdom, decided to drink an entire bottle of kickers 80 hour, and ive been feeling like im dying ever since. I highly recomend NOT doing this! Skin turned red, and burned for first 10 minutes, followed by extreme hyperness for 30 minutes, and now 4 hours of continuing restless nausea. God, please kill me…

  • 1234Ramones

    I too chugged a bottle of this and held the whole bottle under my tongue for the 30 seconds it says to do. It was a terrible decision i had symptons like xXxguitar511 only mine have lasted longer i had to go outside in the winter while i was wet to cool down when i came back in my hair was frozen into clumps and i was still hot. So for your own good don’t do it.

  • greg

    i cannot stop shaking im 5 10 and 155 pounds and i cant stop shaking my skin got really red for the first 10 to 20 minz and now im really hot not a smart decision because now im nauseaated and i ffeel like dying

  • rottboy3

    kickers 80 hour energy spray there are 20 doses so i assume it means a dose lasts 4 hours so thats 80 hours so i think each 5 squirts is 1 ml is one dose and i think it is 33mg or so of caffeine this must be how big soda in atlanta gets the caffeine in their famous beverage because there must be a trick to get it soluble they just dont dump it in and atlanta is where kickers spray is from

  • rottboy3

    its probably common sense but why take so much caffeine like something approaching 200mg at once you will get all the side effects why not take 1/4 to 1/2 and spread it out over a few hours sip your 160mg energy drink instead of slamming it you just need enough caffeine to fill up those receptors that make you tired you really dont need a heart pounding dose all at once

  • mike

    If you freeze this stuff the caffeine will precipitate out after it thaws and form needle-shaped crystals. This is pure caffeine. They made the bottles opaque now so that you can’t see the solid caffeine.

Last Modified: July 17, 2014