Primer Caffeinated Breath Spray

primer caffeinated breath spray
Primer is a caffeinated breath spray. Apparently each squirt will give you about 33mg of caffeine. The caffeine is absorbed underneath the tongue – entering the bloodstream quickly.

A whole tube is 8ml, which is equal to 1400mg caffeine!

So whatever you do, don’t rip the top off it and start drinking it.

From the press release:

Primer’s unique formula is designed to be absorbed easily under the tongue, where it can quickly penetrate the bloodstream, making it effective far faster than any energy drink on the market. See, energy drinks work by going through the digestive process. They have to pass through the stomach and into the intestines in order for the caffeine and other active ingredients to begin working. But not this energy spray! Primer works fast and carries enough caffeine to please, well, a god!

Primer was one of the first products to deliver caffeine in a novel way and since has paved the way for others.

Now there’s….

Do we really need caffeine this badly?

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  • It keeps you awake, and gives you a little jolt, but I don’t think the sprays are that strong.

    @ the people who chugged the spray: COME ON.
    I can easily go 1500mg of caffeine per day, just up your tolerances a little bit.

  • tom c

    Works very well. Exactly as described. VERY strong mint taste. Spray near front of tongue to avoid the high bitterness of the spray. Keeps me awake during class. Worth the money =] Buy the two pack

  • Michelle

    Someone thought it would be funny to pour about 1/3 of the bottle of Kicker’s Energy Spray into my drink and I thought I was going to burst into flames! In about 5 minutes my face started getting HOT and turning red, then my hands and face started swelling up and I got extremely itchy all over. I didn’t know what was happening at first, but I thought I was going to pass out. It was horrible! I’m sure it’s pretty rare, but just be aware that this can happen. Oh, I also had a severe headache for days. I ran a cool shower and hung out under the cold water for about 20 minutes, which is when I started feeling a little better. I still haven’t found out which wise-ass pulled this loverly prank on me.

  • Kimmy

    Do not take this spray at all. As to what michelle said about..I had all of those symptoms plus more. Avoid this so called ‘spray’ and stick to the lower dose caffeine products.

  • mike

    I bought this at walmart yesterday and my friend wanted to see what would happen if we exceeded the limit on spray intake… well there are 100 sprays total in the bottle. My friend took 15 and couldnt sleep last night, but he did this morning. I wanted to take more ….. (wrong idea) I took 85 sprays in ten min and im still wide awake after 18 hrs of intake I got No sleep since friday and it Sucks because Im So freaken tired but My body wont let me sleep. ughh I just recommend dont take more then limit lol.

  • anni

    i just got some kickers @ wahlgreens for $1.25 on their closeout isle….was feeling lousy and it did work in just a few seconds….im not into ODing on the stuff but it does the job….i don’t get the taste issue…it tastes like intense yucky sweet cherry but not bitter.

  • april

    don’t forget, all you chuggers, that all that niacin (B3) will make you flush (and not the rich kind).

  • justin

    kicker 80 hour spray works great i know from personal experence although one side note beware of the willow root there are people out there that can be
    (1)sevearly alergic
    (2)have a defficiancy dissorder
    (3)any other seriously dissorder where you have epelepsy sesures or other neralogical dissorder can cause bad reaction

    but dont let that deture you this stuff works and has actualy ben formulated right
    the willow root tells your nearvs that nothing is going on

    the b vitamins take care of your matabolisum along with alot of other great ingreediants

    beware niacin flush not to much to worry about because your getting the vitamins that replace the flushed niacin but you will feel a small down time aka little energyloss for about half an hour to 12 hours after the niacin flush because the b3 is gone and you will feel a bit of burning sensation due to the niacin getting flushed through your skinn and past the nurvs

    ps i am really tyerd right now lol irony so my spelling and my info isnt 100% but if you where to ask a nutritionist or a chemist/doctor you would find my info to be up to par with most of this stuff

Last Modified: July 17, 2014