Purecaf: Potent Liquified Caffeine

purecaf.jpgPurecaf is a 2 fluid ounce bottle of liquid caffeine.

There are several products like this available and one even made our 7 Most Dangerous Caffeine Products List.

It can be mixed with your favorite to produce your own custom energy drinks. Now milk, water, even beer can become an energy drink.

Caffeine amount?

How Much Caffeine is in Purecaf?

A single 2 fl.oz. bottle of PURECAF contains more Caffeine than 45 cans of Coke Classic, and more than 13 cans of Red Bull.

  • According to the caffeine database 45, 12 fl.oz. cans of Coke = 1,552 mg (45×34.5).
  • 12 fl.oz. Red Bulls have around 120 mg so: 1560mg

Either way we are looking 1.5 GRAMS of caffeine in that little two ounce bottle. Pure caf recommend adding just 1 Teaspoon of the liquid into your drink (this would equate to about 120mg caffeine).

This is one little bottle you won’t be seeing down at the local gas station or 7-Eleven.


The good news is that Purcaf doesn’t seem to be widely available and even their website is out of several of the sizes.

Although people can still buy the gallon size……

Is it Pure Caffeine?

No, caffeine doesn’t exist in liquid form unless it is suspended in water. So therefore, Purecaf is a mixture of caffeine anhydrous, water, and a few additives.

Truly pure caffeine is only available in powdered form and this product is highly dangerous for consumers.

Purcaf could potentially be deadly so it should only be used by responsible adults who understand their tolerance to caffeine.


Written by James Foster, last updated on November 19, 2019