Purecaf: Potent Liquified Caffeine

purecaf.jpgPurecaf is a 2 fluid ounce bottle of liquid caffeine.

There are several products like this available and one even made our 7 Most Dangerous Caffeine Products List.

It can be mixed with your favorite to produce your own custom energy drinks. Now milk, water, even beer can become an energy drink.

Caffeine amount?

How Much Caffeine is in Purecaf?

A single 2 fl.oz. bottle of PURECAF contains more Caffeine than 45 cans of Coke Classic, and more than 13 cans of Red Bull.

  • According to the caffeine database 45, 12 fl.oz. cans of Coke = 1,552 mg (45×34.5).
  • 12 fl.oz. Red Bulls have around 120 mg so: 1560mg

Either way we are looking 1.5 GRAMS of caffeine in that little two ounce bottle. Pure caf recommend adding just 1 Teaspoon of the liquid into your drink (this would equate to about 120mg caffeine).

This is one little bottle you won’t be seeing down at the local gas station or 7-Eleven.


The good news is that Purcaf doesn’t seem to be widely available and even their website is out of several of the sizes.

Although people can still buy the gallon size……

Is it Pure Caffeine?

No, caffeine doesn’t exist in liquid form unless it is suspended in water. So therefore, Purecaf is a mixture of caffeine anhydrous, water, and a few additives.

Truly pure caffeine is only available in powdered form and this product is highly dangerous for consumers.

Purcaf could potentially be deadly so it should only be used by responsible adults who understand their tolerance to caffeine.

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  • videoCWK

    They should market this as bottled ER-visits


    This actually might be used in ER visits… I remember reading that highly concentrated caffeine citrate (or somethin) can be used to help respiration or something like that

  • scum1

    I’ll buy some as soon as I see it for sale.

  • Maybe now you can have a really good tasting energy drink.
    1. Find a drink you like
    2. Add purecaf!


    Maybe, but caffeine and other stimulants have a VERY bitter taste, which really doesn’t accent drinks. This will probably become a beer add more frequently than other drinks just because beer will probably hide the taste more. But you never know.

  • Alex

    Hey, wikihow has a page on caffeinated jello shots. not that any of that info isn’t obvious…but its still a good idea.




    Where would I find this? A bodybuilder store perhaps?

  • Matt

    Yes, where could we get this product? Is there a website or store that sells PureCaf?

  • Scumm

    the first mention of the product’s name is a link

  • AaronD

    Just adding caffeine doesn’t really make an energy drink. To me if it doesnt have B vitamins or other supplements, its just a caffeine drink.

  • videoCWK

    Jennifer, Act sounds good, but the caffeine is kinda low. You should change it to 250mg a can.

  • Adam

    This is the homebrewing site where I first found it. It cought my eye when it says
    “For home brewing: A single bottle in 5 gallons will give your brew about the same caffeine as a typical cola. 4 bottles make each beer similar to Red Bull (this is NOT recommended, as most people drink more than one beer)”
    And for AaronD, you get plenty of Bvitamins from the hibernating yeast in homebrews! Talk amongst yourselves =)

  • bob bobber

    1.5gram is only 7 nodoze pills, its not much

    and is it really pure? as in water and synthetic caffeine? or does it have additives?

    and 1.5gram is not deadly, you need almost 10gram to get medical problems

  • It is now for sale on the site. http://www.purecaf.com
    Distribution is currently by http://www.perfectbrewing.com but we are looking for other distributors.

    I developed the product. Here are some more details. As far as pure, it does have sodium benzoate and citric acid as preservatives. This is required to have any sort of shelf life.

    The charts you have are a little old. The actual content of a full bottle is around 1.1 grams.

    Caffeine is only moderatly soluble in water, so it has to be heated under pressure to form a stable solution. Our bottler is an FDA approved facility in Milwaukee. We worked with their chemist develop it.

    As far as taste, yes it is slightly bitter. The citric acid helps with the taste. I added a capful to 12 ounces of water, giving it 89 milligrams of caffeine (Red Bull is 80) There was a slight, but not unpleasant taste. In flavored drinks it is pretty much undetectable. Great in beer.

    We are looking for people to sell it also. There is info on the site.

  • wtfmate

    Thats irresponsibly strong
    …i must have it

  • Dusty

    Thanks, Jim!!

  • Jonowev

    One question – where can I buy it online that will ship to the UK?

  • KarlieMildraed

    I am sorry about my lack of regard for keeping up to date on EF.com. I have been working lots.

    I NEED TO GET SOME OF THIS CRAP. I would add this to Jolt Cola and to NOS.

  • Caffeine alone doesn’t do it for me anymore, the B vitamins are where it’s at. Over time, I’ve built up a very strong resistance to caffeine.

    Friend boiled down a bunch of coffee once to a sludge. pretty much pure caffeine. he said is was the worst thing he had ever tasted in his life. i suspect this tastes about the same by itself. mmmmmmm

  • Frank Mancino

    “pretty much pure caffeine. he said is was the worst thing he had ever tasted in his life. i suspect this tastes about the same by itself. mmmmmmm”

    Coffee is about .8 percent caffeine, so it wouldn’t be “pretty much pure caffeine”. It would be pretty much just boiled down coffee. Caffeine doesn’t taste like coffee.

Last Modified: September 10, 2014