Purecaf: Potent Liquified Caffeine

purecaf.jpgPurecaf is a 2 fluid ounce bottle of liquid caffeine.

There are several products like this available and one even made our 7 Most Dangerous Caffeine Products List.

It can be mixed with your favorite to produce your own custom energy drinks. Now milk, water, even beer can become an energy drink.

Caffeine amount?

How Much Caffeine is in Purecaf?

A single 2 fl.oz. bottle of PURECAF contains more Caffeine than 45 cans of Coke Classic, and more than 13 cans of Red Bull.

  • According to the caffeine database 45, 12 fl.oz. cans of Coke = 1,552 mg (45×34.5).
  • 12 fl.oz. Red Bulls have around 120 mg so: 1560mg

Either way we are looking 1.5 GRAMS of caffeine in that little two ounce bottle. Pure caf recommend adding just 1 Teaspoon of the liquid into your drink (this would equate to about 120mg caffeine).

This is one little bottle you won’t be seeing down at the local gas station or 7-Eleven.


The good news is that Purcaf doesn’t seem to be widely available and even their website is out of several of the sizes.

Although people can still buy the gallon size……

Is it Pure Caffeine?

No, caffeine doesn’t exist in liquid form unless it is suspended in water. So therefore, Purecaf is a mixture of caffeine anhydrous, water, and a few additives.

Truly pure caffeine is only available in powdered form and this product is highly dangerous for consumers.

Purcaf could potentially be deadly so it should only be used by responsible adults who understand their tolerance to caffeine.

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  • Jerry Lakey

    I ordered a 4 pack about 2 weeks ago. Received it in about a week.

    It’s a little bitter if you ignore the instructions and drink it straight, but I put some in a Summit IPA beer and there was no taste difference.

    The thing I noticed is that it doesn’t give you a sour stomach like drinking a lot of coffee. Must be that the other things in coffee are what does that.

    All in all, it is pretty much as advertised. I will probably order more, but I wish I could just get it in stores.

  • Einstein

    I was reading the previous posts.

    If boiling down coffee made it pretty much pure caffeine, then boiling down decaf coffee would cause it to cease to exist.

    Don’t think that’s the case.

  • ok, not pure caffeine, but getting pretty close there.

    and don’t even speak of that anti-coffee. round here you’d get shot for mentioning that decaf crap

  • gruntbrain

    Jet Alert at $2.97 for 90 200mg caplets will please the hyperfrugal. Pulverise the caplets & add the desired amount to your favorite beverage. Optionally add xylitol or stevia to control the yuck factor.
    Anyone how to obtain pure caffeine powder?

  • brave dave

    pure caffeine powder- like the idea, but probably no money in it. And at what point will the Feds think this is too good for common people and start restricting? Powder must already be available to mfgrs. And boiling coffee- at some point caffeine must evaporate- need a chemist to check.

  • metafuel

    Hi all, I’ve been popping Regmakers (South African Caffeine tablets 120mg per cap) 5+ a day for the past 6 years without fail. Yep, I’m an energy fiend and was wondering how long to get a crate of this stuff into South Africa?

  • Pure caffeine powder is better.

  • Jim

    “Pure caffeine powder is better.”

    The issue is solubility. You can’t put caffeine powder into a cold drink and have it dissolve.

  • I think the solubility is about 22mg/ml at 25°C which should be fine for most people. I’m not sure how this changes at closer-to-freezing temperatures as I can’t find a solubility curve but it is more soluble in alcohol anyway. Do you use water as your solvent – if so why does it not precipitate out?

    Regardless: the main advantage of pure caffeine powder is to make cheaper caffeine pills, not to add it to drinks…

  • Jim

    Getting it to not precipitate out was quite a trick.

  • brave dave

    where are you getting Jet Alert for $2.97/90 tabs? That is so much cheaper than anything else it raises questions. PLEASE let me know…

  • dff

    Walmart has jet alert tablets for less than 3 bucks.

    they rock, cheapest caffeine pill I have ever seen.

  • Gloria

    I placed an order of 4-ct. PureCaf from the Perfect Brewing Co. on October something and have NOT RECEIVED it, nor have I received any response to my many e-mails concerning this issue!!! I am very upset about this. Can you help? My order # is 010184

  • Eduardo

    jim, im from Chile (south america) I want to become a distributor ( We are very interested in your product) I send a lot of mails to perfect brewing asking for samples(I pay the UPS or fedex)and they dont response any of my mails I need to contact you to talk about bussines.

  • Eduardo

    The purecaf.com site is down

  • Kaze

    Not any more, it’s working now.

  • vincent scotti

    Where can purecaf be purchased?

  • Denny

    I just spoke with the people at perfectbrewing.com… the inventor of this product passed away and the new owners don’t want to sell the product any more… why must i discover such wonderfull things always too late.

  • Bob Instacaf

    I was Jim’s unofficial partner and ex-boss. The company is operating but I’m no longer involved.

    In the next couple of weeks, I plan on opening an Instacaf store on E-Bay. It’s basically the same product with a flip-spout top. I add a squeeze to my tea every morning. Another to my cocktail(s) at night.

    Instacaf.com will eventually offer the product full time.

    Personally, I can’t live without it.

  • Shy

    Hi Bob,

    I tried finding your website and I checked eBay but nothing for your product??? Can you post a response when you are up and running? Or, at least a tentative date? Thank you very much.

Last Modified: September 10, 2014