Purecaf: Potent Liquified Caffeine

purecaf.jpgPurecaf is a 2 fluid ounce bottle of liquid caffeine.

There are several products like this available and one even made our 7 Most Dangerous Caffeine Products List.

It can be mixed with your favorite to produce your own custom energy drinks. Now milk, water, even beer can become an energy drink.

Caffeine amount?

How Much Caffeine is in Purecaf?

A single 2 fl.oz. bottle of PURECAF contains more Caffeine than 45 cans of Coke Classic, and more than 13 cans of Red Bull.

  • According to the caffeine database 45, 12 fl.oz. cans of Coke = 1,552 mg (45×34.5).
  • 12 fl.oz. Red Bulls have around 120 mg so: 1560mg

Either way we are looking 1.5 GRAMS of caffeine in that little two ounce bottle. Pure caf recommend adding just 1 Teaspoon of the liquid into your drink (this would equate to about 120mg caffeine).

This is one little bottle you won’t be seeing down at the local gas station or 7-Eleven.


The good news is that Purcaf doesn’t seem to be widely available and even their website is out of several of the sizes.

Although people can still buy the gallon size……

Is it Pure Caffeine?

No, caffeine doesn’t exist in liquid form unless it is suspended in water. So therefore, Purecaf is a mixture of caffeine anhydrous, water, and a few additives.

Truly pure caffeine is only available in powdered form and this product is highly dangerous for consumers.

Purcaf could potentially be deadly so it should only be used by responsible adults who understand their tolerance to caffeine.

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  • purecaf is back on the market is being sold at $5.99 retail they are taking orders via email

  • place orders with info@purecaf.com

  • Stephen Lee

    I bought 2 bottles of this stuff and I can testify to its strength.

    In its pure form it does have a slight bitter taste, but when added to liquid you would never taste it. You can BARELY taste it in water.

    I gave it to one of my co-workers in a 10oz cup of water. He normaly drink 2-3 monsters through his shift. He only had a Dew before he came to work so I knew he could tell if it kicked in.

    He drank it (he knew that it had the purecaf in it) and 15 mins later he said that he could feel it kick in. I myself felt a bit of a kick, cause I was talking faster and I could feel myself trying to keep myself calm (not talking fast).

    Only down side is after about 4 hours my co-worker crashed hard. It makes sence to have a hard crash after a huge rush.

    This would be something great to use as an addition to make your own drink. I enjoy making my own “Power-Moo” or my own Frap drinks.

  • Jeff Beltzer

    Those drinks that they sell are not tasty at all. I just got one today and believe me,it is crap.Dont even waste your time.

  • I just bought some and WOW! Purecaf really works and as they stated, it can be added to anything. 🙂

  • embryo

    Has anybody tried mixing in any of the PureCaf into e-cigarette liquid and vaping it? Also, I wonder at what temperature that caffiene decarboxylates…anyone?

  • just equiring is this stuff possible to ship over to ireland? How much in euro’s for 4 2oz bottles?

  • Scot

    Question for Jim: How much citric acid is in it? I just ordered some because I like to have caffeine in the morning but was diagnosed with mild LPR reflux and need to monitor acidity in my diet closely now and coffee and diet soda are not allowed, so I was looking for an alternative caffeine source.

    How much acidity / citric acid is in it and how does that compare to, say, the citric acid in a diet soda?

  • orla

    can anyone tell me were i can buy liquid caffeine i tried on pure caf but the money was refunded and no bottles were sent thanks.

  • ted
  • Larry Cook

    Need info on perchasing bulk ammounts of liquid caffiene.
    Qts, Gallons, etc…..

  • Tracy

    This might sounds a little weird but I have been doing research on cellulite and caffeine helps reduce cellulite. Instead of buying those expensive caffeine lotions I wanted to know if I could use some of this liquid caffeine with my everyday lotion and help with cellulite. Has anyone tried this yet?

  • Stephen

    I bought this years ago. Got 2 bottles. I have tried several of the caffeine additive liquids and this one always seems to come out the best.

    The main reason I enjoy this additive is the fact that there is nothing to taste or smell. I have added this to water and the only downside is you get a slight dry mouth.

    I have tried Energy Catalyst but it does have a taste to it, though I LOVE the individual packaging. If purecaf came in little plastic vials for individual servings, it would be the only additive you would ever need.

  • Sandy Hoar

    Fixx Extreme Ultra Shot in the database is more, over 2000 mg per oz

  • ted

    Purecaf was released prior to Fixx so at one time it was the most powerful. 🙂

  • Silvana

    rockergirl_lc04:Dark roasts have less cafiefne than light roasts. Caffiene evaporates when it is heated at longer temperatures, which means the longer beans are roasted, the less cafiefne they have.This also means that Arabica Beans(ones that you find at speciatly coffee shops-ie. Starbuck’s and Caribou) have less cafiefne than Robusta Beans(commercial coffees like Folger’s.)

  • Francis Ducharme

    If you’re looking for pure pharmaceutical grade caffeine, you can find some on ebay. It really worked for me and I really recommend this brand. I found it on ebay and I bought a 25g for under 20$ :


Last Modified: September 10, 2014