Quick Energy Shot Review

quick-energy-shotHere’s my review of Quick Energy Shot.

So it’s 2am and I’m bumbling around London, to be honest not in the most able of states and I find Quick Energy Shot.

As always with something new I get quite excited and to be honest I think the adrenalin rush from finding the drink did more for me then the drink itself… , but I’ll go into that later.

So anyway, I buy the little Quick Shot bottle, for the extortionate price of £2.99 or $6.00 and downed it.


For what you pay (yes I’m going to keep going back to the price), it should taste like god. However,  I was disappointed. Quick Shot smelled like orange concentrate and tasted like I was drinking orangey acid. It’s only 59ml and to be honest, I found my self quite tempted not to finish it. However, craving the little morsels of caffeine I did. Remember I was a little drunk at the time so normally anything goes, and yet I still found quick shot to be an unwelcoming taste.

Quick Energy Shot Ingredients

Quick Energy Shot also managed to do the one thing I hate, put that it had the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, after all, how vague can you be. After much snooping around I found out it had about 175mg of caffeine per bottle (59ml) which is okay I guess. On top of this it had the normal B vitamins and antioxidants, nothing over the top to be honest.


Apart from the wince I made whilst drinking it, Quick Shot had little effect on me. That might have been due to the fact that it had no sugar in it, or the fact that the release of the caffeine etc. was too slow. However, I have to say I am disappointed, especially with what I paid for it (told you I’d mention cost again). It says on the bottle ‘no crash’ and I now know why… because it doesn’t give you a boost to start with. *inserts a sad face*


So I paid a bundle for a small orange bottle with a clock on it, great. Apart from that Quick Energy Shot serves no other purpose then for me to write this review and tell you that you get no bang for your buck, in fact, throwing the money will probably hit things harder. If anything this is proof how annoying the shot market is.

Reviewed by Josh Nathan


Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on August 4, 2014